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I considered myself unique in learning things and this includes observation, interaction
and by traveling. Through these 3 ways, it makes me feel more connected, excited and
committed to understand and appreciate the information better and to learn things first
Concept mapping, feedback from my mentors and taking exams helps my mind to think
critically, to better understand my shortcomings, and to straighten every learning curve
English is not my primary language and unfortunately, I have dyslexia. To write essays is
really indeed a great challenge for me and it takes a great amount of time and effort to
compose and to express my thoughts in a well-written form. But now, I consider myself
to have a great improvement over this imperfection which will eventually lead me to
become a better learner.
My former clinical instructors played a crucial role in influencing and motivating me to
pursue higher learning. They have instilled within me the values, wisdom, and
knowledge that I want to altruistically share. It feels like I am holding a burning torch that
I want to make a difference by giving my light to others.
I believe there is no secret formula to success. To overcome this endeavor successfully, I
must learn to be patient, focused and resilient to the challenges and changes that I am With Dr. Jean Watson
facing. And for as long I put your heart, commitment and happiness to what I do, for sure
I will be successful in everything I will accomplish.
(author of one of my
My short-term goal is to finish my graduate school in a timely manner. In addition, I want
favorite Nursing Theory-
to be part of some volunteer educators that can teach beyond borders and empower the The Theory of Human
less fortunate students and transform them to be great leaders of their community. Caring)
Lastly, my ultimate mission is to be a valuable mentor to the future nightingales who will
provide a safe and quality care to me, to my family and this great nation.
I am a kinesthetic learner. Organized notes help me to visually
and mentallyretain knowledge. I can hear an instructional
lecture 20 times but its only after I study my notes do I grasp
the concept.
Diagrams are an excellent tool to assist in my learning
process.They provide a structural map that helps to simplify the
process of how something operates.
Composition questions are not a personal favorite of mine.
Gathering my thoughts and then formatting them into an essay
has always been a grueling experience.
Working as Nurse and being asked to precept, motivated me to
advance my own knowledge to provide a higher degree/level of
education to other nurses.
Graduate school requires a different level of focus, flexibility
and dedication. Success can onlybe derived through
preparation, hard work, perseverance and compassion.
Sometimes school work must be prioritized and reprioritized
before a final product can be submitted.
I typically learn the most in classes with formal exams that force you to
commitclass material and skills to memory in order to pass the exams
Exam preparation, studying, note taking, and reviewing pre-recorded lecture content
helps me retain the most information
Ido not like writing papers as a form of learning because I think it limits the material
in which you focus on. Usually well written papers only cover a few topics and
require focusing too much time and energy into specific topics while others go un-
The desire to further my practice brought me to graduate education, as nurses we
are life-long learners and should always strive to be on the forefront of our
I succeed by devotingpreset time to online education every week; several
coworkers and my sister, Caitlin, (pictured on the left) are currently enrolled in the
MSN education program at UT Tyler, making it easy to hold each other accountable
with the time constraints of graduate education while working full time
My professional goals include graduating with my MSN Education degree and then
pursuing a post-masters FNP degree at UT Tyler.I currently work in a county facility
in Dallas caring for a large underserved population, I would love to keep practicing
in Dallas county after graduation to continue my work caring for patients in
desperate need of primary care
I learn by the presentation of examples. Its important for me to visualize
processes and to know why processes are occurring.
Frequent quizzes help me to recall what was recently learned and helps
me ensure that I am ready to learn the next concept.
I do not like writing papers. I feel that writing papers helps others to
understand what I have learned, but the process of writing does not assist
me in learning the concept.
My career has taken me to non-traditional nursing roles that involves
management of processes, change, and people. I feel that the
undergraduate level of nursing did not prepare me to understand the
business or politics of nursing administration. I am pursing an MSN in
Nursing Administration & Education to help me be the best nursing leader
that my team deserves.
I dedicate quiet time for my education and eliminate social time in order
to be successful. I find it important to read and not just complete
assignments for me to understand the full concept of what is being
My goal is to absorb as much information as I can, complete my degree in
2018, and lead teams to success everyday.
I have found that I learn by visualizing how certain processes take place or
watching demonstration of skills, followed byhands-on practice. If I can visualize
why something is happening or see how something is done and then put it into
practice, I will have a much better chance of either retaining that information or
learning that particular skill.
I think what helps me learn the most is having to explain a particular topic to
someone who is not familiar with the material. For instance, while working in ICU
I had to often explain disease processes/injuries to patients and/or families. This
forced me to really learn that information in order to present it to those individuals
in a way they could understand.
I don't particularly care for writing lengthy papers. I usually do well with them
once I get started, I just don't feel they help me learn in the best way possible.
I am here because I wanted to continue my education and challenge myself
further in my nursing career. I have always enjoyed precepting new nurses and/or
nursing students, so this seemed like the most logical step for me. I have enjoyed
it so far and I am looking forward to my future career as a nursing instructor.
In order to succeed in this program, I have set aside specific time each week that I
devote to studying the material for my classes. Having a specific study time
schedule seems to have worked very well for me, so far.
My goals are to succeed in this program, learn as much as much as possible
regarding nursing education and graduate in December 2017.
I learn more effectively, by using a combination of learning preferences (which at times depends on the subject
matter, as well as the instructor's teaching approach), and being flexible as I attempt to achieve new learning
strategies, in order to be successful in my classes.
I learn by asking questions, repetition/going over the course material, from lectures, class discussions, working on
projects (be it individual and/or group), quizzes, examinations, having an interest in the course materials, and
reading assigned chapters, plus extra resource course subject matter
I necessarily do not dislike learning, but rather the lack of interaction or insufficient directions in relation to the
learning process, which tend to leave me frustrated and confused. I have some weaknesses in my learning, that I
do seek help from the writing department when needed, especially when I have to write term papers.
Growing up in Liberia, I dreamed of becoming a nurse. My desire increased as the civil war continued in my native
country, which lasted for more than two decades. At that time, many innocent people perished, and the war
produced tremendous mental and physical suffering as well as the spread of disease. Disease prevention was
inhibited during the war due to lack of professional nurses, doctors, medicines, and sanitation. In the midst of all
this despair, my dream and ambition grew to one day become a registered nurse, a goal I achieved approximately
12 years old. After the death of my youngest daughter Nilah Taryonnoh Taylor in 2011 (who would be turning 6, if
she had lived), I decided to go forward and pursue my advanced education in nursing, for my own personal and
professional betterment, and also in honor of her memory.
Having good study habits, managing my time properly, being motivated and determined to achieve my
goals/aspirations, is what keeps me going strong, whenever doubts and fears starts to seep in my mind, body, and
soul. I will focus my attention to the reasons why, I initially set out to want to accomplish said goals. Whenever, I
want to give up, I just think of all the obstacles, I have endured to come this far. Knowing that the purpose and
reason behind my academic drive for success, is to better my life both personally and professionally, as well as in
honor my late daughter memory, keeps me thriving for my higher education attainment and academic success.
I am currently pursuing my MSN degree in nursing education; after successfully completing this program, I intend to
apply for my post-grad FNP, and ultimately seek my doctorate degree in nursing. Being a lifelong learner, an
effective nurse leader, and being a nurse advocator remains to be my overall goal.