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Calico Pear Pincushion

Calico Pear Pincushion



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Published by sassy
A freebie pattern for this simple to stitch calico pear pincushion sitter. It can be created from calico and is about 11" not including the stem. Brought to you by Sassafras Hill Primitives for your crafting enjoyment!
A freebie pattern for this simple to stitch calico pear pincushion sitter. It can be created from calico and is about 11" not including the stem. Brought to you by Sassafras Hill Primitives for your crafting enjoyment!

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Published by: sassy on Jan 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A simple to stitch pear pincushion sitter crafted from calico – about 11” not including ste
You will need the following:
Calico fabric in two coordinating prints
Upholstery thread to match calico
Dark embroidery floss or crochet cotton foraccent stitching
A bit of muslin, some burnt umber acrylicpaint, and fine sandpaper
a 5” stem
 Trinkets and treasures to embellish – buttons,hatpins, keys, tag artOther needful things:
A long sharp embroidery needle
A hemostat is helpful
Calico Pear Pincushion
Please read all directions thoroughly and assembleyour materials before starting
. Unlike the majorityof my items, these were not subjected to the agingprocess. You may coffee stain them to prim them up,or use tan Rit dye to permanently age your fabric.Calico prints with floral motifs produce better resultsthan striped or homespun fabrics. You can substitutean actual twig for the stitched and painted muslinversion.
From calico, cut the pear pieces as indicated on the patternpage. Mustard and avocado shades are perfect, with tinyprints. You will need three pear pieces, two base pieces,two leaf pieces, and from muslin- two stem pieces. Allstitching is 1/4 inch.
Stitch the stem pieces together, leaving the bottom open.Trim the seams and turn right side out. Stuff firmly withpolyfil to the bottom. Paint with brown acrylic and let dry.Sand lightly when dry.
Stitch the leaf pieces together, with right sides facing, andleaving the opening near the bottom for turning. Trimseam and turn right side out. Press flat and set aside.
Stitch the two round bottom pieces together, with rightsides facing, around the entire outer edge. Trim seams.Make a slit through one layer, just big enough to turnthrough, and turn right side out. Press flat. Set aside.
Stitch the pear together along the long sides, with rightsides facing. Stitch one section to the next, and that sectionto the next, and then stitch the final remaining seam,leaving the bottom and top open. Trim the seams. Beforeturning right side out, insert the stem piece from the inside,up through the top opening, so the open edge of the stem juts out the top about 1 1/2”. Using doubled upholsterythread, take a few stitches along the top opening and wrapthread around the edge and stem several times to hold stemsnuggly in place. Turn the pear right side out, through thebottom.
Stuff the pear firmly, making sure you stuff evenly aroundthe stem so it stands upright. Stuff firmly to the bottom.Push stuffing from the middle to the outside edges so theedges are very firm, and leaving the middle slightly hollow.Add a bit more stuffing, but not too much, or it won’t standupright well.
Using doubled upholstery thread, and straight stitch, stitchalong the bottom opening, pulling thread a bit to gather thebottom slightly closed. Position the base evenly over theopening and stitch on using large whip stitches. / / / / / / 
Stitch the top of the leaf to the pear top, right under thestem.
Using contrasting embroidery floss or crochet thread, stitcha line of X stitches or featherstitch along each seam line.
You may adorn them with treasure of your liking…buttons, hatpins, old steel pins, rusty safety pins,skeleton keys, aged tags.
 Hope you’ll enjoy these!
Calico Pear Pincushion

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