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The Nassau News 01/21/10

The Nassau News 01/21/10

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Published by jessica315
The January 21, 2010 edition of The Nassau News
The January 21, 2010 edition of The Nassau News

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Published by: jessica315 on Jan 27, 2010
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The Nassau News
Juy 21, 2010
   P   O   S   T   A   L   P   A   T   R   O   N
   T   H   E   N   A   S   S   A   U   N   E   W   S   P .   O .   B  o  x   8   3   7   Y  u   l  e  e ,   F   L   3   2   0   4   1   P   R   S   R   T   S   T   D   U .   S .   P   O   S   T   A   G   E   P   A   I   D   c   A   L   L   A   H   A   N ,   F   L   P  e  r  m   i   t   N  o .   5   0
FErnandIna BEach
By Luen Jones
For Brian Green, restoringold cars is all about seeing thenished product.Green and his father Ran-dy own Green’s Rod Shop inCallahan and have been inbusiness for six years.Fixing cars was just a hob-by at rst for the father andson team, but Brian says they got lucky enough to make aliving out of it.Randy turned his son onto restoring old cars at anearly age. He gave Brian a1934 Chevrolet when he was only 13 years old. It washis high school graduationpresent ve years later afterthey restored it together. Bri-an then sold it after two yearsand bought a 1930 Chevro-let, had it a year, sold it andbuilt a 1932 Ford. He soldthat in 1998 and since then,he says he hasn’t had time forhis own work. He focuses histime on customers’ projectsalong with his father and afew other employees in theshop.Green’s Rod Shop, on USHwy. 1 in Callahan does work on cars brought in by people from all over. Briansays most of their work isfor people out of town whoheard about about their shopthrough word of mouth.Green’s doesn’t have to adver-tise too often.Te Green’s have done work on cars from as early as 1910 to the mid 1970s.Tey usually have ve to sixprojects going on at once andone restoration can take upto a year, depending on thecustomers’ desires.Te Green’s have been inCallahan for generations.Brian was born and raisedthere and attended WestNassau High School. Hismother and father were alsoborn and raised in Callahan.Tey will do any type of restoration except for in-teriors. Tey do most-ly what they callframe o, whenthey taketheframeofthebody of the car and com-pletely redo it. Tey also xa lot of rust and redo theengine. But Green says thepainting and body work is what takes the most time. At the moment, a nished1952 blue Pontiac, a 1968red Cadillac and a 1957black Tunderbird are sittingin the garage of the shop. TeCadillac and the Pontiac be-long to an 83-year-old wom-an who knew exactly whatshe wanted on both cars. Onthe Cadillac, she told Brianshe wanted side pipes, forthe car to move up and downand Lamborghini doors, where they open upward.Ever since her husbanddied, the woman has wantedto carry on his legacy andlove of cars. She takes themto car shows with her daugh-ter and has what you couldcall a unique taste.“She is something else,”Brain laughed.Te Green’s try to make itto Shades of the Past, an an-nual car show in ennessee where 5,000 cars are broughtto compete for the best look-ing car. Te rst two carsBrian and his father restored won the top 25 in the show each year.“It’s rough right now withthe economy, but I’m glad Ican do this and make a liv-ing,” Brian said.
For the love of cars
Luel heJmes WoosMti Woos
Te Florida House Inn, closed on Mon-day, January 18 after being behind on taxesin 2008 and 2009. It was the oldest operatinghotel in Florida.Michael Love, nance director for the Nas-sau County ax Collector’s Oce says theowners, Joe and Diane Warwick owed closeto $1,900 in tangible personal property taxes.Te Warwicks bought the house in 2005and xed a lot of the disrepair. Tey decidedto close it after facing foreclosure.Te building was built in 1857 and housedCivil War ocers as well as famous icons lat-er such as Oliver Hardy, Mary Pickford andHenry Ford.Love says they owed taxes for the past twoyears which accrued an interest rate of 18 per-cent and continue to do so.“It’s a tremendous building. I hope it opensagain, by [the Warwicks] or someone else,”Love said.
Th Floid HouInn clo doo
Randy (left) and Brian (right) Green have owned Green’s RodShop in Callahan for six years.
Te Nassau County Sheri’s Oce nally caught up to all three people involved in autoburglaries dating back to early September.On September 8, it was reported two suspectsentered a vehicle, stole $20 worth property and were seen walking the neighborhood that samenight and ran when police responded.One hour later the credit card was used at aMcDonalds for $87.20 worth of food. One of thepassengers, Martin Woods got out of the car toget a straw at the same McDonalds. Woods waslater found to have stolen credit and debit cards,cash and a gun from several vehicles in the Yuleearea.On January 7, Harden was arrested in a relatedcase with the credit card. He told detectives he re-membered taking the co-defendants Martin and James Woods to Barnwell Road and waiting forthem to call at the Huddle House. When they did, he went back to Barnwell Road and pickedthem up. Tey then went to Kingsland, GA forgas and to the same McDonalds on the video.Harden said he did not eat the food they orderedbut only remembered it being a big order. Hehad an argument with Martin and James Woods.Tey told him if he drove them to break into ve-hicles they would buy him gas. James Woods, 28 along with Laurel Harden, Jr., 53 and Martin Woods, 26, all of Yulee are be-ing held in the Nassau County Detention Centeron charges of burglary to a vehicle, grand theft,armed burglary to a vehicle and petit theft.
If you want to know justhow much Nassau County has grown, take a drivedown A1A at ve o’clock. Yes it is ocial, we have arush hour. It is not JBby any means but it is cer-tainly not the same quietroad it was twenty yearsago. With all the growththat we have experiencedover the past few years, it isvery easy to forget that themajority of this county isstill rural.Te quick pace of the city has gradually trickled down to our area and there are a tonof people who have forgotten what this county  was built around. Small business owners in thehidden corners have kept this county prosper-ous for decades. We spend so much time yingaround that we do not take the time to openour eyes and ears and realize there are endlessopportunities to take advantage of right nextdoor. A great example of this is horseback riding. When was the last time you traveled on some-thing without turning the key to the ignition?I am sure that it has been a while, if ever. Hereis a great chance to change your prospective.ucked right in the heart of Nassauville is Os-borne Quarter Horses, LLC.Sherri Osborne oers lessons for all ages. If you are already an experienced rider, she alsooers trail and beach rides as well. Her farm islocated at 95119 Osborne rail in FernandinaBeach, 32034. You can also reach her at 904-753-1155. For small children she has ponies.My daughter has taken several rides on Spanky,a gentle pony and has learned many techniquesin a short time. Not only do you learn how toride a horse but you learn responsibilities suchas saddling up and cooling down.Sherri also incorporates Labrador retrieversinto her business. She breeds champion labsand sells beautiful puppies. Even if you already own a lab, she does training as well. Your mis-behaving canine could be a well behaved dog within weeks with the help of the Osbornes.If you are interested in the services of theOsbornes, their email address is www.os-
Ryan Conner
Outdoor actiities in Nassau
Rilyn Connor enjoys riding on Spanky, a ponyat the Osborne farm.
The Nassau
Mti Lute Kig dy Pe
Page 4
ot. o pge 4
hilliMile-SeiohIg Soolemembesollegue
Page 2
Stuets of teWeek 
Page 8
By Luen Jones
Te NassauCounty Sheri’s Of-ce arrested one of their own on ues-day, January 19.Kenneth aylor was arrested for un-lawful compensa-tion or reward for ocial be-havior in violation of FloridaStatute 838.016, a seconddegree felony.aylor was receiving kick-backs as a purchasing agentfor Amsoil Incorpo-rated, an oil compa-ny the sheri’s ocepurchases from.Sheri Seagravesconducted a two week investigation.Seagraves said hereviewed invoices which seemed sus-picious. In the lastsix months, the purchasingorders were slightly higherthan normal. Seagraves thennoticed a race car with the Amsoil decal on it that per-sonally belonged to aylor.Seagraves then inquired with Amsoil if aylor was adealer for the oil company, which they conrmed.aylor had been receiv-ing this compensation sinceMarch 2002. He started theposition in September 2001.Te total amount he gained was $2,921.17. His bond isset at $25,002.“Other than that, he’s beena good employee. He doeshis work and we haven’t hadany other disciplinary issuesor problems with him,” Sea-graves said.
Sherif’s employee arrested
Keet Tylo
 January 21, 2010
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The Nassau News
Tese reports are based on information supplied by the Nassau County S
heri’s Oce. Anyone whose name appears in the reports cancontact Te Nassau News if the case is dismissed, charges are reduced, or they are acquitted of the charges. Call 225-5100, or e-maillaurenjones@thenassaunews.com. Please be prepared to provide documentation of the developments.
Following are upcoming public meetings in Nassau County.
(Commissionchambers at the James S. PageGovernment Complex, 96135 NassauPlace in Yulee. They can be reached at 904-491-7380.)
6 p.m. Moy, J. 256 p.m. Moy, Feb. 8
(Nassau County School Board District Ofce building,1201 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach,unless otherwise noted. They can bereached at 904-491-9900)
6:30 p.m. Tusy, J. 286 p.m. Tusy, Feb. 11
Their ofce can bereached at 904-227-7305.)
6 p.m. Tuesy, Feb. 26 p.m. Tuesy, Feb. 16
Their ofce can be reached at 904-879-3801.)
7 p.m. Moy, Feb. 17 p.m. Moy, Feb. 18
Their ofce can be reached at 614-876-7361,ext. 789..)
7 p.m. Tusy, J. 217 p.m. Tusy, Feb. 47 p.m. Tusy, Feb. 18
Monday, January 11
Shawn Curtis,
19 of Jacksonville was arrestedfor fraud; uttering a false check.
Laura cConnell,
32 of Kingsland, GA was ar-rested for petit theft and domestic battery.
 Jack Higgs,
54 of Yulee was arrested for makingharassing telephone calls.
Artay Knight
, 20 of Folkston, GA was arrestedfor driving without a license, suspended orrevoked.
George Hix
, 60 of Fernandina Beach was ar-rested for DUI.
Alger Sluder,
24 of Callahan was arrested fordriving without a license, suspended or revoked.
 Justin cDonald,
24 of Folkston, GA was ar-rested for driving without a license, suspendedor revoked.
Wednesday, January 13
Pamela Pace,
20 of Yulee was arrested for utter-ing a forged instrument. Four times throughout2009, she wrote false checks at the Wachoviabank in Yulee.
Cynthia Hubbard,
41 of Hilliard was arrestedfor cruelty to animals.
Sam Lucero,
38 of Middleburg, FL was arrestedfor violation of parole for aggravated stalkingand throwing and shooting deadly missiles.
atthew Wells,
36 of Fernandina Beach wasarrested for principal theft. He stole a woman’spurse and took money out of it and left it in themen’s bathroom of the Palace Saloon.
Christopher Burks
, 37 of Yulee was arrested forlewd and lascivious battery.
vetta hompson
, 36 of Hilliard was arrested forDUI.
Christina Heathcott
, 36 of Callahan was ar-rested for DUI.
onta Wingate
, 51 of St. Petersburg, FL was ar-rested for driving without a license, suspendedor revoked.
Douglas Stewart,
27 of Fernandina Beach wasarrested for the sale and delivery of marijuana.
 Joyce artin
, 56 of Fernandina Beach was ar-rested for aggravated battery.
Brandon Burnette
, 24 of Hilliard was arrestedfor possession with intent to sell marijuana andresisting an arrest.
 Jonathan oker
, 42 of Fernandina Beach wasarrested for writing worthless checks.
obert Peck 
, 22 of Fernandina Beach was ar-rested for domestic battery.
ichael Peck 
, 20 of Fernandina Beach was ar-rested for domestic battery.
Kimberly ambo
, 42 of Hilliard was arrested fordomestic battery.
Friday, January 15
ifany esser
, 20 of Yulee was arrested forDUI.
 Jose Guadalupe
, 26 of Yulee was arrested fornot having a driver’s license.
 John Junior
, 44 of Fairfax, SC was arrested fornot having a driver’s license.
Bobby Williams
, 58 of Jacksonville was arrestedfor fraud, uttering a false instrument.
Frank Carer
, 24 of Fernandina Beach wasarrested for grand theft and dealing in stolenproperty.
 James Gilliard
, 23 of Jacksonville was arrestedfor possession of a controlled substance andmarijuana.
obert Pyatt
, Jr., 34 of Goldsboro, NC wasarrested for failure to submit to inspection anddriving without a license, suspended or revokedwith knowledge.
saturday, January 16
 James Green
, 18 of Fernandina Beach was ar-rested for possession of drug paraphernalia andmarijuana.
rin Spann
, 35 of Fernandina Beach was ar-rested for DUI.
Gregory antegna
, 53 of Wilmington, NC wasarrested for bypassing inspection and DUI.
Cody artin
, 19 of Fernandina Beach was ar-rested for possession of drug paraphernalia andmarijuana.
Daid Bunk 
, 46 of Fernandina Beach was ar-rested for DUI.
Kenneth Jones
, 36 of Miami, FL was arrested forDUI and driving while license is suspended.
Stephanie Wilson
, 30 of Fernandina Beach wasarrested for domestic battery.
victoria Paden
, 20 of Kingsland, GA was ar-rested for possession of alcohol under the ageof 21, obstruction by disguise and unlawful useof a driver’s license.
sunday, January 17
Brittaney Arias
, 23 of Yulee was arrested fordomestic battery.
Stuart Hamer
, 36 of Fernandina Beach wasarrested for DUI, reckless driving and refused tosign his citation.
Shennell Lambert
, 47 of Jacksonville was ar-rested for driving without a license, suspendedor revoked.
Williard Osibin
, II, 50 of San Fransisco wasarrested for operating truck while his license issuspended.
Monday, January 18
 Jerry Langley
, 54 of Hilliard was arrested fordomestic battery by strangulation.
rais homas
, 39 of Laurelville, OH was ar-rested for possession of drug paraphernalia andmarijuana.
tuesday, January 19
Chad Brown,
31 of Callahan was arrested fordomestic battery.
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Brystol and Donna Myers are pleased to announce the selectionof our daughter Brittany Myers for the People to People’s Student Am-bassador Program. Fourteen student delegates from N.E. Florida wereselected to represent America as Ambassadors to Australia. She willtravel to the land down under for twenty days in June with educatorsfrom Jacksonville and surrounding areas. People to People Internation-al was founded by President Dwight D Eisenhower in 1956 to bridgecultural and political borders through education and exchange, makingthe world a better place for future generations. Since its conceptionthere have been nine US Presidents serve as honorary chairman. Presi-dent Eisenhower’s great granddaughter Mary Jean Eisenhower serves asPresident and CEO today.Brittany is a junior at Yulee High School. She is a member of theNational Honor Society, ri-M Music Honor society, a member andStudent Vice President of the Yulee High School Band, an Honor Stu-dent aking Honors and Advance placement classes. We will be havingvarious fundraisers to pay for the trip which costs $7,200. If you wouldlike to help by making a donation or sponsoring her for this once in alifetime experience please make contributions for Brittany into specialaccount number 702800617 routing number 263079276 at VystarCredit Union, through March 18. If you would like to learn moreabout People to People International, visit www.ptpi.org.
Donna Myers, Yulee 
Mrs. Patricia Alderman,Hilliard Middle-Senior HighSchool’s wonderful mediacenter paraprofessional,passed away on Sunday, January 17, following a brief illness.“Miss Pat,” as she wascalled by generations of Hilliard students and par-ents, worked in the schoollibrary for a total of 38years. Her strong knowledgeof the school library made itpossible for her to help eve-ryone who came into the me-dia center—sta, students,visitors—Miss Pat greetedthem all, teased many of them and helped anyone who neededanything from her. Her great smile, terric laugh and uniquesense of humor will be missed by everyone at school.Te homecoming service for Miss Pat will be held this Sat-urday at noon at the River of Praise Worship Center in Yulee.
Hilliard scHool losescolleague and friend
Ptii alem
 January 21, 2010
Rev. Bob Phelps
Amelia Island,Fernandina Beach, YuleeOnline Obituaries & Condolences atwww.greenpinefuneral.com
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Leo “Honey” Vest 
Leo “Honey” Vest, 63, passed away Sunday morning, January 17 at his Yulee home surround-ed by his loving family. He was born December8, 1946 in Princeton, WV and moved to Yulee in1983 from Jacksonville. He retired from South-eastern Aluminum in Jacksonville where he wasemployed for over 30 years. Mr. Vest was a devot-ed husband, father and grandfather and a mentorto many. He loved shing and going to Starbucksevery morning with his son, Larry and brother,Vernal. He also enjoyed an evening smoke andbeer with his brother and son, Chris. He and his wife, Frances, have been intimately involved inhelping disabled people for many years. Mr. Vestdearly loved his wife and she loved him. Survi-vors include his wife of 44 years, Frances Vest of  Yulee; three sons, Larry L. Vest, Jr., Chris Vestand Michael Burcheld, all of Yulee; a daughter, Wanita Vest, also of Yulee; one brother, VernalVest of Yulee; two sisters, Sadie St. Clair (Frank)of Cedartown, GA and Lovah Fralick (Crolie) of Princeton, WV; three grandchildren, Bailey, Ash-ton and Owen, all of Yulee; and numerous aunts,uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers-in-law, niecesand nephews. Funeral services were held on ues-day, January 19, at North View Baptist Church,422 New Berlin Road in Jacksonville with PastorBrooks Monk ociating. In lieu of owers, thefamily suggests memorial donations be made to“Hey Bud,” an organization dedicated to assist-ing developmentally delayed individuals. For in-formation on making donations, contact FrancesVest at 904-225-2331. Arrangements by GreenPine Funeral Home, Amelia Island, FernandinaBeach, Yulee.
The NassauNews
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Variety is one of the most distinctive char-acteristics of the American church. If you’renot happy with your current church relation-ship for some reason, chances are there arelots of dierent options availableto you. If you’ve never developed arelationship with Christ or with hischurch, it may be because you havesome preconceived ideas about what church people are like. Visitsto three dierent churches on threedierent weekends would probably prove at least some of those pre-conceptions wrong. Each churchhas its own understanding of whatit means to glorify God and toserve God’s people. Some go afterthose goals with a strong sense of mission. Others see worship astheir primary mission. eaching and learningis central in the minds of others. Some con-gregations are faithful enough to try to do allthose things and more.I have a friend who pastors a church in anarea of the country where tornadoes occur of-ten. A new couple in his community began to worship with that congregation shortly afterthey moved there. Tey began to participatein educational programs and other things inaddition to coming to worship on Sunday.Te newcomers were more actively involvedthan many people who had been membersfor generations. As pastors are prone to do,my friend found time to talk with the cou-ple of becoming members of the church. He was a little surprised when they toldhim they weren’t ready. Tey saidthey were satised to visit and par-ticipate in things when they could,but weren’t ready to make the com-mitment that membership involved.Shortly after their conversation,one of that area’s tornadoes whippedthrough, doing lots of damage tohomes, schools and other parts of the community. Very soon after thestorm had passed, church membersgathered at the church, which hadnot been damaged by the storm,to plan how they could help theircommunity. Working with other churchesin their area, they established a community support center in their church building, aplace where people could come to get food,clothing and other kinds of help, a place from where volunteers could meet with others andgo out to clean up, rebuild and help in other ways. Te church also provided a quiet roomfor people to just get away from the painfulrealities the storm had brought. A day or two after the storm, the tired pas-tor looked up to greet those recent newcom-ers to his church. Tey had come to see how they could help. As they helped the pastorand others distribute food that day, they said,“We’ve decided that we’re ready to becomemembers of this church. We have been soimpressed with the way we’ve been greetedand treated here, but seeing how this churchhelped everyone in this time of crisis has con-vinced us that this is the kind of church we want to be part of.”It doesn’t have to take a disaster for us toreach out to people in our community. Nas-sau County churches do it every day. Church-es here are responding even this week to thedisaster in Haiti. Some are sending money.Some are sending people. Many are praying.Churches in our community oer help topeople in all kinds of physical and spiritualneeds.One of those churches is right for you. Itmay be the one I serve. It may be another.Tink about what kind of a church it is thatyou want to be part of. Ten set out to nda place where God is and use your gifts, abili-ties and interests. I’ll bet it won’t take long.May God bless us as we continue to respondto God’s call to worship, grow and serve to-gether.
Bob Phelps is pastor of Providence Presbyte-rian Church, 96537 Parliament Drive, o Old Nassauville Road. www.providenceyulee.com
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