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I Am Love, Walking

I Am Love, Walking

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Published by Theresa-Ann
1st Journal 2010-04-26
♥ Video on YouTube: stay tuned :)
♥ This one is oh, so special
♥ This "I Am" is not me, personally; it is you, it is us all; it is divinity, incarnating, the I Am That I Am
1st Journal 2010-04-26
♥ Video on YouTube: stay tuned :)
♥ This one is oh, so special
♥ This "I Am" is not me, personally; it is you, it is us all; it is divinity, incarnating, the I Am That I Am

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Apr 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4:37 am, Monday, 4/26/2010 1st, Mayan day 9 Oc/Dog(Enter the journal date, birth date, or
I have just realized, this early morning, that I, too, have been but talking aboutLove, up to now. Love, Itself, has just the more deeply incarnated into this form,until I can truly say, “I am Love, walking.” This is not
Love; this is Love,be-ing. There is little or no understanding that comes with this; nor do Irequire it, for it is superfluous. Love is; that is sufficient. I am Love,walking. This is that same Love of the greatest love stories; I am Love, walking. This is Love, Itself, present here, in, through, and abiding as this dearform, this body being. I am Love, walking.Love itself, incarnates, centralizes focus in/as this one who inhabitsthis form, Theresa-Ann. I am Love, walking. Love, in adoration of thebeloved, must make the form, all the surroundings, into love’sparadise, beautiful, healthy, and pure, in honor of Love, abiding, of Love, walking. Everything must be perfect, must love, grow, and existto serve the beloved; must be Love in service to Love. I am Love,walking. These words, these lines will make no outer sense to many — to thosein mind, not in heart — but this matters not, for I am Love, walking;Love, incarnate. I enfold all within that radiance of Love, of tenderness and gentle regard. I am Love, walking.Love has the more deeply descended to Earth, this day, for I am Love,walking. Love has the more deeply incarnated into this flesh form,magnetized by the flower of Love blooming there, for I am Love,walking.Love prepares, here, the garden, the Eden for the beloved, washingand flushing each cell, each atom as white flowing water-light courses
amongst and between them. I am Love, walking. Tears caress, flow, and bathe the dear form, as tenderness flows forsweet, thoughtless affection of purring cat and sweet, adoring pup, forI am Love, walking. Love walking tends to each one with tendercaresses, flowing streams of love energy exchanging. I am Love,walking.Love descends the more deeply into this form, caressing it fromwithin, right down to sweet, tender feet; container and lamp of Love,walking. As Love walking enters, consciousness merges andamplifies, increasing Presence here ‘below,’ in third dimension. I amLove, walking.Richest ‘man’ in the world am I, held in tenderest regard of Love. Allof my needs are met before they arise; all is provided for Love,walking. No thing is lacking, all blessings abound, for I am Love,walking. I am Love and I am loved, supremely. I am the dear Father’stenderest child. I am Love, walking.Love, incarnate I am, as Greater Self, God, Herself, incarnates, here,more of Self flowing into the form. I am Love, walking. Where once,before, it was written that “I Am 1% of Me (or Playing Peek-A-Boo withSource),” now I am 2%, and 3. I am Love, walking.Gentle, graceful garments of Love light flowing, as Spirit I descendmore into this form. I am Love, abiding; I am Love, walking. As I takeup my abode, here, I look around me and realize that all is changed inmy presence, all greets me with delight, for I am Love, walking, andall would lovingly serve and partake of love’s banquet, whose table Iset, whose table I am. I am Love, walking, and Love delights in Love,in tender, thoughtful, almost worshipful regard.Why has Love, walking graced the Earth in Her fuller Presence thisday? It matters not, yet Love responds unto Love, so as Love isexperienced, expressed, what else could Love above do? Descend asLove, walking, of course. The mind has been all but silenced in the presence of this; I am Love,walking. Dear mind is quite stunned, and amazed at this; amazed inthe presence of Love, walking; for mind would serve, too, bowing low
before Love, walking.Love’s gardens, blooming, love’s flowers strewn in the path, roundabout Love, walking, refreshing her way as she moves, scenting theair with their tender bouquet. All Life would serve here, fall in tenderregard, enter the dancing, celebrating Love, walking as she passesthrough. Though on outside, things appear the same, yetenergetically, all life flows to and bows before beautiful Love (as shewalks) [walking] through.Love, walking incarnates here, now, and I am amazed. No longerknowing, nor caring, saying, “Who am I, now?”, I, too, bow beforeLove, walking into me, now. I give way for Love at her best, as Lovebefore Love; Love between Love intertwines, and I am Love, walking.On outside this form looks the same, but I am Love, walking now, soeverything’s changed from the within. Love’s energy, though present,before, was not flowing, as now, as this power descends, enters in,flows and glows. I am Love, walking.What changes wrought? It matters not, for now Love, walking’s incharge; all is well. Love, walking looks tenderly out through theseeyes. Everywhere her inner or outer gaze rest gets the blessing, thebenefits of Love. I am Love, walking. All’s held in tender regard. Allis quite blessed.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I wrote the above after a very special, 4 am experience I had uponfinishing a chapter in Anastasia book 8.1, The New Civilization. Ihesitate to put any words to this, it is so precious, so special, sotender. Words are not made to contain the likes of this flow.Nonetheless, as a communicator, which I am, I take this on, for such iswhat Love, walking does; share and express. Tender readers, loyallisteners, please deeply consider getting these books, and reading theRinging Cedars series; nine books in all. You’ll be changed by eachone, guaranteed. They’re that different.I don’t use such words lightly. “Promise” and “guarantee” are notwords getting much use, before now; not by me. Yet, as I watch them

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