Fifty Names of Marduk in Enûma Eliš - Andrea Seri
Enūma Elish and Priestly Mimesis - Kenton Sparks
The Survival of Babylonian Wissenschaft in Later Tradition - M. J. Geller
Enuma Elish and the Transmission of Babylonian Cosmology to the West - Philippe Talon
What is so 'Primitive' about 'Primitive Democracy'? - Benjamin Isakhan
The Mesopotamian Soul of Western Culture - Simo Parpola
The Phoenicians and the West - María Eugenia Aubet
HellenoSemitica - Michael C. Astour
Modern Ancients - Morris Silver
Economic Structures of Antiquity - Morris Silver
Social Justice in the Ancient World - K. D. Irani, Morris Silver (ed.)
On Patricia Springborg's "Western Republicanism and the Oriental Prince" - Aaron Kamugisha
Western Republicanism and the Oriental Prince - Patricia Springborg
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