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Published by lil-miss-meghani

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: lil-miss-meghani on Sep 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cast of characters
Hannah Whittall
‘A cry for help’
: Sam tries to commit suicide by overdosing on pills in the school toilets, itthen cuts to her in her bedroom while we see her on facebook becoming a victim of 
cyber bullying with people sending her messages such as ‘lesbo’ and ‘freak’. The next
day she is hiding in the toilet from the bullies, the bullies look for her in the toilet butcan
t see her, when she comes out of the toilet one of the bullies are there andpushes her against the wall ready to punch her but then Sam opens her eyes andrealises no one is there; it
s her imagination. She then has a conversation with herreflection as to what she should do next while her reflection tells her not to let thebullies win. The pills then take effect and she drops to the floor, the reflection thenchucks the empty pill bottle onto her lap. She is then found by a man who calls anambulance.
Cast of characters:
Michelle: she’s a typical high school bully, rebellious, tough and heartless; she gets a
thrill out of hurting people and loves to know people feel scared of her; gives hersome crazy adrenaline rush. She has a lot of built up anger and Sam the vulnerableweak geek becomes a victim of her violence.Sam: bottom of the social hierarchy Sam is lonely, weak and vulnerable, with nofriends she turns to her books as the only company she has, an escapism from thebullies and horrible name calling she has to deal with in school and through socialnetworking; physically and mentally destroying her confidence and self- esteem tillshe is on the edge and pushed to breaking point,
she decides she’s had enough anddecides to end it all…..
Corridor- very long and narrow with nothing other than lockers down the right sideof the corridor, at least 2.5 metres wide.Toilet-
spacious with a toilet placed in the corner on the right, then there’s 2 sinks on
the left side against the wall, bright lights with a light blue colour scheme.

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