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At-Will Laws Must Apply to Politicians

At-Will Laws Must Apply to Politicians

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Published by Viola Davis
The Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter movement sent a call out to the "Employers" of this government to demand our employees, the elected officials, update the "recall laws" to include an at-will provision to ensure the public can remove "do-nothing" politicians.
The Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter movement sent a call out to the "Employers" of this government to demand our employees, the elected officials, update the "recall laws" to include an at-will provision to ensure the public can remove "do-nothing" politicians.

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Published by: Viola Davis on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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At-Will Laws Must Apply To Politicians
By Viola Davis RN BSN 
The time is long overdue for the taxpayers and voters to demand at-will lawsapply equally to politicians. Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter movement sends a callout to the taxpayers and voters to demand that Governor Nathan Deal and the
Georgia General Assembly update the “recall laws”
to include an at-will provisionthat applies to the politicians.The political turmoil that has crippled the DeKalb County School System wouldhave never been allowed to grow if the taxpayers and voters had an at-will lawthat applied to politicians. Since our votes hire and fire elected officials and ourtax money pays the elected officials salaries, taxpayers and voters are
“Employers”. Why s
hould corporations be the only entity to take advantage of the at-will laws?As Founder of Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter, our main mission was to get the
taxpayers and voters to see that they are the “Employers” of the elected officials.
As employers, the taxpayers and voters have an obligation to hold elected officialsaccountable.Georgia takes pride in being a
Right to Work
state. However, the politicianshave written legislation
to make it extremely hard for the citizens to remove “do
nothing” politici
ans from office. If the politicians in Georgia truly stand on the
“Right to Work” principal, they would update the laws that govern “recall” to
create an at-will law that applies to elected officials.
The public should not have to prove malfeasance and misconduct to recall
politicians that have violated the public’s trust, mismanaged the public’s money,
abused their power, and jeopardized the overall government system.According to Wikipedia, the legal doctrine of at-will laws states the following:
Any hiring is presumed to be "at will"; that is, the employer is free todischarge individuals "for good cause, or bad cause, or no cause at all," andthe employee is equally free to quit, strike, or otherwise cease work.
 According to Ballotpedia, the laws governing recall in Georgia requires at leastone of the following:
an act of malfeasance or misconduct while in office,
violation of the oath of office,
failure to perform duties prescribed by law, or
Willfully misusing, converting, or misappropriating, withoutauthority, public property or public funds entrusted to or associatedwith the elective office to which the official has been elected orappointed.The number of valid signatures required for a recall election is 15 percent of thenumber of persons that voted in the last preceding election for the office of theincumbent being recalled and the recall petition must be completed within 90days after registration. Why must the taxpayers and voters go through thesemultiple actions simply to remove elected officials the public no longer wants?How many votes will it take to recall appointed representation?
The taxpayers and voters have many elected officials that have “cease
working”for the public and focused on the politicians’ personal gain.
The politicians alsofocus on securing profits for their inner circle of family and friends as well asspecial interest groups that help them get elected. The average citizens are
merely the “bank” that is forced to finance this madness.
 Governor Deal and the Georgia Board of Education have suspended members of the DeKalb Board of Education which has caused a stagnation of the schoolsystem and legal battles in the courts. These problems can be eliminated simply

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