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Church of Ahriman-Kisses

Church of Ahriman-Kisses

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Published by: Dakhma of Angra Mainyu on Nov 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Church of Ahriman
The Kiss of Ahriman
One recurring theme that is found in the Zoroastrian/Persian
mythology is Father Ahriman’s kiss. This kiss has profound results on
target that receives it. 2 major examples of this are Jeh and AzhiDahaka. Jeh is the feminine entity in Hell who aroused Father Ahrimanout of His slumber for 3,000 years. Jeh is also known as Az as well.Unlike Eve being seduced by the serpent to partake in the fruit of knowledge, Jeh chose (free will) the side of Father Ahriman. Shedecided to descend into Hell with Father Ahriman and had the power toarouse Him. After Father Ahriman was aroused, He kissed Jeh on theforehead.This kiss transformed woman kind. Since Jeh was feminineenergy of the Earth, her transformation changed all female humans.
Father Ahriman’s kiss blessed/cursed women with menstruation. The
blessing is the ability to procreate and curse is individual cycle that allwomen must go through. According to this action, menstrual bloodattracts druj and othe
r “demons” to it more so than blood throws or 
death. In fact, in the House of Lies (Hell) there a specific punishmentfor women who did not take proper precautions during menstruation:
Chapter 72. [Violating menstruation taboo]
1. I also saw the souls of women, by whom their own menstrual discharge wasever devoured.
2. And I asked thus: 'What sin was committed by the body of these, whose soulssuffer so severe a punishment?'3. Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel, said (4) thus: 'These are the souls of thosewomen who heeded not their menstruation, (5) and injured water and fire andthe earth of Spandarmad and Hordad and Amurdad, (6) and looked upon thesky and the sun and the moon, (7) and injured cattle and sheep with theirmenstruation, (8) and kept the pious man polluted.
Those of us who practice ceremonial magic are aware of the powerof this fluid. It is an awesome conduit to attract dark entities andprovides quite a large amount of energy that charges these entities. Itshould be a major part of your magical practice. Sorcery and witchcraft
in both Zoroastrianism and Christianity are “evil” practices that make
one in consorts with the devil. If menstruation is a blessing from FatherAhriman, then we should use it to its fullest extent. Just because societysays natural function is gross, does not make it so.The other kiss I would like to speak of is also blessing/curse.There was a just and powerful king. Ahriman was on the Earth at thistime, and watched this development. Father Ahriman disguised himself as a wondrous cook who had new foods that would dazzle the king. Hecooked all sorts of meats and used vegetables as decorations. At thistime period, animal flesh was not consumed because it made oneimpure.Father Ahriman made all different kinds of meals for the king inthis fashion. The king enjoyed them so much that he agreed to meet thecook. During their meeting Father Ahriman was able to convince theking to accept a gift. This gift was His kiss. The King disrobed hisclothing to expose his shoulder. Father Ahriman embraced the king as alover and kissed the king shoulder.The cook then disappeared into the night, and was never seenagain. The king got sick, and from the kiss 2 serpents grew from that

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