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Turkey Vulture Triathlon Details

Turkey Vulture Triathlon Details

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Published by tortdog

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Published by: tortdog on Mar 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Capitol Area and Sam HoustonArea Council Varsity Scout
Turkey Vulture Triathlon
The Turkey Vulture Triathlon beings Friday, April 27, 2007 and continues throughSaturday, April 28, 2007. Plan on arriving at around 6 PM, to allow adequate time to set up. Wewill have a team arrive early and ask the Park Rangers that all reserved campsites be congregatedclose together to allow for us to more easily meet for activities.If your team cannot arrive relatively early, we suggest that you send up an exploratory party to set your tents up while it’s still light. Remember that firm dusk hits us at around 8 PM.
We have heard from many that they are attending, but we have yet to receive oneregistration form. This makes it fairly hard to help plan, so please give us a head’s up! We areattaching the registration form to this announcement.
C.FEESThe cost is $5/scout and participating adult.
The money covers the personalized bibs,awards, marking trails, and refreshments. Please call Paul Masters at 512.769.1454 with anyquestions. We accept checks and will have receipts for purposes of documenting the expenditure.
Friday, April 276-8 PMRegistration (look for note at the entrancefor the registration camp site); Setupcamp; Dinner at each site (BYO Food)8:30 PMFlag ceremony (field uniform)9PMCampfireSaturday, April 287 AMFlag ceremony (field uniform)7:15 AM – 8 AMBreakfast at each site (BYO Food)8:30 AMBegin race swim segment9:30 AMBegin race bike segment10:30 AM (approx)Race – run segment11:30 AMReturn to camp12 PMLunch at each site;Clear camp areas2 PM (approx) Award ceremony1
The triathlon will begin at Birch Creek. We start with swimming, followed by bikingfrom Birch Creek to Nails Creek, finishing with a run. Teams should head over to Nails Creek (about a 30 minute drive) with any runners who are not biking over from Birch Creek no later than 9:45 AM. Teams will need to have vehicles in place at Nails Creek (where the runners start)to return the bicycles and the runners.
The swimming segment begins at point A and continues along theshore to point B. It is approximately ¾ of a mile in length. There will be no penalty for a person who stops to stand along the way, so long as the persondoes not leave the water to walk the segment. All swimmers should remainclose to the shore, to permit ease of rescue if necessary. It is NOT necessaryto swim out to deep water. Only far enough out to permit you to swimwithout hitting the bottom, e.g., 3 or 4 feet.
Cycling begins at point B. Scouts competing SOLELY in cycling (and not as part of anysquadcompleting the entire triathlon) may begin prior to the first swimmer arriving at point B. All bicycles MUST slow when approaching other trail users (remember all have to do this so there isno penalty). All cyclists MUST have helmets. Cycling is approximately a 12-mile course from point B to point C. The course follows the main trail, i.e., the dotted line. The trail will bemarked via flour or chalk to prevent confusion. Remember, this is NOT a paved trail. It’s used byhikers, bicyclists and horses. Since the trail ends up at Nails Creek, drives will need to drive the30-minute drive to Nails Creek for the purpose of returning the bicycles to Birch Creek.2BABC
The run is a circuitous route begins at point C,continuing to point D, and then returning to point C. The route isapproximately 2.5 miles. We will have water and possiblyGatorade at the start/finish point for this segment. If a runner isnot continuing through the rest of the triathlon, he can returnwith the vehicles to Birch Creek.
This is a TEAM event. It will be scored similar to a track/x-country meet. One differenceis that teams will also receive points for uniforms and for getting every active scout out. And points are awarded based on team placement for 2-3 member squads, for individual time in eachsegment, and for placement for individuals completing the entire triathlon.
Youth who reachedthe age of 16 before February 2007 do not count towards a Varsity team’s score.
We willtrack and recognize such youth (as well as competing adults) separately.We will recognize the top three Varsity squads
 (two to three competitors) overall, and thetop three individuals in each leg (for a total of 12 awards). The top Varsity team
will be awardedthe BUCKET. The Team takes the bucket (full of nutritious candy, or some such sweet) and isallowed to attach a piece of leather to the handle signed by each Varsity Scout and leader on thewinning Varsity team. The bucket is passed along to each Varsity tournament, leaving a legacyfor the local teams.The scoring is detailed on the two following pages.
Varsity teams consist of various squads. In this case, the squad size is limited to three individuals as no more thanthree can compete in the triathlon when doing it as a “relay” type event.
This refers to the top TEAM as opposed to stop SQUAD. The Team earns points in various ways, as detailed in thefollowing score sheets, including the wearing of a consistent uniform, the percentage of Varsity scouts participating,etc.

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