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Published by Mike Stewart

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Published by: Mike Stewart on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Building Envelope Condition Assessment for Chelsea Terrace1040 Pacific Street, Vancouver, British Columbia Page 24 09/30/2011
 should be reserved for maintenance work only. The patio set should be removed from the roof area.
 Photo 8 – Patio furniture set up on roof membrane. Photo 9 – Lower tier roofs over the spa room(concrete topping) and racket ball court.
The lower tier roofs appear to be in poorer condition than the main roofs and may be reachingthe end of their service lives. Roof leaks were reported to be occurring over the spa room on thenortheast corner of the building. Refer to Photo 9. There is a concrete topping over the roof membrane in this area and a planter area at edge of the roof of which both should be permanentlyremoved to facilitate the application of a new roof membrane.A small roof area on the north elevation has a single internal drain, which leads to the balcony of Suite 608 below. There is staining and corrosion on underside the soffit beneath this roof. Thisroof area is too large to collect water and drain on the balcony below. This abundance of water is penetrating through the balcony membrane of Suite 608 and leaking through the soffit below,affecting the balcony of Suite 513. This roof membrane should be replaced and an adequatedrain and rainwater leader should be installed, directing the water to the ground level rather thanthe balcony below.As a general observation, the lower tier roofs appear to not be performing adequately and failuresare becoming apparent. It is our recommendation to be proactive and replace the membranes onthese small roof areas. A cost savings would be expected if the lower tier roofs were replaced asa single contract rather than replacing them separately.
 Building Envelope Condition Assessment for Chelsea Terrace1040 Pacific Street, Vancouver, British Columbia Page 25 09/30/2011
Recommendation 5.2.r1
Main Roofs – The existing membrane should be expected to provide approximately five moreyears of reliable service. The Strata should budget in the upcoming years to replace the mainroofs with a new SBS roofing system.Time Frame – Next 5 YearsA budget of $275,000 should be allocated to implement this recommendation.
Recommendation 5.2.r2
Lower Tier Roofs - A roof replacement program for these smaller roofs should be implementedwithin the following year. The roofs membranes should be replaced with a new SBS system. New rain water leader design should be incorporated, where required.Time Frame – Within 1 Year A budget of $45,000 should be allocated to implement this recommendation.
Recommendation 5.2.r3
All Roof Areas - A qualified tradesman should review the low-sloped roofs annually and anyrequired maintenance should be performed during this review.Time Frame – AnnuallyA budget of $2,000 annually should be allocated to implement this recommendation.
Due to the age of the balcony membranes, approximately 30 years, and the quality of thewaterproofing, it can be assumed that the balcony membranes beneath the concrete toppingshave reached the end of their service life. This being said, the majority of the balconies atChelsea Terrance are protected from the elements by the balconies above. This balcony layoutreduces the exposure and, as a result, the risk associated with water ingress. The upper  balconies on the building that receive direct precipitation are considered to be high-risk andtherefore these membranes should be replaced.A good example of the high-risk upper balconies was the ongoing balcony leak in Suite 813 thatwas observed during the investigation. The drywall was removed, exposing the corroded steel
 Building Envelope Condition Assessment for Chelsea Terrace1040 Pacific Street, Vancouver, British Columbia Page 26 09/30/2011
 framing in the wall. Refer to Photos 10 and 11. The cladding should be removed from the wall,steel framing members removed and replaced, and the wall rebuilt including new stucco. Thiswork should be completed with the balcony membrane replacement. The balcony membrane of Suite 608 should be replaced as well during this work.
 Photo 10 – Corroded steel framing on the exteriowall of Suite 813. Photo 11 – High exposure balcony of Suite 813.Water has been entering the suite from thisbalcony area for some time.
It is apparent that the drainage system for the balconies was not designed to perform in the mostefficient manner. The balconies have single floor drains that direct water into a downspout,which discharges onto the balcony directly below it. Refer to Photos 12 and 13. This system isundesirable as the collection of water from upper balconies must drain onto all balcony surfaces below before being collected into the building’s water collection system. This water drainagestrategy places additional stress on the balcony surfaces and, in some instances, directs water onto balconies that would otherwise remain dry during heavy rains.
 Photo 12 – Balconies on south elevation. Notedrain pipes on the left walls directing water frombalcony to balcony. Photo 13 – Balcony drainpipe (on right) frombalcony above discharging onto lower balcony.

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