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The Extraordinary Achiever's Manifesto

The Extraordinary Achiever's Manifesto

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Published by Srinivas Rao
A simple guide to abandoning the pursuit f mediocrity and accomplishing something extraordinary. It includes observations and insights on what cause
A simple guide to abandoning the pursuit f mediocrity and accomplishing something extraordinary. It includes observations and insights on what cause

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Published by: Srinivas Rao on Dec 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(A guide to abandoning the pursuit of mediocrity)
by Srinivas Rao
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In fall of 2008, the global economic climate changed forever. The media spoke of a global economic meltdown. Life-long careers crumbled overnight. Fortunes were lost. Fear spread through our culture like a virus, encouraging peopleto hang on to whatever they had for dear life. Students finished their educations only to find an unpaved road with-out jobs, financial security, or any of the things they'd come to expect upon graduation. We were standing on a cliff,hoping that if we fell off the edge, we'd survive. Some people did fall off the edge, and the outlook was bleak. Someeven said it was the worst time in history.
That's only one side of the story.
For those sleepwalking through life in the comfort of their corporate cages, this moment was a long overdue wake-up call. It was a moment of realization that they were not living a life they had chosen, but one that was prescribedthrough scripts, formulas, and traditions. For others, this crisis gave them the opportunity to unplug from the matrixand create a new reality according to their own desires. What this forever recession did is reignite human potentialand make us realize that we don't have to settle.
There are actually two recessions The first is the cyclical one, the one that inevitably comes and then inevitably goes.There's plenty of evidence that intervention can shorten it, and also indications that overdoing a response to it is awaste or even harmful. The other recession, though, the one with the loss of "good factory jobs" and systemic unem- ployment--I fear that this recession is here forever.
- Seth Godin

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