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Techniques at String Art Fun

Techniques at String Art Fun

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Published by Sambit Behura

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Published by: Sambit Behura on Sep 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Create stunning pictures with nails and string
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Home page-Techniques
How string art pictures are made.
This demonstration uses the free String Art FunCircle 1 pattern. It takes you through the picturemaking process step by step. Various board materialscan be used as a base.We have found thatcork floor tiles are easyto work with. These arereadily available fromcarpet shops and homeimprovement stores. Theusual size of these is 305x 305 mm (12 x 12inches). They can be cutto the required picturesize with a craft knife andmetal straight edge or ruler. Buy your picture frame first and use the insertfrom this as a template for the base size. Make a sandwich of two or three tilesso that the base is about 12 mm (1/2 inch) thick. Double-sided self-adhesivetape can be used to fix them together.Cover the base board with black felt. Felt is available with a self-adhesivebacking or it can be secured with double-sided self-adhesive tape. Alternatively the felt could be wrapped around the back of the board andsecured with staples, drawing pins or tacks.Place the printed patternon the front of the baseboard and secure it withtape.The nails are Veneer Pins16 mm (5/8 inch) long.These have very smallheads. Hammer in thenails as indicated on thepattern. Small nails areeasier to hammer if they
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9/1/2010echniques at String Art Funstringartfun.com//techniques1/4
are held with pointednose pliers. Hammer the nails in until there is about 6 mm (1/4 inch)protruding. All of the nails have beenhammered in. The paperpattern can now beremoved.We are using multi-stranded cotton (sold inskeins for cross stitchwork). This comes in awide range of brightcolours.The instructions for circle1 start as follows:
"2 - 46, 46 - 7, 7- 51, 51 - 12, 12 - 56.Continue this sequence until the section is complete using the illustration as a guide." 
Start by fixing the first string to nail 2 with a knot. This can be secured with asmall drop of clear drying glue.Take the string from nail 2 across the circle to wrap round nail 46.From nail 46 we go across the circle to nail 7.Then from nail 7 we go across to nail 51.Note that each cross string has the same number of nails between the twonails that it spans. We are moving forward by five nails with each cross string.The stringing continues in this way using the illustration as a guide.When the first layer iscomplete knot the endof the string to the finalnail. On this particularlayer we have workedaround the circle twice toarrive back at the nail westarted with.
9/1/2010echniques at String Art Funstringartfun.com//techniques2/4
Work the second layer ina different colour.The number of nailsbetween each crossstring is different to layer1 thus giving a differentpattern. As in layer 1 it iscalculated to end on thefirst nail of the sequenceto make it symmetrical.This is the finishedpicture with layer 3 in athird colour.
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String Art Fun is part of theStitching Cardsfamily.10% of all sales from this web site will be donated to EveryChild, theinternational children's charity.Click on the EveryChild banner for more information.String Art Fun, PO Box 795
9/1/2010echniques at String Art Funstringartfun.com//techniques3/4

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