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Market Plan - Group 4 - Section B

Market Plan - Group 4 - Section B

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Published by Aamod Baijal

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Published by: Aamod Baijal on Nov 26, 2012
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Market Plan
Deodorant Category HUL 2012-13
Submitted to :Dr. SR. SinghviGROUP 4
Aamod Baijal
11PGDM061Abha Bhakoo
11PGDM062Alisha Sukhija
11PGDM066Richa Marwaha
11PGDM105Sandeep Chandrasekaran
Executive Summary
Deodorant market in India is estimated to be of Rs 10,543.3 million in 2011 and is expected toreach Rs 13, 340.7 million by the year 2012. The deodorant market is projected to grow at 25 percent CAGR over next 5 years. The challenge that lies ahead in this category is one of marketclutter. The challenge is equally to stay relevant, original and innovative to a changing consumerprofile that gets fatigued with the brand and the scent a bit too fast. Faster than before. Thedeodorant category is therefore young, aggressive and morphing all the while.HUL, with its deodorant category is currently the market leader and enjoys a share of 41%. Thegoal for the next year 2012-13 is to grow with the market rate of 25%,so as to maintain a marketshare of 44% and to continue to remain market leaders. This marketing plan focuses on thestrategy to achieve the above mentioned goal keeping in mind the competitive marketing
environment and the changing consumer behavior keeping in mind the company‟s strengths and
The Deodorant Market in India
The deodorant category is a high-value, high-volume potential growth segment in India. India isa sweat-driven country. In a country such as this, the deodorant category grows in tandem withneed and most certainly in tandem with the growth in buying power. Smelling good has been auniversal need of men and women alike.The deodorant market in India is showing an upward trend as major players tap this segment.The growing income and increased expenditure capacity of average Indian consumers havechanged their lifestyle habits. Deodorant market in India is estimated to be of Rs 10,543.3million in 2011 and is expected to reach Rs 13, 340.7 million by the year 2012. The deodorantmarket is projected to grow at 25 per cent CAGR over next 5 years.The deodorant market is divided into categories such as Deodorant Rollo-ons and DeodorantsSprays. However, the market is mainly dominated by the Body Spray categories. As per marketresearch firm, Euromonitor, the market size of Deodorant Sprays is estimated to be Rs 10, 421.7million as compared to Roll-ons which has the market value of Rs 121.6 million in the year2011.Though deodorant category is now a non-seasonal category and is completely entrenched in thelife of the consumers, there is a usual hike of 30 to 40 per cent in sales during summer season.

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