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Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

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Published by Ric Manning

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Published by: Ric Manning on Mar 15, 2010
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Friday, December 5, 2008
Ann Gotlib's fate clearer after 25 years, police say
Suspect named; he died in '02By Jessie HalladayThe Courier-JournalAfter 25 years of interie!s" fruitless searches and tips " #ouisille $etro %olice say they thin& they &no! !hat happened to 2-year-old Ann (otli)" !ho !ent missin* on the first day of her summer )rea& in +,.Citin* ne! information *athered since summer's 25th anniersary of Ann's disappearance" police said yesterday they )eliee she !as a)ducted and &illed )y (re*ory /a&ley" a conicted child a)user !ho died in 2002./a&ley !as an early suspect in the case )ut" despite years of police inesti*ation" could neer )e definitiely lin&ed to Ann's disappearance.Bo))y Jones" the retired detectie !ho arrested /a&ley in another case inolin* a youn* *irl in +," apolo*i1ed yesterday to Ann's parents" ussian immi*rants Anatoly and #yudmilla (otli). He said he !ished he'd pushed harder to lin& /a&ley to the *irl's case.34'd ust li&e to apolo*i1e to them for not )ein* more a**ressie"3 Jones said durin* the  police ne!s conference. He added later that he didn't thin& the case !as handled properly  )y the department" !hich !as then the Jefferson County police . 34 )eliee that !e could hae soled it )ac& in +,.3The (otli) family issued a short statement throu*h police yesterday" as&in* for priacy and time to understand the latest deelopments.Ann disappeared on June " +,. Her )icycle !as found near the Bacon's department store at the old Bashford $anor $all" not far from !here she lied on (erald Court.Thou*h her )ody has neer )een found" police said they no! )eliee that /a&ley a)ducted Ann and &illed her !ith an oerdose of the pain&iller Tal!in.
National spotlight
4n the days after Ann's disappearance" hundreds of olunteers scoured the area surroundin* the mall and detecties trac&ed leads. Stories a)out !hat had happened
s!irled throu*h the community" leadin* to outlandish reports that included Ann )ein* &idnapped )y the Soiet *oernment.Her disappearance !as one of the first to put a national spotli*ht on missin* children as la! enforcement authorities chec&ed si*htin*s and reports from /re*on to 6lorida. Ann's face appeared on )ill)oards" mil& cartons and she !as the topic of national teleision sho!s.7.S. Sen. $itch $cConnell" -8y." said in a statement released yesterday that Ann's disappearance is one of the reasons Con*ress passed the $issin* Children's Assistance Act" !hich helped esta)lish the 9ational Center for $issin* and :ploited Children" a national clearin*house for information a)out such cases./er the years l ocal detecties !ould loo& into the case a*ain . At one point" they trac&ed a story that Ann had )een )uried at 6ort 8no; it !as later disproed./a&ley surfaced repeatedly as a suspect" and a recent tip prompted another effort to find the ans!er. 9ot lon* after a June memorial serice mar&ed the 25th anniersary of Ann's disappearance " a former *irlfriend of /a&ley's proided ne! information to police a)out his !herea)outs on the day Ann disappeared" said police $a. <ae =ood.The *irlfriend" !hom police did not identify" said /a&ley had come to her house a)out   p.m. that day " and as&ed her to !ash some of his clothes. That helped police esta)lish that /a&ley had )een in #ouisille !hen Ann disappeared.Thou*h police had &no!n since +, that /a&ley had )een at the Bashford $anor $all to ma& e a )an& transaction on June " +," /a&ley had said he left to!n after ma&in* the !ithdra!al .%olice say they also *ot additional information from a man !ho had sered time !ith /a&ley in a 8entuc&y prison in the late +,0s and early ++0s .The inmate" !hom police declined to identify" first told them in ++2 that /a&ley had admitted &illin* Ann. But police !ere s&eptical of the information )ecause the inmate had lied a)out some other thin*s inolin* /a&ley durin* a poly*raph test" accordin* to S*t. <enny Butler" a #ouisille homicide detectie currently !or&in* the case.After re-eaminin* the case this year" detecties decided to re-interie! the inmate" !ho told police a*ain that /a&ley confessed to &illin* the *irl. A poly*raph test confirmed the former inmate's statement" police said .
Always a sspect
/a&ley first came to police attention in #ouisille !hen he !as arrested in January +, for an attac& on a -year-old *irl " durin* !hich the *irl !as sta))ed. He !as eentually conicted of attempted rape and )ur*lary and sentenced to 50 years in prison.%olice >uestioned /a&ley a)out Ann's disappearance at that time" includin* *iin* him a  poly*raph" !hich he failed . But police could neer definitiely connect /a&ley to her disappearance" thou*h he !as al!ays a suspect" =ood said.3At the time" the inesti*ators eidently didn't feel there !as enou*h eidence"3 he said./a&ley died in Ala)ama of lun* cancer in /cto)er 2002 " ust three months after receiin* a medical parole from the 8entuc&y prison system" police said.Shortly )efore his death" /a&ley responded to a Courier-Journal reporter's re>uest for an interie! in a letter" sayin* he had nothin* to do !ith Ann's death. 4n the letter /a&ley noted that he !as dyin* and had no reason to lie.#arry Carroll" a retired detectie !ho !or&ed cold cases for metro police" too& a run at solin* the (otli) case in 200 after /a&ley's de ath .He said he su)poenaed /a&ley's prison records )ut neer ca me up !ith more than 3!ord around the prison yard3 that /a&ley had &illed Ann.%olice are not officially closin* the inesti*ation into her case" hopin* that people !ill continue to come for!ard !ith additional information.Anyone !ith information should call the anonymous crime tip line at 5?-#$%<.eporter Jessie Halladay can )e reached at @502 5,2-0,.
!he Ann Gotlib case
June " +, 2-year-old Ann (otli) is returnin* to her home !hen she disappears. Her  )icycle is found leanin* a*ainst a pillar at Bashford $anor $all.June " +, A police )loodhound pic&ed up Ann's scent near the mall" )ut led police to an apartment of a friend's *randmother. The 6B4 said the do* !as distracted )y coo&in* odors.#ate June +, %olice >uestion a 9icholasille man suspected in three child seual a)use incidents in #ouisille . alph Barry Bar)our admitted to the three incidents" )ut !as at a #ein*ton )usiness at the time Ann disappeared " accordin* to three !itnesses.January +, A man accused of )rea&in* into a house" then sta))in* and attemptin* to rape a police officer's -year-old dau*hter )ecomes a stron* suspect. (re*ory #e!is /a&ley Jr. had isited a )an& )ranch in the mall hours )efore Ann anished. But /a&ley

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