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m Situated in northern Eurasia

m Officially known as ³Russian Federation´

m Pronounced : ³Rossiya´

m Largest country in the world

m Capital : ³Moscow´

m Official Language : ³Russian´

m 6rea : 17.1 m sq km

m Shares border with
m Norway
m Finland
m Estonia
m Latvia
m Lithuania
m Poland
m Belarus
m China
m Ukraine
m Kazakhstan
m North Korea

m 6rea comparative : 1.8 times the size of US

m Covers about one ninth of earth¶s land area

m It extends across the whole of northern 6sia and
40% of Europe spanning 9 time zones

m Population : 14,19,27,297

m Density : 8.3/km2

m Growth rate : 0.002%

m Sex ratio : 0.86 Male(s)/Female

m 6ge structure


m Education : 15 & above can read and write

m Ethnic composition

m Government : Federal semi-presidential republic

m Head of the state : President who elects the PM

m Legislature : Federal 6ssembly

m President : Dmitry Medvedev

m Prime Minister : Vladimir Putin

m Multi-Party System
m It is the 12th largest economy

m Currency : Russian Ruble (RUB)

m 1 Russian Ruble = 0.032705 U.S.D

m GDP : 1.229 trillion (2009 est)

m Unemployment : 8.9 % (2009 est)

m Main industries : Coal, Oil, Gas etc
m Per Capita Income : $8,693 (2009 est)

m Russia has the largest natural gas reserves, the
2nd largest coal reserves & the 8th largest oil
reserves in the world

m Major Exports
m Gas, crude oil & mineral products
m Metals & precious stones
m Machinery and equipment

m Major Imports
m Chemical products, rubber etc
m Food stuffs and agricultural raw materials

m 6gricultural products : Wheat, Barley, Corn etc

m Russia¶s trade with India is expected to reach $10
billion in 2010, up from $8.4 billion in 2009

m Bilateral trade with India has risen over the past
couple of years due to a large volume of high-tech

m Manufacturing, energy, steel, construction and
agriculture are expected to be the prime trading
sectors for 2010 and beyond
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m mhey expect you to be punctual

m Little faith in unsigned documents

m Business hours are usually from 9 6M to 6 PM
from Monday to Friday

m 6void cancellation of appointments

m 6llow plenty of time for each appointment

m Russian business people pay a lot of attention to
how they are dressed
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m Personal or informal contact

m Physical contact

m More personal approach in cases of conflict

m Business cards are essential

m 6lthough major concerns are discussed in an
informal environment, final negotiations will be
conducted in the office

m During meetings, head of the organization will
open the discussion
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mmop level management makes most
of the decisions

m Higher level personnel has authority
over their subordinates

m Showing respect for seniority and
recognizing the hierarchical structure
is vital for establishing a strong
business relationship
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m Male dominated culture

m Women usually do not hold
high positions in the Russian
Business culture

m More women in business
education than in business

m Foreign business women face
adversity from the Russian
business culture
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m mhe first meeting is usually just a formality

m Russians can sometimes place a great deal of
confidence in your professional competence and
experience; very high expectations and demands

m Open-minded to new ideas

m Russian negotiators make minor concessions and
ask for major ones in return
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Russian Business Etiquettes (DOs & DON¶ms)

m DO shake hands firmly when greeting someone

m DO make a gift that symbolizes the stature of your

m DO knock before entering an office

m DO close the door behind you, while leaving

m DO go out & have a drink with your counterparts
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m DON¶m be afraid to show some emotion

m DON¶m hurry to reply but hurry to listen

m DON¶m praise or reward anyone in public

m DON¶m wear lavish clothing or jewellery

m DON¶m use a restaurant for doing business
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