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Horoscope in Your hand- By Sh. Rabinder Nath Bhandari

Horoscope in Your hand- By Sh. Rabinder Nath Bhandari



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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Nirmal Kumar Bhardwaj on Jun 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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abinder Nath Bhandari was born on26th Dec 1950 and is a science graduatefrom Punjab University. He has beenstudying astrology since 1978 in which 28years he has spent in extreme deep study of Lal Kitab. Being well versed in Urdu,Punjabi, Hindi & English he has delveddeeper into Present day Palmistry along with Indian Samudrik Shastra apart fromdoing vast amount of readings for people.His interests likes in nature photography &the exactly how nature is simple, thissimplicity reflects in his persona being anextremely humble and loving human being.He is considered one of the foremostauthorities on Lal Kitab alive today.
Horoscope In Your Hand 
ByRabinder Nath Bhandari, India.
Readership Level: Advanced
t sounds strange but is true that everyhuman life is influenced by the effectsof planetary behavior, their good or badplacement, which type of affects they arereceiving from other planets through theirmutual placements or aspects. Favorablerelations improve the quality of functionallocated to these and if they are inimical toeach other or even a single out of two isinimical in behavior, effects of such planetare reflected adversely on that person (theserelations resemble with our equal / friendlyor inimical behavior in human beings). Allthese influences in human life are theresults of our past
which infact arefirst of all represented in map of Heavens,there after their influence is recorded inhuman brain, where it is reflected through42 houses of brain
(Deemag Ke
 which are representative of typical humanbehavior allocated to every house, which arefurther linked in a consolidated manner to12 houses of brain
(Deemag Kundli),
 fromwhere their image is recorded on humanpalm / face / forehead / even on totalhuman body, influence of which is finallyreflected through human behavior indifferent sections of life.To understand this unique behavior of planetary relations, I am giving below fewcharts, in which, a humble attempt to showthese relation of lines representing a
concerned planet and linked house of horoscope, and also a chart showing relation of planetswith each other i.e. of equal strength / friendly or inimical with each other. It is advisable tounderstand these charts, before proceeding further in this field.So, while reading and interpreting influences of any planet on palm of a native, always bear
in mind that every line represents a house of horoscope and also represents a planet
, whileinterpreting and reading planetary effects. You see at times we see a chart wherein the Asc ison the border and within a minute the ascendant shifts at those times especially it isimportant that we double check the horoscope made on our computers with the horoscopeGod made on our hands right from day one of our birth. In olden days it was said thatwithout verification of chart on ones hand it is futile to proceed in predictions but thisscience died down and Lal Kitab has somehow brought it back into the forefront again.Whether a native has Mars afflicted – Manglik or not can be checked in ones hand, whetherhe has Kal Sarpa Dosha (grip of Rahu Ketu axis) needs to be first checked in ones handbefore proceeding to blindly interpreting the horoscope which is misleading many a timesand adds to the ill karma of the astrologer. To reiterate the above point, it’s not just ManglikOr Kal Sarpa afflictions that can be checked in ones hand but everything can be and needs tobe checked in ones hands. Planets are tricky and we need ancillary methods to double checkhow the planets are playing up in ones horoscope, only an astrologer who uses palmistryalong with horoscope knows the advantage.
Table 1: Relation of Palm Lines with Houses of HoroscopeHead Line
House no 7
Heart Line
House no 4
Area In between First and Second finger
House no 11
Line from Venus to Mercury
House no 5
Wrist towards mount of Venus {thumb side}
On the Wrist, away from thumb side
Rahu And Ketu has not been given any permanent place of ownership separately.They are masters of waves, so one holds the man from head (RAHU) and secondfrom feet (KETU), thus automatically they get their places. In the same way, they areplaced just on the wrist, just adjoining the beginning of palm.
Table 2: In the same way, Palm Lines represent Planets as wellHead Line Planet MercuryHeart Line Planet MoonLife Line Planet SaturnFate Line Planet JupiterSun Line Planet SunLines of Union
Upper Line toward Short Finger Base:Lower Line toward Heart Line:
Planet MercuryPlanet Venus
Image Showing Related Lines As Per Table 1 & 2
Table 3: Relations of Planets with Each Other:
*Rahu and Ketu are Moons Nodes
Planet Equal power Friends Inimical
upiter Rahu, Ketu,SaturnSun, Mars andMoonVenus, MercurySun Mercury (will remainsilent with sun) Jupiter, mars andmoonVenus, Saturn,With Rahu, Solar eclipse &Ketu weakens it.Moon Venus, Saturn, Mars & JupiterSun and MercuryWith Ketu lunar eclipse &Rahu weakens it.Venus Mars & Jupiter Saturn, Ketu &mercurySun, Moon and RahuMars Venus, Saturn, Rahuwith Mars will remainsilentSun, Moon and JupiterMercury and KetuMercury Saturn, Ketu, mars & JupiterVenus, Sun and rahu MoonSaturn Jupiter & Ketu Mercury, Venus and Sun, Moon and Mars

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