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how to sms and text a girl

how to sms and text a girl

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Published by competent
a simple text manual on how to text and sms a girl, i get so many people who apply logic while chatting to girls that the conversation becomes boring , true to sms and online both.

i hope this short guide will help them a bit.
a simple text manual on how to text and sms a girl, i get so many people who apply logic while chatting to girls that the conversation becomes boring , true to sms and online both.

i hope this short guide will help them a bit.

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Published by: competent on Jun 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This book is dedicated to all my predecessors on whoseKnowledge, Observation, Experience, Thoughts and AssumptionsI based my own andAll my successors who would do the same.
This guide is the result of 2000 years of research into the best methods to have morepower and choice with the opposite sex. In a nutshell, I put this guide together to helpother men do better with women. I think that ultimately what every man wants is tomeet that ONE special woman. Unfortunately, you may have to meet dozens, if nothundreds, of women before you’ll find “the one”. And if you don’t have the knowledgeand experience to deal properly with women in the first place, odds are you’ll blow itwhen you finally meet that special woman. I’ve seen it…firsthand.When the woman of your dreams DOES come around, you’re going to have to say anddo everything right. Truly spectacular women are few and far between, so you’d betterbe ready. This guide is part of a book written to give you a to do guide in order to beready when that time comes.Imagine you are gold, but are in Rubbles and another one is copper yet beautifullydesigned in jewellery, which one is you going to see? I guess the jewellery, and goldwon’t get a second look, that a different issue that you are later on going to regret thatyou chose copper because of better looks and did not chose gold because it was notlooking good. That is the case with most good women and men now a days they arenot polished enough be looked at, so this guide is just another attempt to polish thoseguys and let them compete with fake players who are like politicians, just a never to befulfilled promise of value, yet most fall for it, and regret it. When I say never to be fullfilled promise of value I mean he/she would be good truthful in relationship and fulfillshis/her all the duties.
How To Text Message Women (with Examples)
I use text messages a lot. In my opinion, it is a key tool available for interacting withwomen. I think they are better than phone AND email. They are quick, easy to respondto, and private. They can be light and friendly, fun and flirty, seductive, or downrightnasty. I have had text message conversations that fit into all of these. I have evengotten my freak on; text style. This is a short to-do manual on how to text/sms a girl.Flirting included. There is great stuff about sending dirty text messages to your girl.This is a great idea, and if you are not doing it, you are missing out on a great chanceto make your girl VERY happy. I would send messages as he describes to my lastgirlfriend every now and then, to remind her how hot she was for me. She loved it.I want to try to put together some general thoughts on "text message game". Textmessages should be short and fun, and flirty, charming or seductive. There is no placefor logic in a text message. If things start going logical in a text message conversation,then you need to stop, or redirect the conversation right away. Usually a girl will initiallyreact generically, ie. Boring, to a text message you send. Girls aren't used to guysflirting with them with text message. Yet. You have to ramp it up immediately after herresponse. If you send something like, "hey cutie, thinking of me much? :)", chances areyou will get a response like "haha, how are you?" Now, you can't respond, "I'm fine,how R U?" That's weak sauce. We want the strong sauce. A better response would be,"I was gonna kidnap you to Vegas and get us married , but never mind..:)" Howevershe responds, you can then respond "yeah, married by the fat Elvis…"That's a taste of my Success.
My RULES for text messages:
I always address them with pet names like darlin', sweetie, cutie pie, sexy, gorgeous,adorable brat, etc. I use proper grammar. I don't use the normal abbreviations. If youdo, U R 2 stop. I do abbreviate stuff like family to "fam", San Francisco to SF, etc. Ihope I don't have to say this, but NEVER USE LEET SPEAK . Know the differencebetween "your" and "you're", "to" and "too", etc. A side rule to this, the more sexual themessage, the more proper the grammar you should use. Which feels sexier, "I want 2slowly kiss Ur lips…" or "I want to slowly kiss your lips…"?Sign your name when it is the first one or two text messages you send . All you do iswrite your text, then at the end add "-ABC." Replace "ABC" with your own namethough, I use a lot of smiley faces This replaces the big friendly smile you would haveon your face when you deliver a banter line. Text messagesshould basically be banter lines. I do not use any other faces other than smiley faces.No winky face no ":-P" face (I actually don't even know what this is supposed to mean),etc. Some might disagree, but personally I think this borders on leet speak, which is notok. Furthermore, I want my words to convey my message. If my words, punctuationand a smiley face aren't enough, then I feel I am doing something wrong.I use rich descriptions. If I do say how I am doing, I make it descriptive. In response to"how R U?" I might reply "Just saw the sunset over the bay, the sky's glowing orange -looks incredible!"

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