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processes it according to given instruction and gives information [i.e. output]. instruction. and information. In addition. input].e. . Computer Computer is an electronic device that takes data [i. it can store data..

[3] Output unit [or output device].Computer has three main components. [2] Central processing unit [CPU]. . [1] Input unit [ or input device].

Control unit (CU). Output unit : output unit (or device) is a device through which result are displayed to user. Input Unit : Input unit ( or device ) is a device through which we enter data and instruction to computer.Parts of computer 1. CPU is further divided into three main parts. Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU). Memory (or main memory). Central processing unit (CPU) : CPU is device that performs all processing work of computer system. . 2.

Information is also termed as output. .e. Information : Information is final result which is an directly useful form. unorganized) form and is not in directly useful form. Data is also termed as input.Data and information Data : Data is a collection of facts and figures in raw ( i.

results. It is collection of final and figures. processing.  2. It is also termed as input output.e. It needs processing. It does not need any  4. It is also termed as  5.  5. unorganized ) form. . It is in organized form.  2. useful form.  4. It is not in directly form. It is a collection of facts  1. It is in directly useful  3. It is in raw (i.  3. Difference between data and information Data Information  1.

Software : Software is a program (or set of programs ) designed to control to control and conduct all the function of computer it self or to perform the specific task desired by the user. felt and touched is termed as hardware. Hardware and software Hardware : Physical part of computer that can be seen. .

digits an special symbols.  MS-WORD. be touched. computer.  Example of hardware are :  Example of software are :  Keyboard.  It can be seen but cannot  It can be seen as well can be touched. MS-EXCEL. process.Difference between hardware and software Hardware software  It is physical unit of  It is set of programs. mechanical components.  It consists of electrical and  It consists of alphabets. .  It instructs hardware to  It performs processing. mouse.

Storage: One of the most important characteristics of computer is its storage capability. Characteristics of computer .Speed: computer is a very high speed electronic device. 2.Accuracy: computer is quite accurate device. 1. 3. .

. 5. Computer is a versatile machine. Versatility : Versatility means the ability to perform variety of tasks.4. 6. it can perform the task automatically. Automation : Once a set of instructions is given to a computer. Diligence : Diligence means the capability to perform continuously with same efficiency.

.Limitation of a Computer Major limitation of a computer are: 1. Human Dependency : Computer is human dependent in the same sense that it needed instructions from human. To perform even a small task. it requires proper instructions from human being. 2. Not Intelligent : It can perform only those tasks for which it is programmed.

No Heuristics : Heuristics means learning from past experiences. it will perform the same in future. Computer does not learn from past experience. 4. . No feelings : Computer has no feelings. It has no heart or soul and is free from emotions. If It has perform a error in past.3.

2. According to size and storage capacity.Classification of Computer Computer can be classified into various types : 1. 4. 3. According to modern Classification . According to Technology. According to historical advantages.

letters and special character. Digital Computers : Digital Computers are general purpose computers that represent. store data in the form of numbers. . Hybrid Computers : Hybrid computers are the computer that combine the feature of both : digital as well as analog. 3.Classification According to Technology On the basis of Technology Computers can be divided into three types. Analog Computers: Analog computers are special purpose computers that represent and store data in the form of continuously varying physical quantities. 2. 1.

Classification according to size and Storage capacity On the basis of size and storage capacity. computers can be divided into four types:  Micro Computers  Mini Computers  Mainframe Computers  Super Computers .

According to Historical Advancement According to historical advancement Computers can be classified into five generation  First Generation Computers  Second Generation Computers  Third Generation Computers  Forth Generation Computers  Fifth Generation Computers .