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Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 E-book

Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 E-book



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Published by: Mara Melanie D. Perez on Mar 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Official SchOOl Organ Of The aTeneO grade SchOOl
Voum 56 issu 2 SY 2009 - 2010 tot@m.om
The Eaglet
This is the Grades 4 & 5
SesquicentennialIssue of EAGLET
 Nation  B u ildin  g
 withyou  ng heroes
Building the Nation
Message fromthe Headmaster
Fr. Norberto maria Luzabautista, SJpublisher
as w stt ts w y 2010, w oy mmb t pst 3 ys w w pp o tumto o t ssqut bto ot ato  M Uvsty. Ts bto s
most signicant to our community considering that
t ato s w kow ow, stt om  pmysoo o ou 20-30 stuts tut by 10 Jsutsom t ao Pov  by f. Jos fzcuvs, SJ.W t y 2007 to bt ex; 2008, to p Sptuty;   2009, to bu tnto.i m ppy to ot tt ts et ssu s otut tm o st y’s “Bu t nto.”it mpszs to  o us tt ts   mssoo vy at to ov  sv ou outyms  tm  pssot ommtmt.T 3 sp tms ot b tk ptyo spty  ou um xp. Pusux vo o sptuty  ov o ou outy sous ssst. Sptuty wtout svto ots spy t poo s yposy. abu t to wtout ompt boutby x  p cst sptuty outsustto  u.T 3 tms  t-t wt  ot o us to bom tv ts o  bus o opo ou outym wom. T ato  M g Soo ommutys, o o ou o vus  uto, tso vovmt poms o ou stuts uty. fo my ys ow, ou stuts v jo t By Puso poms – vst t sk tPgh  t psos t t Bb Psos, bugK ouss  Sto ruby, wom  omt pub soos, sposo sos, ots. Ou uty v tvy ptpt t Uvsty’s ato ct o eutodvopmt [aced] by t pub soots  msttos. evy summ, tyso o to Buko to t t po soots wok  soos tt  mstby Jsuts  t Msso dstt.i tk ou ommuty so pss t tst v tous by Ooy w w op ou soo oosto ov 2000 pop st s t mpuso tt tu y. W w b to , st ou vus  ou ssooms   t Ssoh, mobz t Ooy optos, vstt suvvos’ ouss,  mo. T agSPacsussuy oz t hoy gu asSm to p t o-pts op wt tsst by suppy tm t uoms  soomts. O t ot , t soo, tout p o ou ous pubss, pov o t ost books to ou boys. a  t tmto Ooy, w st w b to v gt pmumstk om ou --mo pso oto to ou t pso.W v o wt w w suppos to o, w tk go o v us t  o sv.T Msso otus  w sk o t so op  ou to pusu t  to buou nto.
atou i m  o t 80's , t MTVto,  osstt ws ot muo  M Jkso. howv ss t ,  vom to pptt poou mpto M o mytos o pop.amo t mysos tt mpopuz  vt ost o o  vot so. it so  t ss ttot too my popkow tt t s  so by m. T so  v  m s "  ou sm wy " t m s wt you  poto o t ys ttsots wt m :Myb you   't o t ts.W my ot  t wo  o yBut w st   som ts toy ou sm wy.
Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs’ Message
it's  so bout ow  o you sptyou mt pts  o you s bu ou to  ou wo . Youmy ot b t wmk wo  psssto to pott t mz.YOu my ot b t busssm wo s moy o t poo. You my otb t pso wos sposbts  ot osqu to my.But t t tt w  just stuts,vs us tt oppotuty to pt tss o osm  us . no ss t e
Penaorida reminded us of that there is a
o   o us.So,w som o wt w o toy kw spots ompttos o st
plays may bear little or no signicance to
t ut s o ou to 
the world, we nd inspiration in Michael
Jkso's so :
Maybe you and i can't do great thngs.We may not change the world n one dayBut we stll can change some thngs todayn our small way.
 Mr. Jose P.. Salvador, Jr.
Rizal, 11 years old, at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila 
∞§∞ Ms. Perez would like to thank 
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a u  tty sv ys o o Ju 10, 1872,  you 10-y oboy om cmb took t t xmtos  t ato omposo cst ot, tmt  . i s mmos, t boy mtbout s wos o b jt bus o s sm sttu but t ws otto b–t ato pt m  o tt soo y, t
 Ateneo’sGreatest Alumnus and the National Hero of the Philippines enrolled in the Jesuit school.
- Rizal, the Ateneo, and excellence by Joe de Castro

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