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Purging Componds

Purging Componds

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Published by Elias
Liquid Purging Solutions, Dry Purging Solutions.
Liquid Purging Solutions, Dry Purging Solutions.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Elias on Aug 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Liquid Purging Solutions
Liquid PurgingCompound
P.D.Q. lets you purge quickly, easily andsaely, and at a raction o the cost oconventional purges or injection, extrusionor blow molding. It is the no-soak, no-mess,easy-to-store purge solution.P.D.Q. works with the carrier resin toremove all thermoplastics, and is eectiveor resin-to-resin and color-to-colorchanges. It requires no soaking, maximizingproduction up-time and eliminates the needto keep “cracked acrylic” purging resininventory. Its unique sel-measuring bottle“meters out” just the right amount o concentrate, eliminating waste.P.D.Q. is heat stable, non-fammable, non-toxic and almost odorless.
No. 43432 Net 32 f. oz.
Portable P.D.Q. LiquidPurging Compound
Purging doesn’t get any easier than this. Justtoss a bag in hopper. That’s all there is to it.Portable P.D.Q. is exactly the same as what yound in the bottle, just a lot more convenient.P.D.Q. lets you purge quickly, easily and saely,and at a raction o the cost o conventionalpurges or injection, extrusion or blow molding.It is the no soak, no mess, easy-to-store purgesolution.P.D.Q. works with the carrier resin to remove allthermoplastics, and is eective or resin-to-resinand color-to-color changes. It requires no soaking, maximizing production up-timeand eliminates the need to keep “cracked acrylic” purging resin inventory.P.D.Q. is heat stable, non-fammable, non-toxic and almost odorless.
No. 43401 1 oz. plastic bag 
“Dry” Purging Solutions
KLENZ Purging Compound
black specs
KLENZ is a revolutionary purging compound requiring no mixing or preparationtime. With operating temperatures o 330º - 610ºF, KLENZ thoroughly cleanseshot runners and the barrel, helping to eliminate color streaking and black specs.Formulated with a polyolen resin carrier, KLENZ purging compound is sae topurge right through the mold, saving time, material and money. All ingredientsare GRAS rated so it is sae to use or ood packaging applications. For use withinjection molding, extrusion and blow molding.
No. 468-50 (50 pound box) No. 468-1000 (1000 pound Gaylord) 
N.P.T. NuPurge Technology
The most eective new purging technology developed in decades, N.P.T.eliminates the need or multiple purging products since it eectively operates attemperature ranges rom 160° - 600°F. It removes all traces o barrel residue inany plastics processing application in less time and or less cost.N.P.T. solves the major problem o removing stubborn residue between color orresin changes. N.P.T. consists o concentrated purge pellets that react chemicallyto heat, quickly and eectively cleaning machinery without extra soak time,excess downtime or lost productivity. The resulting purge is so eective that evenresin deposits accumulated over long periods are oten removed the rst timeN.P.T is used.Easy to use, N.P.T. requires no mixing or preparation time, shortening the clean-up cycle. Just pour the recommended amount directly into the throat o themachine. N.P.T. is so concentrated that less compound --- up to one-hal theamount o cracked acrylic - is needed or a complete purge.
N.P.T. is non-hazardous, FDA compliant and free of harsh odors.
No. 451-05 Net 5 lbs.No. 451-150 (150 lb. Barrel) No. 451-1300 (1300 lb. Gaylord) 
Purging Compounds

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