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Goldman Sachs


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Aniruddh Shastree
Investments 518 investments in 414 companies.
Exits: 52 IPOs and 132 Acquisitions.
Headquarters: New York, USA.
Funds raised: $7.9 Billlion.
Categories: Securities, Banking, Financial Services, Finance.
Description: Goldman Sachs is a multinational financial services firm
providing securities , and investment banking and management services.
Type of firm: Investment bank, Venture capital that does seed, early
stage venture, later stage venture, Private Equity and Debt financing


Founded on 1st January 1869 and became a public company in 1999. (1)
Industry Financial services
Founded by: 1) Marcus Goldman, 2) Samuel Sachs
Headquarters: 200 West Street, New York, New York, U.S.
Key people : 1) Lloyd Blankfein (Chairman and CEO),
2) David Solomon (President and Co-COO)
3) Harvey Schwartz (President and Co-COO)
World wide : 37,000 employees (1)
Market capitalization of $80 billion(1)

Products: 1- Asset management, 2- Commercial banking,

3 Commodities , 4- Investment banking, 5- Investment management,
6- Mutual funds, 7 - Prime brokerage.
Goldman Sachs - India
Name: Goldman Sachs Services Private Limited
Incorporated on 19 September 2003.
It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of
Companies, Bangalore.
Its authorized share capital is Rs. 1,342,000,000 and its paid up capital is
Rs. 190,320,544.
It is involved in Database activities and distribution of electronic content
[This includes data base development, data storage and data base
Employee strength at Bangalore : Bangalore operations: 5400 people.
The Bangalore office, Its headcount rose at a compounded annual growth
rate of about 19% over the past five years. (B)
Function and department of the company which are represented at the
Bangalore operations are 1- Technology, 2 - Finance, 3 - Investment
banking, 4- Securities, 5- Operations, 6 - Research, and 7 - Analytics.
Office locations in India
1- Bangalore/Bengaluru
Goldman Sachs Services Private Limited
Crystal Downs
Embassy Golf Links Business Park
Off Intermediate Ring Road
(Indiranagar - Koramangala)
Domlur, Bengaluru
PIN 560 071
(080) 41271600

2- Mumbai
Goldman Sachs (India) Securities Private Limited
Rational House
951-A, Appasaheb Marathe Marg
Prabhadevi, Mumbai
PIN 400 025
(022) 6616 9000 Worldwide
Directors of Goldman Sachs Services Private Limited are
1- Ravi Gopalachari Krishnan,
2- Srivathsan Parthasarathy,
3 - Sajid Ahmed,
4- Tushar Shantilal Desai, .

Goldman Sachs Services Private Limited's Corporate Identification Number is

(CIN) U72400KA2003PTC032606 and its registration number is 32606.
Its Email address is and its registered address is
Why to work with Goldman Sachs? I
1- Goldman Sachs is the best place to start a career in banking.(T)
2- Goldmans culture of success and excellence.(T)
3-Goldman Sachs promotes internally and has a culture of
apprenticeships for its junior hires.(T)
4- Employee awards and management philosophies are motivational in
5- The investment bank offers its employees meditation classes as part of
its resiliency week as well as tai chi club, five-times-a-week Pilates,
bubble tea in the caf, a champion dragon-boating team, lectures from
visitors such as Derek Jeter, and an all-night scavenger hunt for charity.(T-
6- You Can Work From Home: On average, 30% of its employees are
working remotely. (T-2)
7 - Executives at the bank stress that they recruit heavily for folks who
understand the benefits of working collaboratively (T-2)
Why work at Goldman Sachs II
8 - Goldman Sachs strives to groom you up in a very sensitive manner so
as not to make you too conscious about it. The aiding aura of the company
is instrumental in bringing out the renegade leader and worker that is
lurking inside of you waiting to break out. (T-3)
9 - The customary privileges the clients working with the company get are
unbelievably great. Very few banking companies do so much for their
clients and dealers. Nevertheless, it will be unjust not to mention the
unfaltering devotion the clients pay to the company.(T-3)
10- Despite many other gigantic competitors Goldman Sachs stands tall
much owing to the reputation it has earned over the years. All the same, the
company inspires its employees to carve their mind in a manner persistent
with increasing the number of beneficiaries to the company. Workers of
Goldman Sachs are let to work in a liberated space where they can focus
on their work with complete peace of mind as opposed to the maltreatment
exercised on employees at various major companies. (T-3)
Why work with Goldman Sachs - III
11 - Paid sabbaticals: Goldman Sachs Employees are paid even on
holidays. This is rarely seen as no company no matter how big they are
would not this easily agree to promise paid sabbaticals. (T-3)
12 - Goldman Sachs in addition to everything has a world class gym
facility for its employees. (T-3)
13 - So as long as you are finishing your work on time within the week the
company will not be cross with your taking the weekend off. (T-3)
14 - College fee reimbursement and compensations
15 - Honest, ethical and competent management.
Profits and stock prices (R)
Profits (U)
Segments of operation: (1(i))
It operates through four segments:
1 - Investment Banking,
2- Institutional Client Services,
3 - Investing & Lending,
4 - Investment Management.
Investment Banking
1- Investment Banking: The Investment Banking segment provides
financial advisory services, such as strategic advisory assignments related
to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate defence activities,
restructurings, spin-offs, and risk management; and underwriting services,
including public offerings and private placements of various securities and
other financial instruments, as well as derivative transactions entered into
with public and private sector clients.
Institutional Client
The Institutional Client Services segment is involved in client execution
activities related to making markets in interest rate products, credit
products, mortgages, currencies, commodities, and equities; and provides
securities services, such as financing, securities lending, and other prime
brokerage services, as well as markets in and clears client transactions on
primary stock, options, and futures exchanges.
Investing & Lending
The Investing & Lending segment invests in and originates longer-term
loans to provide financing to clients; and makes investments in debt
securities and loans, public and private equity securities, and real estate
Investment Management
The Investment Management segment offers investment management
products and services; and wealth advisory services, including portfolio
management and financial counsseling, and brokerage and other
transaction services.
Key Products and Services (1(a(i)))
1) Asset Management.
2) Commercial Banking.
3) Investment Banking.
4) Investment management.
5) Prime Brokerage.
6) Middle market financing and investing.
1 - Asset Management.
Asset management, broadly defined, refers to any system that monitors and
maintains things of value to an entity or group.
It may apply to both tangible assets such as buildings and to intangible
assets such as human capital, intellectual property, and goodwill.
Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating,
maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost effectively.
Contribution of Goldman Sachs : It applies its insights and risk
management expertise to help institutional and individual investors with
their financial goals, now and in the future.
2- Commercial Banking
Goldman Sachs Bank USA (GS Bank USA) is a New York State-
chartered bank and a member of the Federal Reserve System.
GS Bank USA engages in a number of activities that are core to its
franchise, allow it to serve its clients, and achieve its strategic objectives:
deposit taking, private bank lending, credit origination, mortgages, interest
rate derivative products (including interest rate, credit, and currency
products), and agency lending.
3 - Investment Banking.
Structures and executes a variety of transactions, including equity
offerings, debt issuances, and derivative transactions.
Provides mergers and acquisitions advice and services to our clients on
some of their most complex strategic decisions and transactions.
4- Investment Management
GS helps their clients pursue their wealth management goals through
careful advice, astute investment management and access to the capabilities
and network of Goldman Sachs.
GS discusses about clients goals and help evaluate them. Further they
analyze each clients financial profile, lifestyle objectives and attitude
toward risk, and then develop a suitable wealth management plan.
5 Prime Mortgage
Prime Brokerage Group of GS provides services to help hedge funds
manage risk, monitor their portfolios, maintain liquidity and build their
With over 30 years of experience, a strong focus on client service and full
access to the resources of Goldman Sachs, it offers customized solutions
that help fund managers reach their business goals.
6 - Middle market financing and investing
Middle Market Financing and Investing is offered through the Goldman
Sachs Special Situations Group (SSG).
SSG is a global, multi-asset class business, specializing in principal
investing and lending in all levels of capital structures on a risk-adjusted
return basis.
SSG is the primary center for Goldman Sachs middle-market financing
and investing activity. The group lends and invests Goldmans capital
directly to mid-sized companies.
Salary by years of experience- India
Organization Structure (2)

Competitors (3(i))
Major Investment Banks of India.
1) Bajaj Capital,
2) Barclays India,
3) Cholamandalam Investment &
Finance Company,
4) ICICI Securities,
5) ICRA ltd,
6) IDFC Major
7) IDFC private equity, competitors:
8) Industrial Development Bank of 1-Morgan
India (IDBI)
9) Industrial Finance Corporation of
India (IFCI) 2- JPMorgan
10) Kotak Investing Banking, Chase,
11) Kotak Mahindra Capital company, 3- Bank of
12) SBI Capital Markets,
13) S.E.Investments ltd, America
14) Small Industries Development Bank 4- Merrill
of India (SIDBI). Lynch,
15) SSKI Group.
16) Tata Investment Corporation of
5- Deutsche
India. (TICL). Bank.
17) UTI Securities
18) Yes Bank.
Management style (4)

Goldman Sachs is a meritocracy built on the

belief that collaboration, teamwork and
integrity create the right environment for
our people to deliver the best possible
results for our clients. (5)
People have to be able to work flexibly and
Goldman Sachs Technology Domain
1 Business Software Engineer.
2- Platform Engineer.
3- Dev Ops Engg.
Business Software Engineer (D)
Role: Responsible for developing technical solutions for our financial
professionals and external clients; for instance, creating high volume, web-
based trade processing architecture or developing software applications for
the firm's various advisory and e-commerce initiatives.
Desired aptitude: Candidates for this role will have the desire and ability to
write high-quality, thoughtful code; creativity coupled with excellent
analytical and problem-solving abilities; strong communication skills and
an interest in financial markets.
Platform Engineer (D)
Role: To develop and maintain the technology infrastructure and core
Desired aptitude: Candidates for this role will have strong technical,
collaborative and problem-solving abilities. Whether as an application
developer or system engineer, Candidate shall apply their technical skills
and problem-solving abilities to a range of complex problems .
Critical areas of work - (i) cloud computing; (ii) machine learning , (iii)
big data; (iv) application platforms; (v) data center products; (vi) end user
and workplace solutions; (vii) developer tools and practices;
(viii)enterprise architectures.
Dev Ops Engg . (D)
Role: Responsible for
(i) Detecting, managing and mitigating a range of risks in the firm's
operating environment.
(ii) Developing analytical models to identify risks; remediating at-risk
applications and components;
(iii) Implementing standard software-development practices and test
(iv) Managing the operational risk of production environments and
implementing controls to reduce risks associated with information
security, system capacity and vendor products.
Key work areas I
Build technology platform (D)
(a) which enables marketing of products efficiently to clients of Goldman
Sachs , around the world.
(b) Build platform for (i) automated trading , (ii) Managing data, (iii) Risk
Analysis, (iv) safeguarding information.
(c) responsible for full life-cycle systems implementation through our
worldwide operations.
(d) The technology business units are aligned to specific client businesses
sales and trading, banking, investment management and investment
researchas well as firm wide operations such as legal, compliance,
controllers and human capital management.
(e) Implementing of many different kinds of security controls and
technologies. (G)
(f) identify and manage the risks associated with their initiatives. (G)
(g) developed to manage the risk associated with the firms use of specific
cloud services. (G)
Key work areas-II

(a) Application developer in the Client Reference Data team. (H)

(b) Design and build of the proprietary Common Reference Data Framework
which will make the client data maintenance more efficient. (H)
(c) Work on entire software development lifecycle: gathering requirements,
talking to business users, developing a proposal for a new platformand
then actually building it. A web-based project, candidate needs to work
with Java and JavaScript. (J)
(d) web development, desktop development, and scripting projects, and iOS
(mobile) development. (J)
(e) Cost management application to reduce operating expenses. (M)
Key work areas - III
(a) Centralized data service called IDHub that supports contact management
and provisioning, including the authentication and authorization
necessary to onboard various systems and applications. Were building
up a platform with automated processes to help our business users, the
sales team and clients with greater efficiency. (N)
(b) identify potential cyber-security issues across our technology and
business processing environment.
(c) Creating sophisticated analytics, which detect anomalous or threat-intel
driven behaviors in our networks and systems. Using our own algorithms
alongside data visualization techniques, we are able to help prioritize risk
for our security mitigation and response teams. (P)
Goal of Technology Development
Unify and standardize approaches to development, testing, workflow, user
interfaces, the Web and more. At the core of our organization,
infrastructure engineers design scalable hardware solutions to ensure we
can meet the needs of our business, worldwide, 24X7.(D)
To reduce the workload of our data governance team and to make sure that
this data is accurate and it meets the required standards before it is stored
in the data repositories (H)
B - http://
(R )
() (1)
() 1(i))
() (1(ii))
() (1(a(i)))

() (2) (slide 11)
() (2(i))