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NEC Papers 15.07.13

NEC Papers 15.07.13

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Published by Edmund R Sch
2nd set of NUS NEC papers for the first meeting of the new term. Includes minutes from the last meeting, detailed budgets, assignment of representational duties. Missing amendments which were submitted -- I am chasing this up.
2nd set of NUS NEC papers for the first meeting of the new term. Includes minutes from the last meeting, detailed budgets, assignment of representational duties. Missing amendments which were submitted -- I am chasing this up.

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Published by: Edmund R Sch on Jul 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NEC Induction and MeetingDATE: Monday 15
July 2013 09:00 (New Members) 11:00 (Continuing Members)VENUE: Unison Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AYTime Description Lead
09:00 (New Members) Arrival and Registration
You will need to sign in at the UNISON registration desk. Take thelift to the 9
Floor and make sure you sign in on the NEC register toensure your name is recorded for attendance
AD09:30 (New Members) Introductions and overview of NUS
This will be a short introduction to NUS to give context to where theNEC sits in NUS’ governance structure
JD10:00 (New Members) Roles and responsibilities as an NECmember
This will outline your role and responsibilities as an NEC member. Itwill also cover off key dates and what to expect in NEC meetings.
AD10:30 (New Members) How NUS will support you as avolunteer
Our Volunteer Coordinator will outline how you will be supportedwhilst on the NEC this year. This will include information onexpenses, travel and accommodation.
MHS11:00 Break11:15 (All) NEC Meeting
This will be the start of the NEC Meeting and will begin withapproving the minutes, hearing presentations from the full timeofficers on their priorities and approving and debates reports andmotions.
TP13:00 Lunch13:45 NEC Meeting continued
Following a lunch break the NEC meeting will continue where it leftoff.
TP17:00 Review of the day
This is an opportunity to feed in any points about the induction andmeeting you would like to make.
TP/AD17:30 Depart
NUS National Executive Council AGENDA
Twenty fifth meeting of the National Executive Council of the National Union of Students,15
July 2013, Unison Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY
Members: Name
President & Chair Toni PearceZones Joe Vinson & TBC (Further Education)Rachel Wenstone & Rachel Thornton (Higher Education) Dom Anderson & Matthew Tennant (Society & Citizenship)Raechel Mattey & Maggie Hayes (Union Development)Colum McGuire & Georgie Court (Welfare)Liberation Aaron Kiely & Malia Bouattia (Black Students)Hannah Paterson & Jawanza Ipyana (Disabled Students)Sky Yarlett & Finn McGoldrick (LGBT)Kelley Temple & 
Tabz O'Brien Butcher
(Womens)Sections Daniel Stevens & Arianna Tassinari (International Students)Josh Rowlands & Emma Barnes (Mature & Part Time Students)Anna Chowcat & Amy Gilligan (Postgraduate Students)Nations Stephanie Lloyd & Rhiannon Hedge (NUS Wales)Gordon Maloney & Stacey Devine (NUS Scotland)Rebecca Hall & Fergal McFerran (NUS-USI)Block Jeni-Marie Pittuck, Rosie Huzzard, Rhiannon Durrans, Harry Fox, Matt Stanley,Ben Dilks, James McAsh, Peter Smallwood, Paul Abernethy, Charles Barry,Chris Clements, Jessica Goldstone, Edmund Schluessel, Marc McCorkell,Kirat Raj Singh
In attendance
Staff Ben Kernighan (Group Chief Executive); Jim Dickinson (Director Policy andDelivery); Amy Davies (Executive Office Manager); Mads Harris Smith (VolunteerCoordinator); Alex Jones (Head of Political Strategy)
If an item is ‘starred’ the Chair will assume that members have read and noted. Those presentingthe papers will not speak to them. Non starred items will be discussed and may require a decision.To “unstar” an item, inform the Chair before the commencement of the meeting.
No Item Action Paper Author/ LeadTime1 Introductory & Administration
1.2President’s Opening RemarksTP 20 mins1.3Apologies for absence and welcome of newmembersNote TP1.4 Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest arising from the agenda (verbal)1.5Minutes of last meeting on9th May 2013 Approve NEC/25A/13 TP1.6 Matters arising from previous meeting on 9
 May 2013Discuss Verbal TP
2 Reports and Accountability
2.1Priorities National PresidentQuestions to the National PresidentScrutinise Verbal TP 10 mins2.2Priorities from the Zone ConvenorsQuestions to the Zone ConvenorsScrutinise Verbal JV,RW,RMCM, DA15 mins2.3Priorities from the Liberation CampaignsQuestions to the Liberation CampaignsNote Verbal KT, HP,SY/FM,AK10 mins2.4Priorities from the Student SectionsQuestions to the Student SectionsNote Verbal DS 10 mins2.5Priorities from the Nation ConvenorsQuestions to the Nation ConvenorsNote Verbal SL,GM,RH,10 mins2.6Report and Notices from the Scrutiny & SpecialGroups*N/A N/A N/A *2.7Important information from CMs from the BlockNote Verbal Block 10 mins
3 Discussion & Consultation
3.1Priority Work 2013-14Discuss TP 45 mins
4 Motions and Proposals
4.1NEC Standing Orders, Cycle of Business & Meeting datesApprove NEC/25B/13 TP 10 mins4.2Work plans for Zones, Liberations and SectionsApprove NEC/25C/13 TP 15 mins4.3Detailed internal budgetsApprove NEC/25D/13 TP 10 mins

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