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Group Discussion
Group Discussion
Group Discussion is a process where exchange of
ideas and opinions are debated upon.
GD comprises of a small group of 6-8 candidates.
It is not necessary that you conclude by a positive or a
negative viewpoint, but to summarize the discussion
well and being neutral gives you an edge over others.
The candidates are given a time limit for discussing
the topic.
Main areas tested in GD

Group dynamics
Leadership Skills
Personality traits for
Team Player

At the beginning
ofthe career one
works as a team
member. Later, as a
team leader.
Aspirants who lack

team skills cannot

begood managers.
Reasoning Ability
Logical Reasoning plays an
important role while expressing
your opinions or ideas at a GD.
Leadership qualities
shows direction to
the group whenever
group moves away
from the topic.
Coordinates the
effort of the
different team
members in the GD.
Contribute to the
GD at regular
intervals with
valuable insights.
Inspire and
motivate team
members to express
their views.
Be open to other ideas as well
as to the evaluation of your

Initiate a GD only if you are well

versed with the topic.
Also, if you fumble, stammer or
misquote facts, it may work against
Inspiring ability
A good group
discussion should
incorporate views of
all the team members.
Ifsome team members
want to express their
ideas but are not
opportunity to do so,
giving them an
opportunity to express
their ideas or opinions
will be seen as a
positive trait.
Always try and strike a proper
balance between
expressing your ideas and
Be aware
regarding the
latest happenings
in the world.
Keep yourself
updated on
current affairs to
build knowledge
over a period of
What is the company
Effective for?
Communication Skills
Knowledge regarding a given topic
Exchange of ideas and thoughts
Quality of content
Logical ability
Capability to co-ordinate and lead
Thorough preparation
TIPS for a healthy GD
Be as natural as possible.
Clarity in speech and expression
Your gestures and mannerisms are more likely to
reflect your attitude than what you say.
Take time to organize your thoughts.
Seek clarification if you have any doubts regarding
the subject.
Don't start speaking until you have clearly
Initiate the discussion or agree with someone else's
point and then move onto express your views.
Opening the discussion is not the only way of
gaining attention and recognition.
Maintain rapport with fellow participants. Eye
contact plays a major role.
Communicate with each and every candidate
Be assertive not dominating
Don't lose your cool if anyone says anything
you object to. Don't take the discussion
Always be polite
Try to avoid using extreme phrases like: `I
strongly object' or `I disagree'
Try phrases like: `I would like to share my
views on' or `One difference between your
point and mine is'
Lets Crack the GD!