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• A paid form of non personal presentation

of any organization, good, idea or service
by an identified sponsor.
Nature of Advertising
• Paid form
• Non personal presentation
• Organization, good, idea or service
• Identified sponsor
Scope of advertising
• Producers
– To consumers
– Trade advertising
– Potential employees
– Public relations
– Business advertising
• Retailers and wholesalers
• Govt., social institutions and groups
• Individuals
Scope of adv.
What can be advertised
• Goods
• Services
• Events
• Experiences
• Personalities
• Place
• Organizations
• Properties
• Information
• Ideas and concepts
Trade Advertising
Public Service Advertising
Ad by Govt. Institution
Ad by Govt. Institution
Ad by Govt. Institution
Ad by Retailer
Ad by Individual
Ad for potential employees
Product ad
Service ad
Service ad
Event ad
Place ad
Property ad
Experience ad
Idea ad