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Coaching in Telenor why, how and what effects?

Marit Reutz, Director, Corporate HR

Telenor key facts 2003

Major international operator with its focus on mobile activities. 31,4 million mobile subscribers world wide. 2,4 million TV subscribers in the Nordic region. Market leader in Norway (market shares)
Mobil 57 % Fixed 69 %
Ranked as the 12th largest mobile operator in the world (source: GSM Associations)

Operating revenues 2003: NOK 53.1 billion. Profit before taxes 2003: NOK 7.4 billion. Full time employees Dec. 2003: 19.450 (7.450 outside Norway)

Telenor Corporate Strategy: A simplified Telenor a focused portfolio with pervasive operational and marketing excellence
Strategic Strategic focus direction
Focus on operational control Selective expansion to reach a broader industrial platform Exit from marginal and non-supportive activities

Best positioned European Telco

Operational Operational excellence Excellence
Excellence in customer intimacy and marketing Radical simplification in products and processes Synergies in international operations

Value driven Value driven leadership leadership

Clear expectations setting and coaching

One-company attitude International mindset

Telenor Leadership Development Process

Telenor Leadership Development Process (TLDP) is an overall tool to help us develop stronger leadership in Telenor. The target audience is managers, and the goal is to develop their leadership skills.

The tool consists of: Common leadership expectations

A common appraisal process for managers and key personnel

Systematic and targeted leadership development to close the gap to the leadership

Incentives linked to both business performance and leadership qualities

Coaching in TLDP
Team-coaching Anchoring leadership expectations Telenors vision and values Leadership expectations

Managerial coaching Leaders must be able to give feedback

Appraisal form

Business performance Leadership IVC qualities

Appraisal dialogue-process Relies on coaching philosophy Link to Performance Management systems

Appraisal dialogue Step 1


Follow up Step 4

Yearly process
Feedback dialogue Step 3

Review meeting Step 2

Input to succession planning and recruitment Identify talents Identify challenges and needs Input to leadership development activities Competencies Activities Programs Tools Managerial coaching Employees want leaders with a coaching style

Reward systems

Managerial coaching Leaders must give feedback and on the spot coaching

Input to individual and team development


One to one coaching Leaders want coaches Team-coaching Leader-team development

Telenor Leadership Expectations


Value creation

Passion for business

Demonstrate strong commitment to gain profitable market positions Communicate deep understanding of relevant markets, competitors, customers and stakeholders Communicate insight into what is required to make Telenor a success. Demonstrate the will to win

Change and constant renewal

Demonstrate openness to new ideas and adapt to changing circumstances Identify and articulate the direction and motivate others to move in the desired direction Creatively solve problems Demonstrate speed and momentum

Operational excellence

Simplify processes Execute quality work Optimise resource allocation across competing priorities Target and achieve industry best practices

Empower people

Clearly communicate expectations Give constructive feedback and reward achievements

Coach and develop managers and employees

Put the right people in the right roles at the right time


Demonstrate social and environmental responsibility and good business ethics Accept responsibility for successes and failures Communicate Telenor values and codes of conduct Set a good example

For year:


1.Personal data Name: Picture Division or business unit: IVC index: Leadership index: Other input to appraisal gathered from: Name of manager: Link to IVC results

You will find the Fill in instruction in the Leadership portal at @work Time in present position: Age: Todays date:

Present position:

2. BUSINESS PERFORMANCE (what has been achieved) LAST 12 MONTHS

Business performance according to goals. Fill in the different goals. Financial results: Non-financial results: Total rating: On a scale from 1 - 10 Comments: Comments and ratings. Rating should be given using the terms: Outstanding (9-10), Exceeds expectations (7-8), Meets expectations (5-6), Below expectations (3-4), Significantly below expectations (1-2) Rating:

3. LEADERSHIP QUALITIES (how was the results achieved) LAST 12 MONTHS

Performance according to Leadership in Telenor (see

Comments and ratings. Rating should be given using the terms: Outstanding (9-10), Exceeds expectations (7-8), Meets expectations (5-6), Below expectations (3-4), Significantly below expectations (1-2)


Passion for business

Change and constant renewal Operational excellence

Empower people


Focus in the review meeting:

What leadership capabilities do we have?

Discuss each manager, his/her special talents and potential Identify high performers and low performers

Review meeting focus

What actions do we need to take and what tools do we have at hand?

Identify and agree on challenges according to: Management challenges in critical positions Short and long term needs Talents/fast trackers Gender Seniority Identify and agree on means to close the gap Job rotation Succession planning Career planning Training needs/activities Incentives and rewards Acceptance on Training activities Costs To be given in the feedback dialogue

Do we have the right persons in the right places?

Identify organisational challenges Which positions are the most critical ones according to our goals and strategy Do we have the right persons in those positions Are we organised to meet our goals

Telenor Leadership Development Process

Business performance Telenors vision and values Leadership expectations IVC Appraisal form Leadership qualities

Appraisal dialogue Step 1 Link to Performance Management systems Follow up Step 4

Yearly process
Feedback dialogue Step 3

Review meeting Step 2

Input to succession planning and recruitment Identify talents Identify challenges and needs Input to leadership development activities Competencies Activities Programs Tools

Reward systems Input to individual and team development


Coaching at different arenas

Coachee sets the agenda

Coach (leader) also has an agenda

Coaching-methods facilitated for teams with common goals


Simple coaching tools used in TLDP

Active listening Open questions Use of scaling


Main-results from TLDP-pilots

Im proved perform ance





Im proved leadership

Perform ance appeared

Potencial appeared

Results in %

Leadership-capacity appeared i RM

Valuable feedback in RM

Good picture of talents


Managerial coaching a pilot

All leaders (75) in customer service department Goals:
Create a culture of coaching within Customer service department. Establish a common language and common tools to improve leadership. We have the following focus of improvement: Customer-care: How to develop and improve an effectiv customer-dialogue Sales: How to help setting goals and obtaining results for individuals and teams Difficult feedback dialogues: How to improve performance through coaching-based leadership Motivation: How to inspire employees to hard work and good results Team-coaching: How to make the team obtain its goals. How to develop well-functioning teams

Structure and content:

5 days course in managerial coaching (Ericsson College, Vancouver) -What is coaching. The leader as a coach. Powerful questions -An effective structure for a coaching session. Motivation and commitment -Prioritizing of time. Team-coaching and dialogue -My leaderstyle: how to use coaching for improving my leadership -Tools and methods for systematic project-working

2 Workshops (Telenor) Practise the learning of the 5 day program modules 1 to 1 coaching (Telenor) 10 coaching-sessions pr leader over a 3 month period. 24 Telenor coaches are doing the coaching. Coaching assignments All leaders are obliged to practice at least 25 hours of coaching towards their employees during the program period to get certified


Experience mainly positive Cognitive learning mainly good Change of behaviour - too early to measure Improved business results too early too measure

Developing coaches in Telenor

24 coaches educated by Ericsson College, Vancouver
-19 about to be certified (50 evaluated coaching lessons) -practicing within in the Managerial coaching program in customer service -facilitating TLDP, including anchoring leadership expectations and facilitating review meetings -1 to 1 coaching

An internal coaching network

-meeting once a month

So far no clear policy and structure of how to develop and ensure an effective
use of coaches within Telenor


Further recommendations
Educate HR employees in basic coaching skills and team-coaching Increased focus on educating our leaders in managerial coaching

Establish an

Telenor coach-pool to meet the need for 1-1 coaching