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Andrews Genealogy

Andrews Genealogy

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Published by Jeff Martin
Andrews Genealogy- family of John Andrews of Eliot and York, Maine.
Andrews Genealogy- family of John Andrews of Eliot and York, Maine.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Jeff Martin on Feb 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. JOHN-
 b.c.1600m. c.1640
JOANE ______ 
(b.c.1621, m.2 Sept. 1671 Philip Atwell, living in 1688)d. June 1671 York, MEJohn was a farmer in 1648, and lived in Eliot until 1649 when he sold his land and became the first settler at the head of the Braveboat Harbor in York. He was on the jury in 1651 and the grand Jury 1663-64."Oct.16, 1651We present Joane Andrews, the wife of John Andrews for an infamous scould and a breaker of the peaceand for Conteming Authority in abusing the Governor. It is ordered by this court that Joane Andrews iseither forthwith to pay forty shillings fine, or else to receive corporall punishment by having 25 stripesupon the bare skine. John Andrews stands bound for his wifes appearance at the next court in the bond of tenn pounds, for her good behaviour."(
)"We present John Dymond & Joane Andrews for Suspition of incontinency. John Dimond Fined 40s and anact of Seperation is mayd in Court that John Dimond & Joane Andrews are not to Keep company one withanother." (
)"March 5, 1651/2We present Joane Andrews for a Make bayte, making Contention & abusing Goody Mendum whereby sheeforfeited her bond upon her good behaviour, for which it is ordered that she is to have twenty Lashes witha whipp upon the bare skine." Joane had called Ms.Mendum 'an Indean Hoare'. (
)30 June 1653Joane Andrews was in court for "abusing of a grand jury man per manly threatening and reviling speeches."(
)"Oct.25,1653Wee present Joane the wife of John Andrews for selling a firkine of butter to Mr. Nicholas Davis whichhad two stones In it contayneing foureteen pounds 2 oz in weight. This presentment owned by JoaneAndrews, & John Andrews her husband is bound in a bond of five pounds that Joane his wife shall stand Ina Towne Meeteing at yorke & In a Towne meeteing att Kittery till 2 Howres bee expired with her offencewritten upon a paper In Cappitall Letters pinned upon her forehead." On the same day, 25 Oct.1653,Thomas Withers presented testimony he said was given by Joane Andrews. Joane denied on oath givingthat testimony. (
)June29,1654"Joane Andrews as itt in Court appeareth for stealeing of certen thinges from Mary Hayle in way of restitution is to restoore unto the sayd M:Hayle thyrty shillings & to pay in 20s to the County Treasury &14s to the Constable, which shee refuseing itt is to bee ordered by the Court to have Corporall punishment."(
)6July1657"Wee present Gowan Willson for frequenting the house of John Andrews suspitiously at unseasonabletymes & for his daly accompaniing of him selfe with Joane Andrews up & downe Pischataqua River aboutfrivelous Occasions, whereby the sd Willson doth neglect his owne wife, children & family, and beingwarned by a graind Jury man from the evill of his was who tould him that it hee would not disist from thatCourse hee would Complayne of him to the Court to his shame. Willsons answere was, that hee would notrefrayne that house till he was Constrayned by the Court to leave itt.
In reference to Gowan Willsons offences, first this [Court] Injoyneth an Act of seperation betweene the sdWillson & Joane Andrews, & Gowan Willson doth Ingage him selfe unto the Treasure of this County uponthe forfiture of Tenn pounds not to come frequently nor unseasonably into the Company of Joane Andrews.2ly Gowan Willson & Joseph Attkinson due binde them selves in a bond of tenn pounds that the aforesdWillson shall appeare before the Court Houlden at Strawbery banke on Twesday next to putt in goodsecurity for his good behaviour to the valew of tenn pounds relateing to his misdemeanurs. Testes RobertWadleigh, Mis Gunnisun.Gowan paiing 5s the officers fees with an admonition is discharged.Wee present Joane Andrews the wife of John Andrews for frequenting the Company of Gowan Willson atunseasonable tymes at home & abroad very suspitiously to the great discontent of the wife of the saidWillson. Witness Robert Wadleigh, Mis Gunnisson.Joane Andrews stands alsoe bound on the forfiture of Tenn pounds by this Act of seperation made now bythis Court not to come unseasonably nor suspitiously in Gowan Willson Company."(
)"Wee present Joane Andrews the wife of John Andrews for threatening Goody Whitte at Yorke In a prufayne manner saiing that shee would sweare her self to the Divill but shee would bee avenged of her &shee sware 2 or thrise by the name of god in a profayne manner. Witness Frances Whitte, MagdelineWiggin.Wee present Joane Andrews the wife of John Andrews for Contempt of Authority In saiing shee Cared nota Toard for Rishworth nor any Magestrate in the world. Witness Frances Whitte, Magdeline WigginJoane Andrews for her profayne sweareing & Contempt of authority is Censured by this Court to beecarried out to the post & to have Twenty Lashes given her on the bare skine.Upon the pronounceing of this sentence against Joane Andrews, diverse allegations being make that sheewas with child, on which Consideration the Court ordereth that in lew of those 20 stripes, five pounds shall bee payd unto the County Treasurer within 3 moenths, which John Andrews Ingageth to pay in presence of this Court.Joane Andrews being taken In a ly is to answere for it in the next Court.Joane Andrews from 2 of her presentments is acquitted & with an admonition paiing 10s the officers fees isdischarged."(
)1660Joane Andrews was fined 10s for "being overtaken in drinke". (
)June12,1666Wee present Joane Andrews for breaking of the Kings Peace. Joane Andrews for her offences is adjudged by the Court to bee carried to the poast & there to have 18 lashes on the bare skine. Which on the 16th dayof this instant June were given to her by John Parker the pryson Keeper at Yorke whereby John Andrews isdischarged from his bond of Tenn Pounds.Wee Present John Andrews as an high offender against God, & for swearing by the life of God & blood of Christ, & that hee was beyond God & above the heavens & the stars, at which tyme the sayd Andrews didseeme to have drunke two much & did at that tyme Call those witness doggs, toads & hoores bird. WitnessEdward Ball, George Palmer."(
On July 4,1671 Joane was granted administrator on the estate of her husband, "who by a common fame isdeceased" and within a few months she married Philip Atwell, but soon put him out and called herself Andrews. In 1688 Edmund Gatch beat the aged woman.In addition to the parents, the children also got into trouble:Mr. Roger Kelly had had William Hilton jailed for assaulting James Neale. The depositions were taken 20Dec.1677 before Peter Twisden, Commissioner from the New Hampshire Court. Depositions by NicholasBickford, Nathan Quick and James Neele.Roger Kelly's Boat, moored in Smuttynose Cove, shortly afterwards was cast adrift. Soon after this JohnAndrews, Samson White and William Hilton, "comming home along to the said Kelly's dore of his house,and threatening his men to come out" and fight-which they did not - "but the said Hilton, Andrews andWhite" being charged with casting her off, Samson White took hold of John Ashe by his neckcloth as hestood at said Kelly's door.Depositions of Robert Andros (age 25) Sampson White John Andros (Andrews) and John Flea:Friday night Dec.14, being in the house of Mr.Ruben Hull and hearing an outcry went out to the end of thehouse and did see Henry Harvey, James Nealle and John Ashe have holt of William Hilton by the collar,and several of Mr. Roger Kelly's men surrounding said Hilton. Nathan Quicke (age 35) saw William Hilton violently strike Roger Kelly's servant James Neele with an oar.Henry Harvey (age 28) saw William Hilton run at James Neele and strike his down with an oar or a boat'sforemast, and strike him several blows after he was down.Elisha Barton (age 22) saw William Hilton passing by Mr. Kelly's door, Henry Harvey called him lubber and logerhead. Said Hilton told said Harvey If he had anything to say to him he should come to him. Thensaid Harvey with James Neele and John Ash went out and he did run into Mr. Hull's yard "and took up asmall canno ower to defend himself, but whether he did strike one of them I know not."John Ashe (age 22) saw John Andrews and William Hilton cast off the moorings of Mr. Kelly's boat.Clement Hardy encouraging them. When I got home John Andrews, Sampson White and William Hiltonwere challenging Mr.Kelly's family to come out and fight saying we should not make fast on Mallago side.(
)July6,1657"Wee present the children of John Andrews of Kittery, Saraih & Joane Andrews, Sarah Andrews for  breakeing in to the house of Robert Wadleigh & Joane Andrews for standing at the house side as aConfederate. Witnesse William Moore, James Wiggin."Their father in defending them, threatened the homeowner."Wee present John Andrews for threatening Robert Wadleigh saiing that if hee would not putt up thatwrong his daughter had done him, he would sweare that against him that would take away his estate & life,for hee knew his owne oath would passe in his owne Case. Testes Robert Wadleigh, John Mills.John paiing the officers fees 5s with an admonition is discharged."(
)This family had... "issues".

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