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Critical Interpretation Lu and Horner

Critical Interpretation Lu and Horner

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Published by aallen84

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Published by: aallen84 on May 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Allen 1
Abbey AllenDr. Jan RiemanCritical InterpretationApril 30, 2010What Makes Writing Work There are many different aspects of a paper that people need to think of when they sitdown to start writing. In Min-Zhan Lu and Bruce Horner¶s chapter ³Composing Our ComposingProcesses,´ they talk a lot about what writers need to think about when writing. They talk aboutorganization skills, language to use in a certain situations, and what materials can be helpful andnot helpful when writing.I believe organization is one of the most important things to think about when starting towrite. Not only organization within the paper, organizations with yourself and making sure youknow what you need to accomplish. In chapter 1 Lu and Horner say, ³It¶s useful for writers to pose a possible plan of action both before and during the actual process of writing so long as theydon¶t use the plan to restrict their actions´ (5). They are saying that writers need to have a plan before they write about what they¶re going to write and also have a plan while they¶re writingabout how they can make what they¶re writing appealing to the reader. I agree with what they¶resaying. Organization isn¶t my strong point, but I think it needs to be something that everyone isthinking. If there isn¶t organization and a writer starts writing they will get stuck because theydon¶t know what to do next.When a writer starts planning what they are going to write, the writer has to think aboutthe audience they are writing to. A writer doesn¶t want to write in an engineering way if their reader is an English professor and vice versa. Language is different in different situations, so
Allen 2
 people have to think about the person they will be writing to. Lu and Horner said, ³We useEnglish differently when interaction with different groups of people. For instance, we don¶t readand write in the same way with family members, e-mailing friends who share the same interest insports of music, or fulfilling an assignment in a biology lab, a history class, or a writing class´(13). They are saying that language is different in every situation or subject. If your reader doesn¶t understand what you¶re saying then they won¶t enjoy reading what the writer has written.It is important to me to write so they reader can understand what I¶m trying to say, so I have tothink about what class I¶m in when writing and what style of writing the teacher expects.Along with planning and language planning when writing a paper, a writer has toconsider what different events and materials will affect the outcome of their paper. Writers needto think about what¶s going to affect their writing process. Will they have enough time to get theassignment done? Will they be able to concentrate while writing or have the resources to getthings accomplished? Lu and Horner have many different ideas about what materials you need tohave in order to write a successful paper. They said, ³« we also have to consider the kind of time, space, and writing tools available to us´ (17). It is also said, ³What medium is available toeach writer also matters: Is the writer composing at a computer, with pen and paper, or using aDictaphone when composing?´ (18). Lu and Horner make a good point about having enoughenergy and time to write a paper, but I think they go a little far when they say it also depends onwhat a writer uses to write. If a writer has planned what they want to say, it shouldn¶t matter what they use to write. Energy and time can affect the outcome because if you don¶t have enoughof those, then you won¶t get the assignment done and you¶ll be exhausted.Lu and Horner make good points about what is important when it comes to writing.Writers need to have a plan to start with, writers need to think about the language they need to

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