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Sunday, June 2, 1991

Sunday, June 2, 1991

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Published by Ric Manning

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Published by: Ric Manning on Mar 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sunday, June 2, 1991
‘Remember her and keep looking’; After 8 year, friend till !ait for Ann "otlib
By Lawrence MuhammadThe Courier-JournalUnder an overcast sunset yesterday, about 50 people tied yellow ribbons on a spruce tree in remembrance o !nn "otlib, the #$-year-old %irl whose disappearance ei%ht years a%o spar&ed a nationwide search that is yet unresolved'The tree, dedicated to "otlib last year, was part o a ma&eshit shrine erected on the lawn o the Meredith-(unn Learnin% Center, )0$) Melbourne !ve' There was also an ##-by-#*-inch computer-%enerated li&eness o "otlib as she would loo& today, at $0, set  between two &erosene torches lic&erin% atop +- oot poles' The only thin% we can do or our child now is remember her and &eep loo&in%, said her mother, Lyudmila "otlib'!nn "otlib vanished rom Bashord Manor Mall on June #, #.)' /er bicycle was ound on the southeast side o the mall'Local and ederal authorities have conducted an intensive search in the years since, interviewin% more than #,000 people and investi%atin% more than $00 possible suspects' po&esmen or the law-enorcement a%encies say the case is still under investi%ation'1hoto%raphs o "otlib2s smilin%, rec&led ace under shoulder-len%th red hair were spread nationally on mil& cartons, utility bills, posters and shoppin% ba%s'The search seemed to eed aspects o the mystery but produced ew clues'Two years a%o, 3!4-T4 aired a )0-minute documentary, the result o #0 wee&s o chasin% leads in several ma6or cities and developin% theories on whether the %irl, whose amily had emi%rated rom the oviet Union, was actually abducted -- as widely believed -- or ran away'!ccordin% to the pro%ram, more than 500 people -- in nearly every state and the oviet Union -- have reported seein% "otlib, and U'' intelli%ence a%ents pursued speculation that she was &idnapped by the 7"B'Then last March, $0 local police and 8B9 a%ents with shovels and a bulldo:er searched a remote area o 8ort 7no; where a Te;as convict said he murdered and buried a rec&le-aced %irl while he was stationed there in #.)'

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