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Oracle Incentive Compensation

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Jason Loh – Solution Architect, AGSS


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Incentive Compensation Market Overview Solution Overview Day in the Life of a Sales Rep Positioning and Prospecting for OIC deals Q&A

– High-Tech Retail Telecom – Financial Services Manufacturing Many Others – – – – • Some statistics about OIC Customers: – Scalability & Flexibility! 52% of OIC customer use standalone 90% change plans without consulting 50% implement 3 Years or no with little Top help Vendor – – Running! .400.000+ payees in production • Broad industry coverage incl.Oracle Incentive Compensation Market • Global market leader with: – #1 in Sales Incentive Management 350+ Live Customers #1 in Production Customers! – 1.

Successful Customers Select Oracle! IT Media & Comms Reta il .

.Successful Customers Select Oracle! Finance Healthca re Manuf .

Oracle Incentive Compensation Standard & Ad-Hoc Reports Commission Statements Performance Reports Year to Date Summary Administrative Reports + End User Layer Seeded Workbooks Gadgets Oracle Business Intelligence Compensation Data Mart Role-based Dashboards Flexible personalization Web 2.0 Social CRM Order Management Orders Oracle Incentive Compensation Payroll Employees AR Invoices Billing AP Collect. Pay Resellers Vendors Partners Agents Modeling Resources Territories Disputes Quoting HR Forecast Accruals Quota Planning Employees Partners Agents Territories Dispute Resolution Quotes Total Comp . Calculate.

Agenda • • • • • Incentive Compensation Market Overview Solution Overview Day in the Life of a Sales Rep Positioning and Prospecting for OIC deals Q&A .

Recent Transactions Gadgets “What If” Compensation Scenarios Compensation Plan Acceptance .A Day in the Life… Empowering Sales & Motivating Behavior Reporting & Analytics Accurate Calculations.

and “rate of return” per customer See potential subsequent or repeat revenue of customers RSS feeds by customer • • Top Products: • Drive Behavior of the sales channel to sell the most profitable products – Visibility into most lucrative products Shopping the Plan – Drive focus on which products to sell and which will provide the biggest earnings rate • .Gadgets: Accurate Calculations Recent Transactions: • Real-Time Performance Visibility – No need to wait until the end of the quarter to see total performance and commission due. Minimize “shadow accounting” • Top Customers: • Impact total sales. earnings.

Compensation Plan Acceptance Market-Leading Workflow processes to manage compensation plan distribution and acceptance. .

Dispute Management ü ü ü Full Auditability & TransparencySupports Attachments ü Embedded Workflow Supports Escalation & Enterprise Collaboration .

The Cocktail Napkin “What If” Modeling for Sales Representatives ü ü ü Real Time Calculation Calculation Rules ALWAYS the most current! Can be deployed via Gadget. or HTML . Excel.

Reporting & Analytics .

search and locate business performance metrics View commission details Review key targeted tasks View up-to-date transaction & performance information .Real-time. Secure Access on the Mobile Device Managers & Executives: ü ü ü ü ü Review key targeted tasks Access relevant business intelligence reports Make informed decisions Take immediate actions easily & securely Approve/ reject workflow on-the-go Sales Representatives: ü ü ü ü Browse.

Agenda • • • • • Incentive Compensation Market Overview Solution Overview Day in the Life of a Sales Rep Positioning and Prospecting for OIC deals Q&A .

Deloitte Consulting 2005 .Identifying an Opportunity Questions to ask VP Sales or Sales Operations 61% Dissatisfied* 66% Dissatisfied* 34% Believe Misaligned* *Source: Strategic Sales Compensation Survey.

Incentive Compensation Business Benefits for Sales CHALLENGES CAPABILITIES VALUE • How accurate is your compensation process? Does the sales force have confidence in the compensation process? • Can shadow accounting be • Accurate calculation • Best practices functionality for cyclic • Improve sales force productivity & processing • “Recent Transactions” Gadget for morale through greater confidence in accuracy of calculations & visibility to upcoming transactions • Align & drive desired sales behavior • Increase incremental revenues from up- minimized and increase sales force productivity? • Are we incenting desired sales greater rep visibility • Pre-built compensation reports • Flexible rules based calculation selling/cross-selling • Improve new product introductions • Lift in new product sales • By more than 5% • Improved quota setting • More than 65%of sales force behavior? Do reps understand their comp plans? • Can desired plans or plan changes be engine • Analytics to measure plan implemented? And in a timely manner? • Can you measure effectiveness of effectiveness • Scenarios management to model effectiveness of proposed plans • Best practice territory & quota exceeding 100% of plan • Improved market coverage • Increased revenues by 3% to your compensation programs? And improve effectiveness of every comp dollar spent? allocation • Collaborative top down goal driven & bottoms up localized quota planning 6% from optimized territories .

Incentive Compensation Business Benefits for Finance CHALLENGES CAPABILITIES VALUE • How accurate is your compensation process? • How can I reduce administration • Accurate calculation • Flexible rules based calculation • Reduce overpayments by 90% • 3%-8% of total compensation costs yet increase adaptability? • Is the compensation process auditable engine • Best practices functionality for cyclic expense • Reduce administrative overhead & and SOX compliant? Are their sufficient audit trails? • Do we have visibility to upcoming compensation liabilities? When are compensation budgets going to be exceeded? • Can you measure effectiveness of processing including 360 degree view of a participant. spreadsheet import/export with validation. incremental calculation • Pre-built operational compensation costs via greater accuracy. fewer disputes. shared service centers. auditability • By 50% • Deploy shared service centers • Improved visibility to compensation liabilities • Improve ROI of every compensation your compensation programs? reports • Analytics for improved visibility to dollar spent • Predict attainment distributions & compensation liabilities & to measure plan effectiveness • “What If” plan modeling compensation expenses . retro processing. transaction research assistance for disputes.

AP • Pre-built integrations to synchronize with plan copy • Reduced TCO leveraging existing scalability & adaptability to business priorities? • Can I align my compensation system participants from EBS HR. AR • Open payment interface & pre-built • Best in class functionality with depth & integrations of enterprise play • Reduced TCO with pre-built integrations • Increased accuracy & faster rollout processing complete within the SLA? • How can I reduce TCO yet increase integrations to pay via EBS Payroll. Peoplesoft HR • Flexible rules based calculation EBS expertise & infrastructure technology with overall IT strategy? engine • Proven world class scalability & performance • Replicate plans between instances • Built upon EBS infrastructure .Incentive Compensation Business Benefits for IT CHALLENGES CAPABILITIES VALUE • How adaptable is your legacy system? How long does a plan change take to implement? How well is the system documented or is it in a few heads? • How scalable is the system? Will • Open collections interface for 3rd party systems & pre-built integrations to collect from EBS OM.

8 and beyond) Oracle Transportation Management • • • • • Is there delivered UPK content? Is there a SaaS offering available? What about compensating 3rd party sales? Who gets sales credit? What if my customer’s BI platform is NOT OBIEE? Can we still position analytics? .FAQs • What integration is standard? • • • • EBS PeopleSoft HCM (certified 8. PRM (v7.9 and beyond) Siebel CRM.

Q&A .

Appendix .

Executives .Key Pain Points Finance Decision Maker Financial Control • Lack of control & visibility into large sums of cash payouts for incentive-based programs • Fear of/actual loss of millions of dollars in overpayment & comp errors • Inability to account for variable compensation effectiveness Adaptability • Difficulty modifying comp plans based on strategy changes • Difficulty releasing comp plans quickly for new fiscal years & new product releases • High cost of administration of homegrown solutions Alignment • Sales targets don’t make sense with respect to broader corporate objectives • Failure to consistently meet key performance targets… & really understand why • Selling channels under-motivated or performing Operations & IT Influen cer Sales.

provided more control and reduced interpretation and subjectivity of compensation plans” ADP Inc • • Improved adaptabilitymarket with new products & business Improved time to initiatives Accelerated new fiscal year compensation rollouts Reduced incentive management staffing costs • • "Our implementation of Oracle Incentive compensation provided a low cost of ownership with tight integration to backend systems in a global rollout” Silicon Graphics Improved alignment • Optimized target distribution aligned with corporate goals Increased sales & channel partner productivity Full sales line of sight for focused sales execution • "Our implementation of Oracle Incentive compensation improved call center agents productivity with alignment to corporate objectives.” British Telecom PLC • .Incentive Compensation Value & ROI Improved financial controls • Improved regulatory compliance & financial predictability Reduced administration errors & over payments Improved accountability over incentive expenditure • "Our implementation of Oracle Incentive compensation improved accuracy.

Advantages of Packaged Solution Buy § Build Research users’ needs Design & code custom incentive plans Design & code custom data & application integrations Design & code custom reports for each audience Set up & maintain security Perform QA & performance testing Perform ongoing upgrades & modifications Manage for processing & payment errors Perform ongoing code extensions to support plan changes Delivers ROI in less than one year* § § § Resour ces § § § § § § Configure incentive plans Deliver test & production rollout Faster and easier to rollout plan changes No risk in adding new plans and more payees More accuracy of payments Easier administration and maintenance for IT § § § § § Tim§ Deliver test & production rollout e * Giga .

automated incentive management that is visible on demand to sales roles Failure to consistently meet key performance sales targets… & really understand why . SEBL. or agents) Existing CRM Sales (EBS. resellers. supporting Royalty scenarios. All new customers and prospects looking for sales alignment and effectiveness Customers who have issues with: • • • • • • • • • • • Visibility into large sums of cash payouts for incentive-based programs Inability to account for variable compensation effectiveness Modifying comp plans based on strategy changes High cost of administration of homegrown solutions Flexible.Target Customers • All accounts with large direct or indirect selling channels comprised of employees and/or other 3rd party sales resources (partners. suppliers. PSFT) customers who would like to align sales behavior with their corporate goals Existing HCM customers who are concerned about enhancing their Pay-forPerformance business strategy Existing FIN customers who are concerned about variably compensating Vendors & Suppliers via AP.

High Yield Questions • Do you use variable compensation to influence sales behaviors? How do your compensation plans align with your company’s business goals/objectives? What strategies do you use to keep your top performers? How effective are your sales incentive programs in driving sales behavior? How are your compensation plans handled (manually or automated system)? How is your sales hierarchy structured? Do you have direct and indirect credit receivers? How do you track and support commissions and payments to your external sales people? How accurate are your commission payouts? How simple is it to communicate sales compensation information to your salespeople? • • • • • • • • .