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Central School
My experience at LaFargeville
Central School
This is a picture looking in
the gym from the indoor
track at LCS.

The Facility
RSM 392 Field Experiences in
Recreation and Sport
LaFargeville Central School
Jarika J Nuffer
Dr. Andrew Goldsmith
Summer 2
July 15, 2016

LaFargeville Central
LaFargeville Central School once started as a one building School
I the town that is now Apartments still there today.
First founded by John LaFarge, a Dutch settler.
First building project was in 1996, where they added new
In 2011, the school earned a grant that allowed them to have a
building expansion that included a new gym, auditorium,
classrooms as well as new parking, and eco friendly appliances.
LaFargeville continues to grow by adding new ways to improve
learning for students such as Brand New I pad and I Mac carts
that the students are able to use.
Above the locker rooms on the roof is grass that filters water
through out the school used for fountains, and bathrooms

History/ Development
Above the locker rooms on the roof is grass that filters
water through out the school used for fountains, and
For Athletics, the school continues to grow by adding new
additions to the Athletic department.
Added wireless scoreboards for the gym, softball,
baseball, and soccer fields that are ran through solar
New jerseys for all sports were a recent addition this year
as well.

History/ Development
The board of education at LaFargeville Central school
Implementation of research based best practices
Recruitments and hiring of exceptional faculty and staff
Offering challenging curriculum
Most importantly, providing for individual student needs

Purpose and Philosophy

Encourage parents to be active partners in the education of
their children. LCS will strive to reflect school pride and be a
place where the entire community feels welcomed and valued.
Support a total school environment of honesty, duty, safety,
courtesy, and integrity. Instill these values to facilitate high
levels of moral behavior by all.
Develop extra circular activities to address the talent of all
students. These would include: enrichment activities, visual
and performing arts, technology developments, athletics, and
elective programming.
Be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers, while continuing to
upgrade the LCS physical plant and assets; keeping energy
efficiency and the highest quality programming in mind.

Purpose and philosophy

LaFargeville Central School offers a variety of services
and activities. These include: sports for fall, spring,
winter, electives, after school programs, and many clubs.
Teachers hold monthly meeting where they can market
the clubs and services to student to gain interest. Class
officers are elected by students at meetings at well held
by faculty and staff.
Boces, a facility used by schools in Jefferson County
offers a variety of services that appeal to students
interested in going straight into the work force. Whether
that be, Cosmetology, nursing, as well as auto body.

LaFargeville Central School serves the general
population, youth, as well as people with disabilities.
98% of student are white
2% other
And 14% military

LCS is funded by tax dollars given to tax payers in the
community. LaFargeville has received grants as well as
special funding for programs such as the weight room.
Healthy snakes given at school were also part of a grant
LCS received.
The wellness committee provided vending machines that
have healthy snakes for students, faculty, and snakes such
as, carrots, fruits, veggies, and sandwiches.
When LaFargeville receives a grant, they have to spend it
within a certain period of time and can only spend it on
certain things.

4 year ago, teachers took a pay freeze so programs were
not cut.
Because coaches need so many classes and qualifications,
LaFargeville Central School is in need of coaches.
Luckily, over the years, LaFargeville has maintained
interest in all sports and has never had to cut any sport
Special education is a growing concern at LCS.
A lot of money is spent on children with disabilities.
Teachers have to miss class time and find a substitute as
well as make lesson plans in order to make these meeting
that take place once a week. School

Problem Areas
Gender Identity issue in 4th grade.
A young girl did not want to classify herself as a girl but
instead a boy. She refused to participate in gym class and
often got sent to the office because she was a distraction.
The other children in her grade are well aware of the
situation and some are taken back by it.
Mrs. Wallace deals with it herself until she becomes
distraction and is then sent to the office.
I would handle it the same way Mrs. Wallace handled it.
You cannot make her feel special or allow her disrupt the

3 most significant things I learned from the practicum
Establishing control- it is important to establish control
from the beginning so the students know who the boss is.
Scheduling- Dealing with the schedule can often be
tiring, however, it is important to work with each other
and be understanding.
Budgeting- budgeting is important and must be taken
very seriously