Vishal Duggal

WEF Global Water Issues - Planning for the Future
Ecosystem Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction - NIDM, India
Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measures for Wastewater Treatment Facilities - USEPA
Industrial Ventilation - UFC (Deptt. Defense, USA)
Good Housekeeping for Efficient Environmental Actions - Sustainable Business Associates
Environmental Health & Safety - General Guidelines
Environmental & Technological Issues related to Lead-Acid Battery Recycling - A Workbook for Trainers
Waste Minimisation - An Environmental Good Practice Guide for Industry
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Small and Medium Scale Industries in Asia - AIT, Thailand
Barriers to Promoting Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Technologies to SMIs in Asia - AIT, Thailand
World Energy Outlook 2007
Energy Technology Perspectives 2006
Technology, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Externalities in the Cement Industry - AIT, Thailand
Policy Interventions to Promote Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sound Technologies in SMI - AIT, Thailand
Regulatory Measures and Technological Changes in the Cement, Iron & Steel, and Pulp & Paper Industries - AIT, Thailand
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