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FatTire2 Wheeler

FatTire2 Wheeler

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Published by Returnofthemack

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Published by: Returnofthemack on May 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fat-tire scooter for sportsmen
across the wilds, youcan't beat this iron packhorse. Its power-mowerengine sends it over rough terrain at speeds upto 10 m.p.h.—gets you to remote hunting andfishing sites ahead of your footsore companions.An extendable rear rack takes your equipmentload off your back, and carts clumsy-to-carrygame back to the campsite. When this pack rack isn't needed, you just slip out the extensionpipes, or just leave them in place, capping theframe-pipe ends with crutch tips to keep theextensions from working out.Though it's possible to up the speed byswitching the transmission sprockets (puttingthe large sprocket on the top shaft and the smallone on the bottom), the scooter's not intendedfor public roads. You store it at your huntingcabin. Or truck it to road's end in your stationwagon or the trunk of a large car. The wholefront fork of the scooter detaches for easierloading.Since the overall weight is around 150 lbs.,you won't want to back-pack it very far—shouldyou run into a stretch of country that forces youto dismount. For portage, in such cases, you just remove the fork, strap it on top of the seat,disengage the drive belt, lift the scooter by thefront stirrups and "wheelbarrow" it.The frame design is simple but logical. Those
Its low speed and rugged constructionare ideal for wilderness travel—and those fat tires assure a smooth ridewith sure-footed tractioneven on rough, trackless terrain
The brake lever is pivoted on top of the rear wheel'shub plate, with a bearing plate between for clearance.The band passes around a drum bolted to the wheelrim. The ends are looped over a pin protruding fromthe lever's rear faceThe brake rod passes forward from the lever to thebrake pedal at the right stirrup. Note how the pedalangles inward for maximum foot room—and to avoidsnagging on underbrush. The fork permits rod adjust-
The seat attaches to the frame with adjustable brack-ets, shifts back and forth for most comfortable posi-tion. Cord coiled around the cross bar is the condenserwire, extended so it can be attached to a hand-heldemergency switch that kills the motor
stirrups protect your feet from jutting rocks. Theside braces spread low underbrush to let thescooter pass.You needn't follow the dimensions exactly asgiven in the plans. The model shown is a basicmachine, intended to demonstrate how simply arugged scooter can be made. While the frameshown is welded up from 1-in. furniture tubing

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