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Published by Franklyn Plo

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Published by: Franklyn Plo on Dec 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Residue and Virtue“Understanding the Importance of Consecration”
Church leadership is unlike any other form of leadership there is. Expectations within thecontext of ministry can be both overwhelming and unrealistic to say the least. Therefore,it is imperative that we understand the landscape in which we have been called to serveand the level of consecration needed to be successful. Consecration includes, but is notnecessarily limited to the following:
Commitment to prayer and fasting
[prayer is the air your spirit breathes and theonly way of communing with God and maintaining fellowship with him; fastingbrings your flesh under subjection]
Commitment to studying and meditating on the Word of God
[studying forrevelation, not confirmation; meditation allows the Word to read you]
Commitment to holiness and accountability
[because of what you haveembarked upon, you
can not
do what others do; the call is too high forcompromise in any area. If the expectation is holiness (and it is); if the HolySpirit makes his abode in us (and He does), how can we subject Him to what isunholy although it may not offend us (which in itself is a red flag; how can whatoffends him not offend us)?Having a clear understanding of consecration (the setting apart for a higher call, purpose,or walk), enables us to take the steps needed to fulfill all God has set before us withoutcompromise. We can begin
strong as well!!! Before dismissing thissection as something you are beyond and don’t have to concern yourself with, considerthe following great men of God. Please explain to me how…
, the only one God found to be righteous before he destroyed the earth withthe flood, finds himself in a drunken stupor (Genesis 9:21)?
, the Father of Faith, in unbelief took matters into his own hands andwent along with a plan to accomplish what God obviously could not (Genesis16:2)?
, the God fearing, giant slaying, conqueror of tens of thousands winds up athome at a time kings were supposed to be out to war (II Samuel 11:1)?
John the Baptist,
the one Jesus said there was none born of a woman greater, theone who was present when God said this is my beloved Son, the one who alsoquestioned if Jesus was in fact the Messiah (Luke 7:19)?
, the one who tried to kill a man who dared to apprehend Jesus, who laterfinds himself cowardly denying him (Luke 22:60-62)?
, the one who only wanted to know God, glorify God, serve God andeventually died for his faithfulness to God, was preoccupied with the opinions of man I Corinthians 9)?
The list is by no means exhaustive. The scriptures are full of men who have faltered. Infact, outside of Jesus (we know very little about Enoch) no one in scripture has been ableto escape failure; whether it was a crisis of faith or moral failure, both are sin. Withoutfaith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Don’t limit failure to that of a moralnature. Failure is failure. Why is all this important? Let us look at the following casestudy in the Gospel according to Mark, the 5
(more below)
Mark 5:1-5
Why we have been anointed:
We established that the ministry we have been given is the answer to someone’scry.
Your arrival means someone’s deliverance, healing, etc. is at hand.
We have been called to deal with what others have been unsuccessful doing.
Often their attempts at relieving themselves lead to further destruction.
Mark 5:6-13
What we have been anointed to do:
Spirits can identify who you are and are subject to you.
Jesus didn’t address the man’s behavior; he addressed the spirits driving the man.
Man is set free.
Test: choosing to wrestle against flesh and blood; trying to change behaviors.
Mark 5:14-17
Man’s response to the anointing:
Everyone will not be happy about what you represent and the authority you bring.
People may fear the results of the anointing.
People want deliverance; just not at the expense of their comfort [however, theydefine it]. At that point, they just want you to leave.
Test: giving the people what they want, not what they need.
Mark 5:18-20The result of the anointing:
The man who was delivered was also made whole
One who is whole can be the source of another’s deliverance when it’s time foryou to move on.
You will
move on. They need God, not you!
Test: trying to remain where God has moved (place) instead of remaining with God.
Mark 5:21-29Knowing who the anointing is for:
In this passage the anointing was for 2 people, not for the masses. The person thatbowed down to the anointing (Jairus) and the one who had faith in the anointing(woman w/t issue of blood).

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