Mammen. Nagar (Chennai). the MRF Muscleman logo was introduced. Mammen Mappillai built MRF into a premier tyre company. quickly expanded business and six years later was manufacturing retreading compounds. as the youngest in a family of eight children. In 1979. . 1922. to K. M. He started off in 1946 making balloons from his home in T. he tied up with Mansfield Tyre and Rubber Co of the US and barely three years later was exporting.C. but Mammen Mappillai had other ideas. In 1961. Through the 70s and 80s. His father wanted him to become a commercial artist. ‡ The first tyres he made were for bullock carts. Around the same time.History of MRF ‡ K. MRF crossed the Rs 100-crore turnover mark. Mammen Mappillai was born on November 28. fighting his rivals on quality and not price.



MRF.PRODUCT Bullock Cart Tyres . MRF introduced Nylon tyres for bullock carts. .In a market full of rayon tyres. while marketing bullock cart tyres found glaring differences between western UP and eastern UP with regard to requirement of cart types. . While bullock carts in werstern UP were smaller with a single buffalo in eastern UP and there were bigger vehicles pulled by two bullocks.

00-19 PAHALWAN N 10 .MRF ADV RANGE OF TYRES S N 1 2 3 4 SIZE 5.00-19 PAHALWAN N 10 8.00-19 PAHALWAN N 8 7.00-19 PAHALWAN N 6 6.

.Promotion ‡ Educating farmers about the advantages of using Nylon tyres for bullock carts and building an image for the MRF brand. ‡ MRF achieved this through a unique nylon cord-breaking contest with real life pahalwans. thus effectively demonstrating the strength of MRF Bullock Cart Tyres.


Pahalwan Muscleman. . ‡ Slide-and-tape presentation at the weekly haats. ‡ MRF used the tag line Pahelwan Chap Buggy Gadi Tyres . the communication revolved around the brand name and its meaning viz..‡ Capitalising on the MRF Strength with the muscleman symbol as well as their leadership in truck tyres. as a part of the communication package.

To develop the communication packages these facts were kept into consideration. the brand continues to lead the category with 35% share of the market.‡ In western UP the villagers spoke Hindustani whereas in eastern UP there spoke Bhojpuri. . Results ‡ MRF Bullock Cart Tyre became the Brand leader in the segment within 3 years of the launch of the new campaign during which brand share rose from 6% to 30% . ‡ With the launch of MRF Pahalwan (Bullock Cart Tyre with Nylon strength) in 1994.

‡ In rural areas tyres available at specific MRF dealers only. ‡ Can be found only in agricultural or farming tool markets. .Place ‡ Available in New Delhi only at Mayapuri MRF.

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