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Determination of molar mass practicals

Determination of molar mass practicals

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Published by haytham kenway
Determination of molar mass practicals
Determination of molar mass practicals

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: haytham kenway on Jul 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Molecular weight (MW) of a compound can be determined by various methods depending onthe physical properties of the compound in question. In determining the molecular weight of the volatile compounds, we can use the concept of the ideal gas equation as the basis for mathematical calculations. Relative molecular mass of a compound can be determined byvarious methods depending on the physical properties of the compounds in question.Molecular mass of volatile compounds can be determined using the ideal gas equation andthe density of the gas.P.V = n.R.TP.V = m / MR. R.TWhere:P: pressure gasV: volume of gasT: temperature (oC)
R: the gas constant (8.31 J • K 
-1 mol-1)Of experiments conducted by Regnault and Dumas determine how molecular mass of gasobtained while applying the ideal gas lawMolecular Weight Determination of gas with Dumas methodDumas method is one simple method to determine the molecular weight of a gas. Thismethod uses the concept of an ideal gas is applied to the experiment that he do. TheExperiment is done by:1.Volume calculated sample is limited to a known volume of media.2. Use volatile liquid which has a boiling point well above room temperature but below tidtik  boiling water to facilitate the calculation of the trial.3. Make sure sample is at atmospheric pressure.4. Mass and sample temperature should be measured first.The use of sample volume that is too small can not replace the air contained in the media.While the use of volume that is too large will take a long time in the trial process

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