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The Hindu | Chennai City Edition | ePaper | May 1st 2008

The Hindu | Chennai City Edition | ePaper | May 1st 2008



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Published by ChennaiCrunh.com
The Hindu News Paper
Chennai Edition
May 1st 2008
The Hindu News Paper
Chennai Edition
May 1st 2008

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Published by: ChennaiCrunh.com on May 01, 2008
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· THURSDAY, MAY 1, 2008 ·
Printed at Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madurai, Delhi, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Vijayawada, Mangalore and Tiruchirapalli
ISSN 0971 - 751X Vol. 131No. 10448Pages
Chennai Metrowaterhas made installation of wa-ter flow meters mandatoryfor all residential and com-mercial buildings with sumpconnections. They have beenasked to install the meters byMay 31.Earlier, multi-storied andspecial buildings had beenasked to install the metersand Metrowater started issu-ing notices from March. A to-tal of 38,500 structures,including individual houses,have already received the no-tices. The deadline for themended on Wednesday, but isbeing extended to May 31. According to aMetrowaterofficial, the decision to coverall the buildings with watersump connections is in linewith the proposal to meter allconnections, barring supplythrough hand pumps.Out of the 38,500-oddbuildings identified, 9,668had fixed water meters as on Wednesday. The monthlyreading for water metersfixed till now began in April.Several residentscom-plained that they found it dif-ficult to purchase the meters.Residents such as C.G. Rat-nam of Anna Nagar said thefixed rate of Rs.15 per kilolitre was high for households,whose consumption was rela-tively less than that of multi-storeyed buildings. Making acomparison with similar sys-tems in Bangalore and Hyd-erabad (that follow the slabrate system), he said whilethe rate was Rs.12 for two kilolitres in those cities, it workedout to Rs.30 for two kilo litresin Chennai.
 Water meters mandatory for all buildings
Water meters on display at T.Nagar office of Metrowater.
The Madras HighCourt has ordered notice tothe respondents on a plea byS. Nalini, who is serving lifeimprisonment in the case re-lating to Rajiv Gandhi’s assas-sination, seeking prematurerelease. The notice is returna-ble by June 10.In her petition, Nalini sub-mitted that the death sen-tence on her was commutedto life imprisonment. Underthe Cr.P.C. she had to com-plete 14 years of imprison-ment for premature release,for which she was eligiblefrom June 18, 2005, since shehad completed 14 years onJune 17, 2005. However, hername was not considered ei-ther in 2005 or 2006 or even2007. She submitted that the Advisory Board, Special Pris-on for Women at Vellore, didnot recommend her case. OnOctober 31 last year, the go- vernment issued an order re- jecting her request forpremature release on the ba-sis of the recommendation of the Additional Director-Gen-eral of Prison. It was againstthis she filed the writ petition.Nalini said the rejection of her request by the State go- vernment based on the rec-ommendation of the Additional Director-Generalof Prison was arbitrary, illegaland without exercising therules framed in the “TamilNadu Prison Rules, 1983.” Without considering herearned remission, the prisonauthorities sent a report tothe government. Though theProbation Officer on MarchJanuary 3, 2005 did not rec-ommend her premature re-lease, on July 1, 2007, he senta report that she could be re-leased prematurely with cer-tain stringent conditions.The report of the AdvisoryBoard of December 28, 2006and the subsequent order of the State Government wereliable to be set aside, the pet-ition said.In her interim prayer, shesought a stay of the proceed-ings of the Advisory Boardand the State government’sorder. When the matter came upbefore Justice P.Jyothimanion Wednesday, S.Doraisamy,senior counsel for Nalini, saidthe constitution of the Advi-sory Board itself was improp-er.In the present case alone,the Collector, the PrincipalSessions Judge and the Su-perintendent of Special Pris-on for Women, Vellore wereappointed Chairman andMembers respectively. As perthe rules, the Inspector-Gen-eral of Prison alone would bethe Chairman and thereshould be other six members,including the Regional Proba-tion Officer and one or morenon-official members. The Additional Director-Generalof Prison had no say and hisrecommendation could notform the basis for the govern-ment to take a decision, hesaid.
Nalini moves Madras High Courtseeking premature release
Special Correspondent
Says Advisory Boarddid not recommendher caseRejection of requestby government‘arbitrary’
— 8 Pages
(in tabloid form) — 16 Pages
— Main Sports Page
45th extension forLiberhan Commission
The LiberhanCommission, set up toinquire into thecircumstances leading tothe demolition of theBabri mosque at Ayodhya,got its 45th extension on Wednesday. — PTI
Shoaib’sban upheld
Fast bowlerShoaib Akhtar’s careerwas on Wednesday lefthanging in the balanceafter a tribunal upheld thefive-year ban on hisplaying matches forPakistan. — PTI
Main Sports Page
One held for attack
 As an Indiantaxi driver, victim of stabbing, battles for hislife, an Australian wasarrested on Wednesdayfor the attack. His lawyerclaimed that his client hadno memory of Tuesday’sincident. — PTI
Petroleum andNatural Gas Minister MurliDeora on Wednesday assert-ed that the Prime Minister’sOffice (PMO) did not issueany order or instruction tohelp companies owned byShipping Minister T.R. Baa-lu’s family members.“Certain references werereceived from the Prime Min-ister’s Office in a routinemanner without any recom-mendation on the basis of arepresentation made by Sel- vakumar Baalu, director of the company,” Mr. Deora saidin a statement he read out inthe Rajya Sabha amid pro-tests from the Opposition.“It may be stated that not asingle cubic metre of gas hasbeen supplied to the compa-nies [owned by Mr. Baalu’sfamily members]. Since theissue relating to supply of gasis pending before the DelhiHigh Court …, the matter is
sub judice,
” Mr. Deora said.He, however, accepted thatMr. Baalu met him on the is-sue. “Mr. Baalu met me andbriefed about the great injus-tice done to the workers andinvestors.”The Petroleum Ministryhad allocated 10,000 cubicmetres of gas a day to KingsIndia Chemicals CorporationLimited and 4.5 lakh cubicmetres of gas a day to KingsIndia Power CorporationLimited but the allocationswere cancelled by the previ-ous government on January14, 2004, Mr. Deora said.
“Injustice alleged”
“A petition was received byPrime Minister [ManmohanSingh] in May 2005, signed byT.R.B. Rajaa, Chairman,Kings India Power Corpora-tion Ltd., alleging that grossinjustice has been done tothem and that they have beenseverely discriminatedagainst. A discussion was heldin the PMO to ascertain thestatus; and the view of theMinistry of P&NG [Petro-leum and Natural Gas] that itwas not possible to give anyrelief to the petitioner wasnoted. Having failed to secureany relief from the govern-ment, the petitioner went tothe Madras High Court in2005,” Mr. Deora said.In October 2007, a single- judge Bench ruled in the com-pany’s favour. As the orderwas not implemented, thecompany filed a contemptpetition. Meanwhile, the Ta-mil Nadu Power Producers Association and the Narima-nam Zone Natural Gas Con-sumers Association filedappeals before a DivisionBench, which on February 19,2008 set aside the single- judge Bench order.The Division Bench direct-ed the government to decideupon the applications of thefirms on merit. A writ petitionwas also filed by one indepen-dent Power Producers Asso-ciation in the Delhi HighCourt, which issued a stay or-der. The matter was pendingbefore the court.Earlier, as Mr. Deora wasabout to start his speech, thePrime Minister left. BJP and AIADMK members insistedon a statement from Dr.Singh, not from Mr. Deora.Led by Sushma Swaraj and AIADMK’s V. Maitreyan, theOpposition urged DeputyChairman K. Rahman Khanto ask Dr. Singh to make astatement. Amid the din, Mr.Deora readout the statement.
PMO did not issueany order: Deora
Makes statement in House on Baalu issue
Sandeep Joshi
‘Impropriety’ unexplained,says BJP: Page 14
 A Himalayan feat 
With just a hundred days to go for the August games, the Olympic torch is ona spectacular journey to the world’s tallest peak. Chinese mountaineers taking the flame to Mount Everest spread a flag with the Olympic logo at the base camp, at an altitude of 5,200 metres, in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region on Wednesday.
 A last-ditch attemptby the British government topush through new rules thatwould have discriminatedagainst thousands of overseasdoctors from outside the Eu-ropean Union collapsed on Wednesday when the Houseof Lords rejected its appealagainst a court ruling in theirfavour.It ruled that the new regi-me was unfair as it dashed the“legitimate expectations” of foreign doctors.For more than 10,000 post-graduate Indian medical stu-dents and junior doctors, whowould have been affected bythe rules introduced in April2006, the Lords’ judgmentmarked the end of a hard-fought legal battle led by theBritish Association of Physi-cians of Indian Origin(BAPIO).The ruling was particularlyembarrassing to the govern-ment as it had insisted on ap-proaching the House of Lordsdirectly despite being refusedleave to appeal by the AppealsCourt last October when itruled in favour of the doctors.It came barely three weeksafter the government suf-fered a setback in the HighCourt in its bid to alter rulesfor the Highly-Skilled Mi-grants Programme (HSMP),involving some 30,000 Indi-an workers. A Department of Healthspokesman said: “We are dis-appointed that the Lordshave ruled that our guidance[in relation to new rules] as itstood was unlawful.”BAPIO’s president RameshMehta said the ruling “vindi-cated” its position that thegovernment had acted “with-out thinking through the da-maging consequences” of itspolicy.The controversy, whichmade headlines around theworld, related to the govern-ment’s bid to apply retrospec-tively new rules barringhospitals from employing oroffering training posts tonon-EU doctors unless theywere able to demonstrate thatno suitable U.K. or E.U. can-didate was available.Some 16,000 doctors —mostly from Asia and Africa— who came to Britain underthe old rules, which allowedthem to train and work in go- vernment hospitals withoutneeding work permit, sud-denly found themselvesstranded.Many out-of-work Indiandoctors with no means tosupport themselves took toqueuing at local temples andgurdwaras for free food. Somedoctors were driven to takingtheir own lives.
Historic win for Indian doctors
Lords reject government move to push through new rules against non-EU doctors
Hasan Suroor
Prime MinisterManmohan Singh on Wednesday said there wasno wrong from which heshould distance himself from the action of hisoffice in forwarding arepresentation made bythe company in which thefamily of Union ShippingMinister T.R. Baalu hasbusiness interests.Petroleum MinisterMurli Deora had explainedeverything and nothingunusual was done, Dr.Singh told reporters on thesidelines of a function.
Nothing unusual was done: Manmohan
Special Correspondent
Life-term for rape
 A 32-year-oldhotel manager wassentenced on Wednesdayto life imprisonment by acourt here for raping aBritish journalist inDecember last year. Hewas also sentenced toseven years RI for housetrespass with an intentionto commit an offence. —PTI
Aid for fishermen during ban period
The State government will pay Rs.500 per family of fishermen during the 45-day mandatory fishing banperiod, Fisheries Minister K.P.P. Samy has said: Page 10
Artificial joints with long-term durability launched
MIOT Hospitals on Wednesday announced the launch of afamily of artificial joints with long-term durability, high flexionand bone-bonding attributes: Page 10
Evening of entertainment and education
 As part of the World Asthma Awareness Day, Asthma and Allergy Resource Centre is organising an evening of entertainment and education at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Mylapore, at 5.30 p.m.
In the middle of aneconomic boom, Indian busi-ness schools must provide areality check too, N. Ram,Editor-in-Chief of 
The Hin-du,
said on Wednesday.Speaking at the convoca-tion of the Great Lakes In-stitute of Management here,he urged business schoolsnot to ignore factors such asthe national deficit, thecountry’s poor human devel-opment indicators and themassive challenges of pover-ty, illiteracy and poorhealthcare. While India could be justlyproud of its high growth rate,especially in the services andinternational trade sectors,its young population and itsstatus as a favoured destina-tion for foreign investment,business leaders must beaware of the challenges fac-ing the country, he said.Mr. Ram pointed to Amar-tya Sen’s definition of “free-dom as development” andendorsed an approach tomeasuring success by howwell a society provides itsmembers with the opportu-nities to achieve valuable hu-man functioning. “His[Sen’s] kind of literaturemust be introduced in busi-ness education.”Satyam Computers chair-man Ramalinga Raju, whodelivered the valedictory ad-dress, spoke about what theindustry would expect fromnew graduates. They neededto demonstrate leadership,not just management skills,because this was a time of rapid change. “Your successis going to depend on howwell you can manage chan-ge…And companies will ex-pect you to demonstrateleadership from day one, notin the due course of time.” Inthe current context, compa-nies would also expect theirnew employees to be willingto shoulder risk.Mr. Raju urged the stu-dents to be goal-oriented.“That does not mean fixatingon your goal and going on toauto-pilot,” he said. “Instead,it’s more like driving on Indi-an roads. If you take your eyeoff the road for one instant,you will end up in anaccident.”The 200-odd students whoreceived their postgraduatediplomas and executiveMBAs on Wednesday may bethe last to graduate from theinstitute’s current premisesat Saidapet. School’s founderand honorary dean Bala V.Balachandran said the schoolexpected to move to its newcampus on East Coast Roadin time for the next year’sconvocation.
Business schools urgedto provide reality check
They should not ignore national deficit, poverty and illiteracy
 Students at the annual convocation of the Great Lakes Institute of Management inChennai on Wednesday.
Special Correspondent
 Miles to go…
 No burden is big burden when it supports your near and dear. A caring mother and a restful baby spotted at the Central Station.
Eight persons whohave excelled in their area of operation in the constructionindustry were honoured withthe ‘Builders Award’ at afunction organised by theSouthern Centre of Builders’ Association of India (BAI)here on Wednesday.The awards were classifiedunder four categories — con-struction contractors, build-ers and promoters, those whoconstruct dams and bridges,and those who have used in-novative materials for con-struction.L.Murthy, Ravi MeenakshiSundaram and T.V. Ramak-rishnan were given awardsunder the category of con-struction contractors. Rajee- va Constructions andRajarathinam Constructionsbagged the award for theirstructures under the categoryof builders. While T.Chitty Babu, ma-naging director of AkshayaHomes Private Limited re-ceived the award for the cate-gory of promoters, R.P.P.Selva Sundaram, chairman of R.P.P. Selvam InfrastructurePrivate Limited was con-ferred with the award for us-ing innovative constructionmaterial. He used crust sandinstead of river sand in hisprojects. The recipients re-ceived their awards from thepresident (Construction) andMember of Larsen & ToubroLimited K.V. Rangaswamy. Awards Committee chair-man of BAI K.K.Chowdarysaid the awards were beinggiven for the tenth consecu-tive year and recognised theefforts of the stakeholders inthe industry.Mr.Rangaswamy highlight-ed the need to check the in-creasing price of rawmaterials.The occasion also turnedout to be a felicitation func-tion for former BAI presidentand chairman of GammonsIndia Limited T.N.Subbu Raowho celebrated his 80thbirthday recently. BAI’ssouthern centre chairmanM.K.Sundaram spoke.
Eight persons honoured for excellencein construction industry 
‘Builders Award’ given at a function organised by Southern Centre of Builders’ Association of India
Staff Reporter
Construction contractor L.Murthy receiving the Builders Award from president (construction) and board member of Larsen & Toubro Limited K.V.Rangaswamy at a function in Chennai on Wednesday. Theassociation chairman M.K.Sundaram (right), and former chairman of Gammons of India Limited T.N.Subba Rao (second from right), are inthe picture.
Stakeholders in thetourism industry gave inputsfor preparing a draft policy oneco-tourism projects at a re-gional workshop on eco-tou-rism governance on Wednesday.The workshop was orga-nised by the Tamil Nadu Tou-rism DevelopmentCorporation (TTDC), the In-ter-State Council Secretariatof the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, the Tamil Na-du Tourism Department andYes Bank.Inaugurating the work-shop, Chief Secretary L.K.Tripathy wanted the stake-holders of eco-tourism ven-tures to engage themselves in“responsible tourism” initia-tives. The Government wouldplay the role of a facilitator.The Government had em-barked on a Rs.25-crore Ma-rina Beach beautificationprogramme through the Cor-poration of Madras. The Tou-rism Department wasfocussing on rural tourismand promoting heritage andChettinad tourism.Tourism and Culture De-partment Secretary V. Irai Anbu said the workshop wascrucial to the State, since tou-rism was booming and therewas an imperative need forthe Government to improvethe tourism-related infras-tructure without affecting theenvironment.Tushar Pandey, CountryHead, Strategic Initiativesand Advisory Government,Yes Bank, said that as part of the exercise of drafting a na-tional framework for eco-tou-rism ventures, regionalworkshops were being held indifferent States.M. Rajaram, Commission-er of Tourism and ManagingDirector, TTDC, said that acampaign, with a view to pro-moting eco-friendly practicesand tourist-friendly culture,was launched through the“Virunthinar Potruthum”initiative.Eco-tourism accounted for28 per cent of tourist arrivalin the State, he said..
 Workshop gives inputs for draft policy on eco-tourism
Chief Secretary stresses “responsible tourism” initiatives
Special Correspondent
Chief Secretary L. K. Tripathy handing over the first copy of a book toTourism Secretary V. Irai Anbu at a workshop in Chennai on Wednesday.TTDC Managing Director M. Rajaram and Country Head (Strategic Initiativesand Advisory Government),Yes Bank, Tushar Pandey, are in the picture.
: The prevalence of anaemia, deficiency of redblood cells due to low intakeof Iron, continues to be highamong adolescent girls inrural areas in the southernsuburbs of Chennai even asthe Integrated Child Devel-opment Services has beencarrying on a campaignamong the girls on betternutrition, personal healthand hygiene and their rights.The ICDS has two blocksin the southern suburbs —St. Thomas Mount and Alan-dur — and its staff here havecommenced awareness pro-grammes on sensitising girlsbetween 11 and 19 years of age to these important is-sues.In both the blocks, 30batches, comprising 30 girlstudents each from differentschools, have been trained.During the course of thetwo-day programme, girlstudents are briefed on theimportance of a balanceddiet and necessity to con-sume grains, cereals andother items that were rich inminerals, vitamins and Iron.ICDS staff told
The Hindu
that Iron deficiency was themost common ailmentamong adolescent girls inthe southern suburbs. Thiswould make the girls weakand could also lead to com-plications during pregnan-cy. And the presentawareness programme waspart of the Information,Education and Communica-tion campaign, they said.The staff said that whilethey would brief on betternutrition, doctors from Pri-mary Health Centres wouldtalk to the girls on personalhygiene in addition to givingtips on better health. As worm infestation wasanother problem, the girlswere also briefed on steps toprevent it, which includedwearing of proper, protectedfootwear.
Campaign ongirls’ health
Special Correspondent

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