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dvyg news

dvyg news

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Published by Brian Magwaro
Newsletter for Community Development Through Sports
Newsletter for Community Development Through Sports

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Published by: Brian Magwaro on Jun 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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dren from the slums together andread story books and learn moralvalues from the book. This helpthis children because many of them don't have opportunity toget story books or come acrossone. Over 50 children registeredthemselves as they saw when of them narrating a story from astory book without reading thebook and using the right Englishand all of them wished they coulddo so because they sometimesdon't have stories when it comesto their composition exams atschool. The YDF Toolkit alsohelp the children learn aboutkeeping their environment clean,trust and also about HIV/AIDswhich is the main problem inObunga slums because as youngas 13 years young girls get in-volved in prostitution inorder toget money to buy books or pensfor school and Kisumu is ratedhighest in Kenya with HIV/AIDS.On 5th June 2010 we had a goodtime with the children in Obungaslums in Kisumu. After DestinyVision Youth Group have beeninvolve in many activities onusing football as a tool and alsoattending The strong YouthStrong Africa youth summit inKigali, Rwanda organized byYouth Development ThroughFootball (YDF) after being in-vited by our network partner fromRwanda Esperance who havebeen educating us on the projectsince 2009 and also hosted cara-vanamani twice in Kisumu city inKenya we have been involvingyouths of Obunga slums in thisactivities that we have learnt likeusing YDF Toolkit which hasbeen of more importance to usand other methodologies likeFootball for peace(Esperance),Unfair game(DVYG),Football Forum Theatre(Caravanamani) .On this day wehad a 2010 FIFA World CupMass Mobilization Kisumu Fes-tival which brought over morethan 350 children to play andtake the World cup as an Africanevent. During the event we useddifferent methodologies to edu-cate the community like YDFToolkit, Football for peace, unfairgame amongst others. After thatthe children were able to join ourlearning club which brings chil-
 Kisumu is the third largest town inKenya after Nairobi and Mombasa. Itis estimated that Kisumu's populationis about half a million, most of whomlive in the poor and shanty areassurrounding the lakeside town. In arecent study of Society for Interna-tional Development, it was revealedthat Kisumu ranks among Kenya'sworst regions in terms of socio-economic outcomes with 48.2 at theHuman Poverty Index and 0.490 atthe Human Development Index. Only4% of Kisumu's population is em-ployed in the formal sector (wage)and 20% in the informal sector. 44%are employed without pay.Kisumu, evolving from the originalfoundation of Port Florence into thetown Kisumu in 1902, is set withinNyanza District, Western Province of Kenya. Kisumu is found in Winamdivision, which is 395sq and has thehighest population density at 887persons per km sq. It is the onlyconurbation in the district with morethan 10,000 in population. 32% of thedistrict's population live in Kisumumunicipality. Kisumu holds the Pro-
The children running as theypick papers from the field andalso dancing to the music as asign of welcoming the 2010 World Cup
About Kisumu City
Destiny Vision Youth Group
age systems. A ready local market existsfor agricultural, industrial products andservice industries. However this is notalways profitable, due to people's over-all level of absolute income and dispos-able income levels are very low indeed.DVYG is working with in Obunga SlumThis is a slum developing that hasemerged due to shortage of affordablehousing in the city. Most building aremade of iron sheet and wood all roundand their condition is very wanting, withleaking roofs, very hot during the dayand very cold in the night. This is a likely destination of any family that comes in the city from the rural areas. Webring youths from the other slums to Obunga slum to playand also have friendly matches and learn from what we aredoing and we are looking forward when we will haveorganizations partnering with us to help all this childrenand youths from all the slums to know more about Kisumuyou can follow this link in the bracket (http:// wikimapia.org/#lat=-0.0759601&lon=34.757781&z=15&l=0&m=s&v=9)vincial and District headquarters and isthe largest municipal council in WesternKenya.It was upgraded a town to a city in 2001and is the 3rd largest in Kenya. As such,it provides job and business opportuni-ties, colleges and training institutions.There are however substantial pocketsof poverty in Kisumu, notably in slumsettlements such as Obunga, Nyawita,Bandani, Nyalenda and Manyatta. Thishas extended pressure on social ameni-ties such as housing, water and sewer-
The children learn YDF Toolkit on environment and about having trust to one another despite the tribe that he or she is comingfrom he can still trust the other.This also promote peace in the society.The children pick wastes in the field as they do their warm up sessionsThe children practicing what they have learnt by coming together to pray with their opponents,they also seat down after the gameand listen to advice from the coach and the community and those who played bad game are told how to be discipline

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