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Spinning Field

Spinning Field

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Published by mkrinker1296

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Published by: mkrinker1296 on Apr 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Influence of Spinning Electric Fields on Natural Background
γ γγ γ 
Mark Krinker
The Member of Advisory Committee of City College of Technology, Department of  Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications,CUNY, New York mkrinker@aol.com
Felix Kitaichik,
 Engineer, Key Systems, New York kitai4ik@yahoo.com
This paper
considers influence of spinning electric field on statistics of natural background gamma-radiation. The spinning electric field, shown as a virtualgyroscope, has quantum mechanics characteristics. Interaction of the virtual fermion-likegyroscope with bosons (gamma-quanta) results in lowering intensity of the gamma-radiation and altering Poisson distribution. The statistic of the observed phenomenondepends on the direction of rotation of the virtual gyroscope. The results are discussed ina shade of spin-spin interaction having regard to realizing thermodynamically profitableconditions. Similarity of observed reduction of gamma-radiation in spinning electricfields and that for mechanical rotation stresses a special role of rotation itself,disregarding the matter of its carrier.
1. Introduction.
Rotation plays a special role in a paradigm of modern physics. Historically, rotationwas considered as a base of matter by Rene Descartes back in XVII century and evenbefore in Eastern Philosophies. On a modern level it descends to the conception of torsion fields introduced by A. Einstein and E. Cartan in early XX century, but only inthe late of the century real impetus was given to it. On the phenomenal level, the specialrole of rotation first was observed by Russian Prof. N.P. Myshkin in the experiments withscales back in the late XIX century. [1]The special role of rotation was then shown by Soviet physicists N.A Kozyrev in histheoretical and experimental works with gyroscopes [2] and later by A.I.Veinik in hisstudy of chrono-related effects [3].It’s important to stress that Kozyrev and his colleagues observed variation of the weightof gyroscopes with non-stationary spinning. The results of Kozyrev’s experiments on thehigh-speed non-stationary gyroscopes were confirmed by other researchers [4].
The theory and practice of the torsion fields got a powerful development in works of G.I Shipov and A.E. Akimov in 90’s and our days. The good collection of the relatedworks of these and other authors we find in [5].The researches of our days revealed new experimental facts, accompanying rotationalmotion, which are beyond the scope of the classical concepts. These studies can besubdivided for several groups.In one of them, dynamic effects of non-stationary mechanical rotations are studied.The author of [6-8] studied unbalanced rotation of parallel disk and found origination of attraction force between them.Another group of studies revealed influence of mechanical rotation on statistics of thegamma-decay. First reports on that, Tomsk, 1995, claimed that mechanical rotationbreaks the shape of Poison distribution [9]. Later profound research [10] showedreducing gamma-decay under influence of remote rotation as well as distortion of normalshape of the Poisson distribution. It was proved that mechanical rotation influencesspectrum of gamma-radiation of Cs
.Having spinning wheels to cause the effect of reduction of gamma-radiation isn’t onlymechanical driver of the effect. For instance, the authors of the recent publication [11]state that exploitation of vortex-base heat generators (the torsion technology) reducesbackground radiation from 20-12 uRm/h to 10-6 uRem/h.The third group is a rotation-stimulated space-time distortions. Profound impact of rotation on flowing time was studied in [12]. The authors found unequal action of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, and what’s more, the clockwise rotation causesmore profound action. It’s important to stress here, that the authors employed non-stationary rotation achieved with additional high-speed spinning disc installed in vicinityof the major slow rotating object.Looks like that most exotic of all the torsion effect sources are the passive generatorson a base of shape-effect. The authors of [12] report reduction of the background gamma-radiation from 14 to 8 uRem/h in vicinity of special geometric forms.All the considered above studies have a common denominator in that they aremanifestations of torsion/ spinning field phenomena. What observed is a secondary anddepends on a type of the detector we use. Majority of the considered studies are based onmechanical rotations-caused phenomena.The authors of the present study consider electric field rotation as a source of thesimilar phenomena. The purpose of the current research is proving equivalency of electrical and mechanical rotation in terms of torsion approach.Earlier, the conception of the spinning electric field as a Virtual Gyroscope wasdeveloped by the author [13,14]. This approach was a logical extension of well-knownstudies of N.A. Kozyrev on a special role of spinning motion. Kozyrev studiedphenomena of high-speed mechanical gyroscopes and found variation of their weight asthey spun. The results of Kozyrev’s experiments on the high-speed gyroscopes wereconfirmed by other researchers. It has to be said, that the successful experiments werebased on non-stationary rotation [4].Conception of the Virtual Gyroscope considers spinning of electrical field and itsangular momentum as a real analog of mechanical rotation that already proved itsinfluence of fundamental physical processes.
The purpose of the current research is proving equivalency of electrical andmechanical rotation in terms of the torsion approach.It was proved that mechanical rotation influences spectrum of gamma-radiation of Cs
If the fact of rotation is more important than a carrier of the process, then we couldexpect that the Virtual Gyroscope can show similar influence on statistics of theradioactive decay.Our previous experiments on interacting non-electromagnetic spinning axion fields,induced by the generators, developed by A.A. Shpilman [15], revealed interactionbetween these fields and the spinning electric ones [16]. And what’s more, the remainingelectric spinning was observed after turning off the axion generators. This remainingrotation fits in our conception of the Virtual GyroscopeFirst, let’s us briefly recall the conception of the Virtual Gyroscope in a quantumparadigm.
2. Virtual Gyroscope
2.1. General Approach
Virtual gyroscope is a spinning localized field, having a certain center of mass andangular momentum. Unlike elliptically polarized electromagnetic waves, energy remainslocalized, that allows considering its mass behaving like one of a real gyroscope.It has a moment of inertia2
mr  I 
(1)Its equivalent mass can be derived from the sum of its time-varying potential andkinetic energies:
( ) ( ) ( )
ω εε ω εε 
cdV  E c I dV  E  cm
∫ ∫ 
, (2)In this experiment,
r << c and we can ignore it.The spinning electric vector
of the virtual gyroscope is formed by two orthogonal(or having the orthogonal components) parent vectors
shifted in a phasefor
degrees.Electric rotation can be shown as a vector
, directed exactly as an angularmomentum.
( ) ( )
[ ]
 E  E S
2.2. Non-stationary spinning
According to N.A. Kozyrev, non-stationary rotation is a major condition fororiginating the weight-variation phenomena. We also see the non-stationary in some of the discussed above experiments.

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