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Basic English Chapter5

Basic English Chapter5

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Published by chaouen

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Published by: chaouen on Jan 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 5 :
Asking for Directions
First National Bank Metro Zoo
Sunny Beach
 Lewis Boulevard 
Charlie Chapin CinemaPost OfficeHugo´sGym
Conversation Practice :
Jack : How do I get to the
First National Bank 
 Sunny Beach
.Tim : Walk along
Lewis Boulevard
past the
Metro Zoo
. Itis right next to
Joe’s Super Burgers
on the northside of the street.Jack : Thanks a lot you’ve been a real help !Tim : Your welcome. Is it your first time in Jacksonville ?Jack : Well, we just moved here from Toronto so we are stillgetting used to the city.Tim: Oh, welcome to Jacksonville. I’m sure I´ll see youaround sometime.Jack : Yeah. Thanks again.
Direction vocabulary :
walk up on the right next to across fromwalk down on the left between besidewalk along on the north side in front of southnorth on the south side of east westdown the ... up the ...
 Joe’s Super Burger
Practice asking for directions with a classmate using the street sceneabove. Substitute the different locations and direction vocabulary in yourconversations.Common Conversations about Directions
  Do you know where the washrooms are ?
Franco : Excuse me, do you know where the washrooms are ?Lisa : Yes, they are down the hall on your left.Franco : Thanks a lot.Lisa : No problem.
Cultural note
In English the washrooms can also be called the restrooms, thebathrooms, the men’s room, and the ladies room. Some slang expressions include; the canand the john. Generally, it is not impolite to ask for the washrooms and it isn’t necessary toexcuse yourself when you need to use them..
 Is there a payphone near here ?
Rosemary : Excuse me. Is there a payphone near here?Caroline : Yes, I think so. I think there is one across the streetin front of the travel agency.Rosemary . Do you know if it takes calling cards ?Caroline : No, I’m sorry. I have no idea.Rosemary : Okay, well thanks anyway. I´ll check for myself.Caroline : Good luck. Bye.Rosemary.: Oh, bye. Thanks for your help.Caroline : Don’t mention it. **
 Don´t mention it 
means the same as ;
It’s no problem
. or 
It’s nothing 
. or 
You’re welcome
Where is the airport, please ?
: Can you tell me where the airport is, please?
 Hotel clerk 
: Certainly, sir. You drive west along Bloor St. until you come to a sign that says highway 401.Turn right at the sign and continue north along highway401 until you see a sign for the airport on your left.Take the exit marked terminal.
: Could you write that down for me, please.
 Hotel clerk 
: Sure, no problem, sir.
: Thanks a lot you have really been helpful.

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