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Edgar Oballance

Edgar Oballance

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Published by Hisham Zayat

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Published by: Hisham Zayat on Jan 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Edgar O'Ballance
List of illustrationsList of mapsPrefaceAcknowledgements1 The Middle East Mirage2 Operation Spark 3 Operation Badr 4 Fortress Israel5 Storming the Bar Lev Line6 Israeli Hesitation and Confusion7 The Syrians Attack 8 The Egyptians Attack 9 General Reaction10 Stalemate on the Eastern Front11 On the West Bank 12 The Ruptured Cease-Fire13 War in the Air 14 War at Sea15 In Retrospect
Egyptians landing from rubber assault boatsLadders used to scale sand rampartsCapture of a Bar Lev Line fortEgyptian RangersIsraeli infantrymen in foxholesKnocked-out Syrian tanks near Red RidgeIsraelis repair damaged tanks of Golan PlateauEgyptian armour crashing bridgeQuay fort after surrender Egyptian infantrymen in the SinaiIsraeli armour advancing toward Suez CanalIsraeli armour on Golan HeightsIsraeli long-range artilleryJordanian soldiers on Golan PlateauJordanian brigade commander and staff Israeli observation postIsraeli armour near Deversoir Israeli soldiers at Sweet Water CanalPort Suez after Israeli bombardmentEgyptian SAM-2 baseIsraelis recovering SAM-3 missileEgyptian MiG in flamesBlazing oil tanks at Latakia Harbour Traditional broom on mast of Israeli missile boat 
1 The Concentrated Strike of over 200 Egyptian Aircraft, 6 October 1973 2 Egyptian Pictorial Presentation of Assault Crossing, 6 October 1973 3 Occupation of the Bar Lev Line Forts 
4 Egyptian Penetration of the East Bank  5 Israeli Map Showing Plan for an Assault Crossing of the Canal 6 Israeli Counterattacks from 6 - 8 October 1973 7 The Syrian Attack on the Golan Plateau, 6-10 October 1973 8 Stalemate of the Syrian Front, 11-22 October 1973 9 Iraqi /Jordanian Objectives, 16 October 1973 10 Jordanian Participation in Combined Iraqi/Jordanian Attack, 16 October 1973 11 Combined Iraqi/Jordanian Attack, 16 October 1973 12 On the West Bank, 16-24 October 1973 13 Egyptian Pictorial Presentation of Positions at Start of Cease-fire, 28 October 1973 14 The Naval Theatre 
The October War brought many surprises that jolted current military thinking out of its WorldWar II rut and provoked wide-ranging reassessments. It was a war that was not wanted by either the Israelis, the Russians, or the Americans, but once it had begun, both America and Russia feltcompelled to sustain their proteges for reasons of prestige and the superpower struggle. Theysent replacement arms, ammunition, and equipment in quantities that escalated widely, as neither superpower wanted to see the side it was supporting defeated completely on the field of battle.Broadly speaking, perhaps the Arabs, who wanted the war, gained the most. Despite the fact thatin a purely military sense it was a dream contest, it did serve to break the almost crystalised,stultifying state of No Peace, No War, which seemed to be to everyone's advantage except their own.This comprehensive account is compiled from the results of my interviews, researches, and visits both to the countries involved and the actual battlefields, where I "walked the course" withofficers who had taken part in the fighting. With the second cease-fire, which seemed to bringmore advantages to the Arabs than to the Israelis, came the myth-makers. Both Arabs andIsraelis are now trying to convince themselves, and the world at large, that they won the war and, but for the intervention of the superpowers, would have won it more decisively. This is notexactly correct, and I cannot arrive at a deduction that is wholly favourable to one side or theother.Some would rather I had omitted certain information or comments, played down certain aspectsand overemphasised others. This I was unable to do, as I wished to compile an accurate,contemporary, warts-and-all history, at this distance of time and in this myth-makingatmosphere.There are still grey and disputed areas, contradictory reports which are difficult to reconcile,official silences on certain details, and overeffusive explanations on others. Lips are sealed onsome matters while tongues wag incessantly on others, as so many of the personalities involved,aware that they have become historical figures, are anxious that the warts first be removed beforethe recording pen begins to write.
Most of the information contained in this book, some exclusive at the time of writing, has been personally gained during briefings, interviews, discussions, and visits to battlefields, centers of instruction, and units. However, I would like to make grateful acknowledgement to the authors,

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