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Anatomi Organ Reproduksi Wanita
Ranti Pratiwi Pematasari


Genitalia Externa
• Labia majora = male scrotum
– Superiorly: monspubis
– Posteriorly: perinal body posterior commisure
• Labium minus = Ventral shaft penis
– Superiorly: 2 lamella lower form frenulum of
clitoris, upper form perpuce
– Inferiorily: fourchette
• Clitoris= penis
– Composed: glands, corpus/body, two crura
• Glands: covered stratified squamous epithelium
• Corpus: 2 corpora cavernosa
– Blood supply: branch internal pudendal artery

two bartolin gland ducts. vagina. Genitalia Externa (2) • Vestibule: space • Laterally: hart line • Medially: hymen • Anteriorly: clitoral frenulum • Posteroirly: fourchette – Six opening: uretra. two paraurethral gland (Skene) – Posterior portion between fourchette and vaginal opening: fossa navicularis .

Vulva • Artery: external and internal pudendal arteries on each side • Lymph drainage: medial group of superficial inguinal nodes • Nerve: – anterior part vulva: ilioinguinal nerve & genital branch of genitofemoral nerve – Posterior part vulva: perineal nerve & posterior cutaneous nerve .

uterine artery . levator ani. Vagina and Hymen • Hymen: nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium • Vagina: – Anteriorly: bladder and urethra by vesicovaginal septum – Posteriorly: upper 1/3 rectouterine pouch (douglas) middle 1/3 ampula of rectum by rectovaginal space Lower 1/3 anal canal by perineal body – Lateral: ureter. vestibule.

posterior 7-10 cm • Blood suply: – Arteries: vaginal artery. middle 1/3 drains to internal iliac nodes. branch internal iliac artery. Vagina and Hymen • Length :Vaginal anterior 6-8 cm. lower 1/3 drains to superficial inguinal nodes . branch uterine artery – Vein: plexus around vagina that drains into internal vein – Lymph Drainage: upper 1/3 drains to external and internal iliac nodes.


Pelvic bone 5. Pelvic diaphragm 4. Ligamentum and fascia . Pelvic support 1. Perineum 2. Urogenital diaphragma 3.

Pervic Floor Contain: Perineum membran and Pelvic diaphragm .

internal anal spinchter . m. bulbocavernosus. – Deep: m. m. Perineum Diamond shape space that lies bellow pelvic floor – Anteriorly: pubic symphysis – Anterolaterally: ischiopubic rami and ischial tuberositas – Posterolaterally: sacrotuberous ligament – Posteriorly: coccyx • Anterior triangle (urogenital triangle) – Superficial – Deep • Posterior triangle (anal triangle) • Perineal body: – Superficial: m. external anal sphincter. pubococcygeus. m. superficial transverse perineal.


Urogenital Triangle • Bounded: – Superiorly: pubic rami – Laterally: ischial tuberosities – Posteriorly: m. m. superficial transverse perineal • Deep: portion of urethra. vagina.m. m. internal pudenda artery branch. vestibular bulbs. clitoral body and crura. urethrovaginal sphincter muscle . ischiocavernosus. branches pudenda vessel and nerve. superficial transverse perineal • Superficial: bartholin glands. bulbocavernosus.


levator ani. anal canal. branches of pudendal nerve and internal pudendal vessel . poborectalis muscle). Anal Triangle • Contains: ischioanal fossae. anal sphincter complex (internal anal sphincter. external anal sphincter.



S4). branches of inferior rectal artery.S3. perineal nerve . branches of inferior rectal nerve. and posterior labial artery • Vein: internal pudendal vein • Nerves: via pudendal nerve (S2. dorsal nerve of clitoris. Perineum • Artery: internal pudendal artery.

Blood supply perineum .

Perineal nerve .

m. m. iliococcygeus . puborectalis. pubococcygeus. deep transverse perineal. Urogenital diaphragma: muscle between pubis symphysis and ischial tuberosities including triangular area that support perienum (sphincter urethra. m. internal and external fascia) 2. m. Pelvic diaphragma: muscle from upper pubis and ischium to the rectum that support perineum (levator ani. coccygeal) – Levator ani: m. Diaphragma 1.


5cm thick • M. m.Bulbocavernosus. 1. supervicial transverse perineal. Perineal body • A fibromuscular mass in the midline ate the junction between anterior and posterior triangle/ central tendon perineum • Measure: 2cm tall&wide. anal sphincter . m.

2 innominate bone • Innominate bone formed by fusion: ilium.Pelvic Bones • Composed of 4 bones: sacrum. ischium and pubis . coccyx.

Sagital View .

Ligaments .

Four Joints 1. Posteriorly: sacrococcygeal joints (cartilaginous joint) . Anteriorly: symphysis pubis (cartilaginous joint) 2. Posteriolateraly: two sacroiliac joints (synovial joints) 3.

False Pelvic False Pelvic: • Anteriorly: lower part of the anterior abdominal wall • Laterally: Iliac fossae and the iliacus muscle • Posteriorly: lumbar vertebrae .

PELVIC INLET PELVIC OUTLET Anteriorly: Symphysis pubis. Posteriorly: Promontory of Anterolaterally: ischiopubic ramus sacrum. Anteriorly: Symphysis pubis. ala of sacrum. . Posteriorly : Coccyx. Posterolaterally: Sacrotuberous Laterally: linea terminalis ligament.

curved canal. 2. with a shallow anterior wall and a deeper posterior wall. . 3. It lies between the inlet and the outlet. An Outlet.True Pelvic The True pelvis has: 1. A Cavity The cavity is a short. An Inlet.

5cm .5cm – Diagonal conjugate: measured clinically 12. Pelvic inlet • Fetal engagement: biparietal diameter that passing this plane • Diameters: – Anteroposterior/ true conjugate 11cm – Obstetrical conjugate 10.

Pelvic inlet • Anatomical transverse diameter: 13 cm • Obstetric transverse diameter .

Pelvic inlet • Oblique diameter: 12cm • Sacrotyloid diameter: 9.5 cm .

Pelvic Cavity • Anteroposterior diameter 12cm • Oblique diameter • Transverse diameter  Interspinosus diameter: 10cm .

Pelvic Outlet • Anteroposterior diameter • Transverse diameter .

the Angle of the pubic arch is wider. Also. The promontory and the ischial spines are less projecting. 37 . FEMALE MALE In female the Sacrum is usually wider and shorter.

Types of Female Bony Pelvis the shape and dimension s of the female pelvis is of great importan ce for obstetrics . 38 .

5 cm Uterus dewasa: • Panjang: 7. Corpus.5 cm • Panjang rongga: 6cm • Tebal: 2. Uterus 5 cm 6 cm Istmus 2. Istmus. Cervix • Tebal dinding otot sekitar: .5cm Fundus.

Internal Organ .

Uterus .

Ovarium .

Ligament .

Inferior gluteal Posterior: •. Umbilical 2. Uterine 6. Iliolumbar •. Lateral sacral •. Blood supply Anterior: 1. Inferior vesical 3. Superior gluteal . Internal pudendal 7. Middle rectal 5. Obturator 4.

Innervation • Peripheral nervous sys: somatic and autonomic • Autonomic : sympathetic and parasympathetic • Sympathetic: superior hypogastric plexus/presacral nerve (T10-L2) • Parasympathetic: pelvic splanchnic nerve (S2-S4) • Blending Inferior hypogastric plexus/pelvic plexus .