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June 14,2012 Edition

June 14,2012 Edition

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Published by Emerald Starnews
A Walton County, Florida based newspaper

The Emerald Star News
P.O. Box 1133
Freeport, Fl 32439

Need for advertising sales people needed. 20% comm. call today-start today. Contact Frank

850-585-0262 or frank@emeraldstarnews.com

A Walton County, Florida based newspaper

The Emerald Star News
P.O. Box 1133
Freeport, Fl 32439

Need for advertising sales people needed. 20% comm. call today-start today. Contact Frank

850-585-0262 or frank@emeraldstarnews.com

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Published by: Emerald Starnews on Aug 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume: 4
Issue: 12
June 14, 2012
bi-weekly Edition
merald Star News
alton county -
Freeport, Florida 
A style of it’s own
a community Based Newspaper
offered ‘free’
…….from our business Advertisers inside this week
Made possible by your localadvertising businesses in this edition.
The Walton County Sheriff's Office ad-vises the public that there are double redflags flying on Walton County Beachestoday. Double Red Flags indicate that the
water is closed to the public.….
Page 3Red Cross helping stormvictims
With some areas receiving as much as23 inches of rain, there are hundreds of 
families affected by flooding. “As damageassessment continues…..……...
Page 5The 2nd Annual "Dropthe Drugs" Day to takeplace on June 16th
The 2nd Annual "Drop the Drugs" Daywill be taking place on June 16, 2012. Theevent will be held in two separate loca-
tions: see inside for details...….
Page 7
 Hello to you and Thank you for reading this newspaper. Ihope you are having a wonderful week to an outstandingweekend. I know I sure have. The signs of aging trying to
appear from me doing things like I once did. And I’m sure how many of 
us can say that! From riding a jet ski to swimming at the beach, the wear and tear on the
 body comes to light each day. But that’s Ok, for as long as it’s times spent with family
and friends it makes it all worth the while.Over the weekend I got to experience torrential rain and down pour over in Pensa-cola and Gautier Miss. I think the totals of rain reached up to 14 inches and more inother spots. Driving home took forever, for the ability to see was next to zero. I wit-nessed a couple of accidents that could have been prevented by driving at a slower safer speed. Everyday we drive we need to be cautious of other drivers habits. I hate to seewhen another vehicle is up on my rear impatiently waiting to hit the gas to do 80mph.Leave earlier if your need to be somewhere is that important, if not relax and enjoy the
drive for a change. It’s not worth your life to be behind schedule.
 Lately, I have been hearing of many people talking about the Swamp people show, theauction show, pawn show and the list goes on and on. Is this a sign? Seems like the His-tory channel has become a top contender in programming. Most people complainedabout soap operas and the way they make normal living a scene out of a book. Thecheating, lying and deceptions made you want to tell your friends about what they did.The talk around the office water cooler was what might they do next and so on. Even
though some of those same folks were living lives similar to those on a show. Isn’t it
called now, reality TV? Of course soaps were drawn more for the ladies back in the day.It seems to be another change in our TV watching habits.
Watching people work and argue, cuss and scream seems to be what’s big on TV
these days. From riding in motorcycle gangs to redoing your house in a make-over.Ideas come from everywhere. Some of us can stand to learn a few new things that we
didn’t know or even realize that existed, such as people who hunt animals for a liveli-
hood. The risks involved are far more severe when you mess up than what most of us
would ever encounter in our lives. I couldn’t imagine doing that stuff. Now they also
have bobble-heads? That is the market of advertising.Risks of trying new lines of work to meeting new people are what life has to offer.The thought of losing a limb for just another catch of the big one baffles me, but I sup- pose someone has to do it. Just like the garbage man, the job stinks and is not so desir-able but someone has to be that person. They are a valuable part of our everyday lives.Every time I put together a new issue of this newspaper I wonder about how it camethis far. The people I had working for me and the businesses who advertised in the pastseem to change every few months but that is part of the advertising game. Rarely doesone stay in the same mode without trying something new or taking a break for a bit.Other than those of us who work everyday do we realize that every billboard, street signfor advertising, someone makes that decision to place the advertisement there in the first place. Finding the best deal for what you want to have your business displayed as inwhere the sign is located. This newspaper is not just a local Freeport paper. The news-
 paper makes it’s way to Bruce, Portland and along the Hwy 30A with numerous loca-
tions in DeFuniak Springs. New business people may not realize how many faithfulreaders there are like you around here. When you frequent these locations, remember the # 585-0262 and have them call me. We are in business to help your businesses. Our  prices are made to fit any budget.
Dent & Bent Groceries
Lunch meats-Frozen Foods
near date groceries &
-Food Stamps, EBT, Debit & Credit cards
(850) 880-6175
located on Blueberry Rd.-
FREEPORT in 331Plaza
Stop in and see what we have, great prices!Editorial
Views expressed in
do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. The staff of 
 pride ourselves in our efforts to ensureaccuracy of the publication contents. However, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of all the Information nor the absence of errors and omissions (especially when sent through a third party);therefore, no responsibility can or will be assumed. 3000 copies printed bi-weekly.
Frank Wolfe Jr.
(850) 585-0262
Check us out on FACEBOOK!
E-mail info. to:
Main Office/Sales - 850-585-0262
Web Designer
 Lee Cox
Contributing Editor
 Dr. Summers
Guest columnist
 Erica Beck 
Page 2 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, June 14, 2012
Look us up online
: Emeraldstarnews.com
Mail invoices and other information to:
P.O. Box 1133
Freeport, Florida 32439
Quote of the week :
The Wolfe’s Den
From the businesses advertising in this issue.Thank each one as you go to their store
Yes it’s true. The rising demand for this newspaper our delivering needs we
could not meet each week. If you live a bit further out we will get it to you.We need advertising help too, just give me a call today!
The Emerald Star News is published bi-weekly
We are locally owned and operated in Freeport
As life runs on,the road growsstrange withfaces new - andnear the end.The milestonesinto headstoneschange, Neathevery one afriend.
Buy this space for as low as $2 a dayTake $5 off-For a limited time
Call Now…….850
Page 3
Thursday, June 14, 2012
WCSB looks At Honors
Should Walton simply do away withhonors classes since there are alreadyother high rigor possibilities or couldthey make all classes honors? As theWalton County School Board met inworkshop session to look at the annualStudent Progression Plan, Board mem- bers talked about honors classes andweighted programs.Staff presented a request that they pat-tern their system after the one OkaloosaCounty uses. In Okaloosa the final hon-ors graduation GPA is completed at theend of semester 7, not at the end of theyear, with provisions for 18 creditgraduation options. Students must re-main enrolled until the end of the year.Only credits used in core courses andsome electives are used. College level(AP and dual enrollment) earn an extrafull weight point and honors classes earn0.5 extra weight. Staff says this will re-quire the student to not only take thecourse, but to do well. They say, withthis system, a student could be an honor graduate without taking any of the speci-fied courses but would have to make
straight “A”s to do so.
 The district has basic courses, thehigher rigor honors courses, and evenhigher rigor AP and dual enrollment.The courses are not always available inall the high schools due to the need for additional teachers.Superintendent Carlene Andersonquestioned if the courses are truly honors
level. She told the Board she can’t con-
firm an honors class is really higher rigor.Board member Mildred Wilkerson saidcolleges do not look at honors. She saysthey have to look at the children and thechildren have to want to be in theclasses. Referring to students who leaveWalton and head off to higher education but have problems, Wilkerson said youhave to go to classto be in college.At a later meeting, two South Waltonmothers addressed the Board about hon-ors classes. They said some of the stu-dents need the higher rigor classes,higher than the basic class, but are notready for Dual Enrollment or AP. Theyasked for ways to have more honorsclasses at the school. Right now only anhonors science class is offered. Ander-son explained how the classes wouldneed a teacher. She said the requiredclass size reduction voters approved,limit the amount of teachers they have.She told the mothers they might findanother way, such as video teaching, tooffer more classes in more schools.
Walton Code of Conduct
 As reported by WZEP AM1460
The Walton School Board recently held a workshop todiscuss the Student Code of Conduct. This workshop andrevision is an annual event where the Board looks at the rulesgoverning the students. Staff presents any recommended or state required changes. Eventually the code will be officiallyvoted on and published for students and parents.This year the attendance policy was looked at and a recom-mendation made to add Compulsory Attendance. The policywould require that in any school setting where course creditis earned by period, students with class absences, excused or unexcused, exceeding ten in a semester, will be referred bythe course teacher to the Principal. Upon review, if the Prin-cipal determines there is a continued pattern of absence, thestudent will be referred to the District Attendance Officer 
and recommended to the State Attorney’s Office for further 
interventions.The recommendation includes three levels of offense. Thefirst has the parent or guardian issued a written notificationconcerning attendance issues. The second offence will have a
“Notice to Appear” sent. On the third offence the student can
 be placed in an alternative attendance school for the remain-der of the semester and the following semester.The policy also looked at dress. A recommended change isto have approved shirts defined as: crew neck T-shirts, poloshirts, or button-up shirts. All shirts must have sleeves andcover the midriff. No V-neck shirts or zipper-front shirtswould be allowed.They also addressed adding a bullet about leggings. Thestatement would say that leggings, spandex or tights are not permitted unless worn with an outer garment that complieswith dress code requirements. When questioned about this,Superintendent Carlene Anderson said girls were coming toschool with no pants on, just leggings and a long tailed shirt.There are also recommended changes on what to do withstudents who bring firearms to the school and those whomake a threat or files a false report of a bomb or explosivedevice. There is a recommended change to require asthmainhalers, epi-pens, pancreatic enzymes and diabetic supple-ments shall not be kept with the student unless a physicianstates there is a need.
The Walton County Sheriff's Office advises the public that thereare double red flags flying on Walton County Beaches today.Double Red Flags indicate that the water is closed to the public.According to Walton County Ordinance, "The Director of Emer-gency Operations or the Walton County Sheriff's Office shall haveauthority to declare that an emergency exists and temporarily closeor restrict the use of the beach and adjacent waters for use by the public when conditions endangering the safety of the public are present." After notice has been given to the public, either by beingtold or by the posting of signs, it is a violation of ordinance2003-07. The fine is $100, but could end up costing more than themoney in someone's wallet; it could cost someone's life.According to Lt. Gray of the Beach Patrol Unit, there are numer-ous rescues that have already occurred today, due to visitors notheeding the warnings. "It is still dangerous out there. Don't befooled by the sunny weather," Gray said.Warning signs are posted at the entrances to beaches, as well as businesses in South Walton. They are also posted on South WaltonFire Department's website: www.swfd.org<http://www.swfd.org> and the South Walton Tourist Development Councilswebsite: www.visitsouthwalton.com<http://www.visitsouthwalton.com
Walton Tax Collector Holds Sale
 As reported by WZEP AM1460
The Walton County Tax Collector’s Office held the annual tax
certificate auction online for the seventh consecutive year on June1, attracting just over 821,000 bids and generating $3,692,088.15,down approximately $2 million from last year.
The tax collector’s online auction offered 4,905 tax certificates
on parcels owned by individuals who owe delinquent propertytaxes. A sale of 4,128 parcels resulted, leaving 777 unpaid andassigned to the county at 18 percent interest, the highest possibleinterest allowed by law.
“A decrease in property values from previous years as well as a
lower number of parcels offered, are attributed to the decreasedrevenues generated this year through the sale. However, the TaxSale continues to be a benefit to both local government and delin-
quent taxpayers, “said Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper. “The sale
 provides the funds needed for taxing authorities to operate budgets
as well as provides delinquent taxpayer’s time to pay their bill
while trying to keep interest to a minimum by awarding the bid to
the lowest bidder.”
 For those persons still interested in investing in tax certificates,certificates struck to the county will be available for purchaseonline at www.waltonfl.realtaxlien.com on July 2 at 8 am. Thoseinterested in purchasing county held certificates will be required toregister online to obtain a bidder number, complete an IRS W-9form, and pay the face amount of the tax certificate plus a $6.25 per certificate purchase fee. The county held certificates will be
sold in a similar fashion to the “Buy It Now” feature on Ebay. In-
terested bidders should register at the sale site prior to July 2 toensure all banking information is available upon the start of thesale.The 2012 Tax Sale results will be avail-able at the sale site,www.waltonfl.realtaxlien.com,on July 2.
A woman's dictionary
Argument (ar*gyou*ment) n. A discussion that occurs whenyou're right, but he just hasn't realized it yet.Airhead (er*hed) n. What a woman intentionally becomeswhen pulled over by a policeman.Blonde jokes (blond joks) n. Jokes that are short so men canunderstand them.Cantaloupe (kant*e*lope) n. Gotta get married in a church.Clothes dryer (kloze dri*yer) n. An appliance designed to eatsocks.Diet Soda (dy*it so*da) n. A drink you buy at a conveniencestore to go with a half pound bag of peanut M&Ms.

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