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Published by outdash2

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Published by: outdash2 on Jul 22, 2014
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Rav Baruch Simon, ShlitaHilchos Melicha, Shechita, and Assorted Topics, June Zman !#
$%lease note& These notes have not 'een revie(ed ') R* Simon+ The) are the notes  too- durin. the shiurim+ An) mista-es should 'e attri'uted to me+ Beni /rohn+
#1-6.3.08/29 Iyar 5768 Issur Dam
+ Source o0 ssur A+
Gm Krisus 4-
 psu-im that assur dam& 1am 2hullin, /odshim, /isui, 3ivarim, and Tamt4is 5'lood that drains out a0ter animal is alread) dead6+B+
!is"a Krisus 20$-
machlo-es (hether cha)av -areis 0or dam tamt4is+ 2hachamim7 not cha)av+ R* 8ehuda is mecha)ev+ 9e hold li-e chachamim+7 :nl) cha)av 0or dam shehaneshama is telu)a 'o 5;"< in /esu'os& ssur o0 ta-in. 'lood on sha''os is netilas neshama '=c dam that ta-in. out is shehaneshama telu)a 'a '=c  person is alive6+ 2+
Gm Krisus 21$-
1am 3ivarim, Heart, etc+ onl) '*lav,
 -areis+ >+
 '=c not dam hane0esh+ 7
 R’ Sheishes-
human 'lood isn*t nichlal in an) o0 these issurim+ :nl) time its assur is (hen its pireish 5on piece o0 'read, in a cup6+ ?ichora, pro'lem o0 maris a)in+ @+
' !( 6)4-
All these other -inds o0 dam 5eivarim, tamt4is, etc+6 not cha)av -areis, 'ut .et mal-us '=c not dam shehane0esh )ot4ei 'o+ + 1am eivarim shelo piresh= s Melicha necessar) even 0or ra( meatA+
!is"a *"u++i 14(-
0 shecht on sha''os or 8/, /osher Shechita+
Gm ,
this is accto R* 8ehuda, not R* Shimon, (ho holds that 0ood that isn*t muchan 'e0ore sha''os is assur on sha''os alt4 mu-t4a+ >+
' isi-
"CC can*t eat it, so (ho cares that it*s mutarD @ Ans(ers&7 He (as over the issur sha''os o0 mea'eid and salted it+ $$7 He eats it ra( and no need to do melicha i0 (ant to eat meat ra(  '=c onl) issur dam is (hen it*s pireish& Em 2hullin >>>A7 can eat liver Fust ') pourin. hot (ater on it to -eep dam inside+ And >>@A7 i0 cut meat on 'read and dam comes out, the 'read is assur 'ut meat is -osher+ B+
Gm *"u++i 113(-
0 'rea- the nec- o0 the animal 'e0ore the animal dies, the 'lood doesn*t come .ushin. out, so .m sa)s )ou are mach'id es ha'asar, .o4el es ha'rios, and are mavlia dam in the eivarim 5'=c since it*s heavier, (ill sell it 0or more than its (orth  '=c a lot o0 that (ei.ht is dam, not meat6+ Em (ants to -no( is this onl) an issur .e4el or even an issur to eat And .m leaves it as a tei-u+
$ These notes have not 'een revie(ed ') R* Simon+ The) are the notes  too- durin. the shiurim+
2alls this dam shepeirish mima-om l*ma-om+ And .m is as-in. i0 )ou can eat this meat ra(+ Mashma, that in normal situation can eat ra( meat (ithout melicha, and onl) (hen dam has 'een peirush mima-om lima-om do (e assur it+ Ho(ever, i0 (ould do melicha, 0or sure it (ould 'e mutar+ 5:thers have .irsa, that .m (ants to -no( i0 mutar to eat at all, and .m leaves that as a tei-u, in (hich case this .m
 tellin. us that .enerall) it*s mutar to eat meat ra(6+ @+
1av-a dam shepiresh li.amrei is assur, 'ut i0 it moves mima-om lima-om, not assur+ B=c (hen are moleiach dam, o'viousl) don*t .et all o0 it out+ 3la, (e are moleiach 'asar to eGtent that a0ter pourin. 'oilin. (ater on it it (ould stop comin. out 52hec- this6+ And even thou.h 0or sure some dam is travelin. on its (a) out (hen it is stopped+ 3la vada) dam is onl) assur once its totall) piresh+ +
4 cases that have
based on this yesod.
5a6 2ase I>7
%iece o0 meat is red '=c the animal had .otten a
 mechaim, not called dam evarim shepiresh+ $Assumin. that perish mima-om lima-om is considered piresh+5'6 2ase I@7
Tzole basar 
, no need 0or melicha '=c the dam (ill comeout and 0all to the .round+ And the dam that is le0t inside and moves around inside, that*snot called dam eivarim shepiresh+ $$Apparentl) holdin. that piresh mima-om lima-om is not called pireshD9hat a'out in pere- !D
- Dris"a
& Ma-es chilu- that i0 it moved me2haim, called dam shepiresh, 'ut i0 happens a0ter death, not called dam shepiresh+ 5c6 2ase I
- 8)45
 Basar nisbashel without any melicha
+ eed K in the tavshil -ine.ed the dam+ 9hat a'out the ori.inal piece
1- s" mrim
 '=c it (as coo-ed (ithout melicha+
 '=c the dam (as 'atel, and (hatever dam moved around inside the 'asar isn*t a pro'lem '=c its dam eivarim shelo piresh+5d6 2ase IL7
use li she’eino menuav
 to do melicha (hat*s din o0 meat
1- imui  :r;<)
 9hole chaticha should 'e assur '=c dam can*t come out at all '=c the (hole area is 'ac-ed up, and dam alread) started movin. and couldn*t .et out, so the (hole piece is assur+
& :nl) the part o0 the meat sittin. in the dam=t4ir (ill 'ecome assur '=c has din -avush, and that (hich moves around inside doesn*t assur the (hole piece '=c it*s dspmmlm+ L+
' !( 6)12
 N 2hi)uv Melicha even ') ra( meat+ Em never sa)s that don*t need melicha ') 'asar umt4a+ Ho(ever, i0 chalto '*chomet4, no( can eat it (=out melicha+
$ These notes have not 'een revie(ed ') R* Simon+ The) are the notes  too- durin. the shiurim+
As lon. as the dam has the a'ilit) to 'e piresh, still assur until do melicha+ :nl) once it loses the a'ilit) to come out, then mutar even (ithout melicha+ 1+ Halacha ?imaaseh
 :nl) dam that*s assur is i0 it is )ot4ei lichut4 or mima-om lima-om 5a.ainst O"P< ,P"
O<6+ 2an eat ra( meat (ithout melicha+ Q
Moleiach 'asar in -li she*eino menu-av& 7
:nl) part in t4ir is assur+ 7
 (hole piece is assur, v*hachi noha.im+
> 69)11
7 Bishul (=out melicha&
ever)thin. is mutar i0 there is K 5O"P<6+
& )esh osrim that piece, 'ut can 'e mei-il l*t4orech orchim or l*-avod sha''os 5imu-ei R* %eret46+ + 1am she'ishloA+
Gm *"u++i 109(
7 not over on dam she'ishlo, onl) issur dira'anan+ B+ "O< 1enies this halacha in @ places&>+
*"u++i 109(
7 2oo-ed the heart (ith the dam inside+ "O<7 2ase (here not cha)av -areis is (hen it*s oa0 5no -i4a)is6+ But i0 it (as 'eheima, (ould 'e cha)av+ But"CC, ho( can )ou 'e cha)av -areish, )ou coo-ed itD@+
*"u++i 120(-
 Hardened heart "O<& ') coo-in. it until it .ets .elled, .et -areis+ ;& coo-ed it '*chama+ $So (hat*s pshat in "O<2+
!aa@ai (s"r-
"O< thou.ht that .m (as onl) a HA+ But acc to the mas-ana, onl) tal-in. a'out dam that is -arush, that*s (hen eino over alav '=c can*t dip an)thin. into it 5see inside6+ But Fust 'ein. mivushal is not enou.h+
/ AiBa5768Ca@a"a Kamaysa
+ Source o0 dinA+
Gm *"u++i 113(-
R* Huna&
Basar can onl) .et rid o0 its dam (= melicha and hadacha+ Braisa sa)s to do hadacha 'e0ore
 a0ter melicha+ But .m sa)s not a machlo-es, R* Huna (as tal-in. a'out a case (here the 'utcher alread) did the hadacha -ama)sa, and i0 he didn*t then )ou have to do it )oursel0+
 But "
 are modim that need hadacha b4 and after.
' !( 6)10-
sa)s do hadacha 'e0ore and a0ter, and then put it in 'oilin. (ater+ + Reasons 0or this din 5at least  %shatim6A+
*"u++i 42(
7 Al(a)s assume that (henever a piece o0 meat is 'ein. poleit, it cannot 'e 'oleia at the same time+ Uuotes t(o reasons 0or hadacha -ama)sa&
$ These notes have not 'een revie(ed ') R* Simon+ The) are the notes  too- durin. the shiurim+

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