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What is difference b/w Marketing & Sales

Marketing is a total system of business activities designed to Plane, Price, Promote, Distribute need satisfying goods & services to present & potential customers.
FEATURES Customer oriented

Prime objective satisfaction of customers

Need of customers must be analyzed thoroughly before production.

Production must be in accordance with customers need.

Marketing starts & ends with customers

Who are our existing / potential customers?

What are their current / future needs?

How can we satisfy these needs?

Why should customers buy from us?

Market Segmentation & Target Market Customer & Consumer Need ,Want & Demand



Marketing Mix

Value & Satisfaction

Exchange Marketing Channels Relationship

Process People Physical Evidence


Marketing Mix

Product Price


Opportunities Identification of Marketing Opportunities Threats

Strength Internal Appraisal Weakness

Market Segmentation

Establishing Marketing Objectives

SWOT Organization' s Mission 7 PS

Target Market Marketing Strategy Design Positioning Marketing Plan Development

Successful marketing requires

Profitable Offensive (rather than defensive) Integrated

Strategic (is future orientated)

Effective (gets results)

Marketing Environment
The M.E. surrounds & impact upon the organization .There are 2 key perspectives on This marketing environment namely the 1- Micro Environment (Internal Environment) 2-Macro Environment(External Environment) 1- Micro Environment

2-Macro Environment

A Brand is a name, term, symbol, design or a combination of them intended to identify the goods or services or one seller & to differentiate them from competitors. Symbolic representation like1-Name 2-Logo 3-Emblem 4-Colour 5-Tagline 6-Image
Brand:-Types 1-On the basis of Area
Local Brand Regional Brand National Brand International Brand Manufacturer Brand Middleman Brand Prime Brand Economy Brand Individual Brand Family Brand Corporate Brand Private label Brand

2-On the basis of Ownership 3-On the basis of Price 4-Others

Factory Visit
Trade Shows Sponsorship TV Advertisement Public Relation

Brand Building Strategies

Brand Cannibalization

Celebrity endorsement

Public Facilities

Brand Rejuvenation Brand Proliferation

Club & Consumer Communities

Share Increasing Strategies

Product Category
Existing New


Line Extension

Brand Extension



Multi Brand

New Brand

Packaging is all activities of designing & producing the container for a product. It is the use of container wrapping materials plus decoration & labeling to help to protect product to help & promote it sales & to make it convenient for a consumer to use the product. Functions;1-Physical protection 2-Convenience 3-Security 4-Promotion 55-Communication 6-Re-Use

The labeling s that part of a product which carries verbal information about the product or the manufacturer. The label may be part of a package of it may be a tag attached directly to the product. Functions It identifies the product or brand. It promotes the product through attractive graphics. It describes weight, price, composition instruction, date of manufacturing, company name Of a product.

Offline Marketing

Online Marketing

Some of the Most popular Brands in the world

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