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Methods Used For Achieving The NWO

Methods Used For Achieving The NWO

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Published by extemporaneous
Exposes mass mind-control methods used in subverting the American way of life while promoting the New World Order.
Exposes mass mind-control methods used in subverting the American way of life while promoting the New World Order.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: extemporaneous on Aug 19, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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James Stenzel Presents...This Scholarly Library of Facts about Domestic &Worldwide Zionist riminality
The Jew Watch Pro!ect "s The "nternet#s Lar$est Scholarly ollectionof %rticles on Zionist istoryFree 'ducational Library for Pri(ate Study) Scholarshi*) +esearch &,ews %bout ZionismWe +e(eal Zionist -ansters) ,ews Falsifiers) P+ Liars) ,eocons)Sub(ersi(es) Terrorists) S*ies & /oreThe Jew Watch Pro!ect#s 0.1 -illion Pa$es Ser(ed Demonstrate 2urFocus on Professionalism%n 2asis of ,ews for %mericans Who Presently 'ndure the atefulensorshi* of Zionist 2ccu*ation 
5nited States3 Democratic Party
Archived at the scholarly website www.jewwatch.com from http://www.radioislam.org/judaism/mind.htm which appeared freely distributed on the Internet on January 20 200!.under "fair use" provision of copyright law #itle $% &ection $0% for scholarly study research and educational purposes.
Jewish ommunist/ass /ind6ontrol
#e't (evised and )dited by:
*t. +ol. ,ordon "Jac-" ohr 
.&. Army (etiredIntroduction by
&heldon )mry astor 
*ord1s +ovenant +hurch
This document) should wae some of the brain dead) in 5S% inand 'uro*e u*9 "t is the actual methods used to $et our *eo*les todo $lobalist e(il deeds.
",T+2D5T"2,The boolet you are about to read is an 'n$lish
*ara*hrase of a +ed ommunist :te;tboo: used both in The So(iet 5nion and in %merica to train ommunist a$ents in the art of decei(in$ non6communists with words and with false *rece*ts.
#his "te'tboo-" spells out methods which secret communists use to "alter the loyalties" of American citiens and then use those citiens especially those in government positions to ta-e control of the nation. It describes these ingenious and effective methods of "mind control" called "psychiatry" and "psychology" which are  promoted as forms of "mental healing." 3eedless to say the (eds do not want Americans to -now these are false sciences by which they gain "control of the minds of the people."4owever in the $5601s a disenchanted communist published this paraphrased version that you will read here and distributed several thousand copies to Americans. &ecret American (eds immediately ridiculed him and the boo- andtried in many ways to prevent its distribution. #hat former +ommunist died in the $5%01s and this reprinting is made to carry on his attempt to warn the American people.
#hese techni7ues are used in all 8estern 3ations not only in the nited &tates.Americans have heard of this "art" of mind control by the term "brain9washing" a term coined by )d 4unter the famous war correspondent. )d 4unter wrote a number of  boo-s in the $5601s on the methods used by #almudist +ommunists to capture whole nations  by mental subversion. 4owever )d 4unter1s  boo-s as the boo- had very little distribution in America and perhaps only a few thousands Americans really understood his warnings about mind control.
In )d 4unter1s boo- "lac- oo- on (ed +hina"he showed that the secret processes used by the (ed +hinese to capture that nation of ;00 million  people were identical to the secret techni7ues  being used in America and in )urope on the  people of the +hristian 8est< In his boo-s and in his lectures in America in the 601s and !01s )d 4unter told his audiences that the only defense against "brainwashing" was to -now how it is done. 4e argued convincingly that any person who understands the techni7ue of "brain9washing" cannot be "brainwashed." 4e said "=nowledge of brain9washing is vaccination against it." #his boo- now in your hands will give you -nowledge of that brain9washing.A great and almost secret war is being waged by #almidic +ommunists against +hristians +hristianity and the 8estern 3ations. A (ed author once wrote "oo-s are weapons in the war of ideas." #he lectures and studies in this boo- areof two weapons psychiatry and psychology that secret #almidic +ommunists use against us in our own countries. >ou may have already realied that the pseudo9sciences of psychiatry and  psychology are ruining millions of lives. 8hat you may not have -nown is that such ruination is deliberate.I pray that your reading of this their own "te'tboo-" on these two weapons will not only neutralie their "mind weapons" against you but that you in turn will use this boo- to warn othersin the world of these hidden methods the ?ionistsare using in their war to destroy ,oyim.Jesus +hrist told 4is followers "#he servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted e @they did they will also persecute you." @#hey have and they are. Jesus also said "In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good

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