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Vanilla Tart

Vanilla Tart

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Published by tjpritchard1

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Published by: tjpritchard1 on Aug 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vanilla tart
Vanilla TartSugar dough150 g Butter30 g Almond Powder95 g Confectionary Sugar0.5 g Vanilla Powder60 g Eggs1 g Seasalt250 g Flour type (55)Method:Soften butter and add the ingredients one by one. Keep the dough in the cooler wrapped in plastic wrap.Sugar dough Tart ShellsRoll out the dough 2mm thin and cut with round cutter to the desired size. Line tarts on a tray covered with asilpat and poke the bottom with a fork. Let the shells set in the freezer.Place some beans into the bottom of the shell and bake at 335F for 25 minutes, remove the beans and bake foranother 5-8 minutes until golden brown.Biscuit cuillere360 g Egg white5 g Egg white powder225 g Sugar200 g Egg yolk20 g invert sugar125 g Flour type (55)125 g Potato starchMake meringue with the egg white, egg white powder and sugar to stiff peaks. Add in the egg yolks, trimolineslowly. Fold in the flour. Layer on a pan and bake at 445F for 10 minutes and let cool on a cooling rack. Storewrapped in plastic.Titanium dioxide paste25 g Titanium dioxide powder15 g Water
Mix well and set asideSyrup 30B50 g Sucrose45 g WaterBoil Together.Neutral Glaze500 g water2 already used vanilla beans200 g sucrose20 g NH pectin10 g lemon juiceMix the sucrose with the NH pectin, add the water and vanilla beans and bring to a boil for 2 to 3 minutes. Turnoff heat, add the lemon juice. let steep for 30 minutes before straining into a container. Keep refrigerated, reheatbefore use.Vanilla Glaze480 g White chocolate couverture180 g Cream10 g Glucose25 g Syrup 30b360 g Neutral glaze0.5 g Vanilla bean Madagascar12.5 g Titanium dioxide pasteMelt the chocolate. Boil the cream with the grated vanilla bean and pour into the chocolate in three additions. Boilthe neutral glaze with the sugar syrup and glucose. Pour this sugar mixture into the ganache and add the titaniumdioxide paste. Blend the mixture to obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture; avoid incorporating air. Keep incooler until ready to use.English Vanilla cream500 g Cream1 Vanilla bean, Mexican1 Vanilla bean, Madagascar1 Vanilla bean, Tahitian100 g Egg yolks125 g Sucrose7 g Gelatin leaves gold qualitySoak the gelatin leaves in cold water. Mix the egg yolk and sucrose together. Bring the cream to a boil and pourhalf of it on the egg yolk/sucrose mixture. Pour this mixture back into to the remaining cream and cook until the itcoats the back of a spoon. Strain this mixture onto the squeezed gelatin leaves and blend. Keep in the coolerVanilla Mascarpone Cream375 g English vanilla cream250 g MascarponeVanilla ganache225 g Cream1 Vanilla bean, Mexican1 Vanilla bean, Madagascar1 Vanilla bean, Tahitian4 g Vanilla extract - none alcoholic2 g Vanilla powder250 g White chocolate couvertureSplit open and scrap out the vanilla beans and place in the cream. Bring to boil and infuse for about 20 minutes.Melt the chocolate.. Take the vanilla beans out of the cream and add in the vanilla extract and vanilla powder.Bring to boil, pour the cream in 3 additions over the chocolate, mix well Blend the ganache to a smoothconsistency. Store in cool place before using.Vanilla Syrup

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