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My Respectful Response

My Respectful Response

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Published by: Ralph Nathanial Wells on Dec 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Sir:It is without a doubt that the entire continent of Africa is in great peril and has existed in this state of extreme danger for many centuries. The mother of humanity has endured the most harsh of conditionsimaginable. She had to watch her husband be murder right before here eyes. Then she saw her sons anddaughters forcefully taken from between her bosom and carried away to a foreign land where theywould live a life of slavery and cruelty the likes of which had never been experienced on the earth before. And if all of this wasn't already enough; she then began to be raped by every stranger that sawher beauty from afar. Each one of them would steal more and more of her possessions until there wasnothing left but poverty, hunger, and disease for her children that remained with her. Her tears runlonger then the Nile River itself. Her pain is greater then the highest peak of Kilimanjaro. She has been pierced through the heart with a dagger sharper then the great Horn of Africa. And now she lay, for allthe world to see, on what looks like her final death bed!We, her children, who have finally matured enough to see the wrong and injustice that has beenrepeatedly done to her (some by our own brothers and sisters); are filled with anger and vengeance. Wecry foul and we want, and will accept nothing but – JUSTICE! But! Justice, its idea and concept, meansdifferent things to different people. So, while our mother is suffering on her death bed; we can't evenagree on the proper remedy to cure her. Some of us went off to the lands of those that rape our mother,and became educated in the schools and universities of the rapist. So, when they return to their mother'sside; they don't want her to die, but they don't want her to get well either: Because they have learnedhow to exploit their brothers and sisters for their own gain. And their idea and concept of justice is torule over what's left of their mother's wealth by keeping the rest of her sons and daughters face permanently pushed down in the mud. Others have accepted the religion of those who helped to kill off our spiritual Father, and now they have accepted, as their father, the white father of these murderers. Intheir mind's eye; they don't even see themselves as black anymore. Many of them hate the color of their  blackness, and have done unspeakable things to their skin to appear less black. For them; our mother isan evil bad woman, and she needs to die, so their white adulterous and murderous father can takeownership of all her children, and these will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Others feel that byimmolating the lying governments of the murderers, which shines like a beacon of purity while, at thesame time, uses trickery and treachery to force it's will on other nations; will be the cure for our motherland. Still others, of us, are filled with so much anger that they have shut down all their reasoning capacity and all day long they cry – war – War – WAR!All of our mother's children shout the same words of justice and unification, but for each, the idea andthe concept is different. So, when they all gather around the same table; they each insist on their remedy as the cure for our mother, and that's when the shouting begins and never is a cure agreed upon.Dear honorable sir, forgive me if my cynicism has offended you, as I truly respect your heart felt desireto see the unification of all our mother's children, but I no longer believe that a resolution for the cureof our motherland can be achieve by the efforts of human hands alone: For it is clear to me, at least,that the children are suffering from a much worse condition then the patient that is our mother. And I'mreminded of the proverb, “Physician heal thyself.”If the children are terminally ill; how, then, can they heal their mother's sickness? Shouldn't they firstseek a cure that will heal their mind, body, and soul! Then, once we are better, we can then focus on
helping to be a part of the solution for our motherland!The cure that will heal us all has now been discovered. It may not be the solution that most of us wantto hear or believe for that matter, but it is the only solution that will return us back to our rightful position of world leaders, and our mother back to being the world capitol once again. And, as I havestated on more then one occasion, I have always been willing to travel anywhere in the world to sharethis cure with any group that has made at least the minimum effort of reading the letters,www.nukeyofknowledge.comthat I have written. This puts us on even terms, so I can speak freelywithout limitation and hesitation in presenting the answers we all truly seek.So Sir, my most humble response to the challenge you have put before me is: I'm willing to dowhatever it takes to help awaken our people from their long sleep from true knowledge, which is our sickness!
By David L. Horne, Ph.D
After thousands of conferences, Ndabas, roundtable discussions, forums and meetingstalking about the need to unify for positive action, action is now upon us. From January,2010 to December, 2010, the DECADE OF THE DIASPORA has now been formallyannounced in OUR WEEKLY in California by the Sixth Region Diasporan Caucus/PADU.The unity and partnership of African descendant folks now has a specific time frame inwhich to focus the highest levels of its creativity, innovation, hard work and goal-directedenergy to accomplish the United States of Africa, aka, Union of African States, in an all-out progressive assault. Failure is not and will not be an option. Why that
raison d’etre
?African descendants have flailed away in individual pursuits towards the restoration of dignity, esteem and respect in over 70 countries for a long time. Although there have beennotable successes---the election of President Barack Obama, for example, or the release of  Nelson Mandela, the ascendancy of Barbados, and the creation of the Central AmericanBlack Organization, the continuing attempt to organize the European Diaspora under acommon set of principles, among others---Black folks in general are still at the bottom of most measures of power, leverage and significance in the world. As Marcus Garvey andmany others have said, until Africa is unified as a force to be reckoned with, Black folkswherever they are will remain disregarded and dispossessed. In order to be truly free,Africa must be operationally united. In order for Africans living in other parts of the worldto be truly respected in affiliation with Africas transformation, the Diaspora mustsubstantially help push this tremendous rock back up the hill. The Diaspora cannot share inthe harvest without fully participating in the tillage and labor.The DECADE OF THE DIASPORA is the time period in which African folk here, thereand across the globe will rise to the challenge of bringing themselves back from obscurity,and within which the Diaspora will demonstrate clearly that it is indeed the 6
Region of Africa and the missing piece of the necessary puzzle to bring all the king’s horses and allthe king’s men and women back together again.During this period, the Diaspora will substantially unify itself internally, so that it canmore effectively help continental Africa unify itself totally. That work has already begun in

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