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Soal B. Inggris SMP Kelas 1

Soal B. Inggris SMP Kelas 1

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Published by sengHansun

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Published by: sengHansun on Sep 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluasi 1
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa InggrisKelas/Semester : VII/1Pokok Bahasan : Percakapan Transaksional dan Interpersonal, Teks Lisan1. Sari : Santi, I want to introduce Tommy to you.Tom, this is Santi.Tommy : How do you do?Santi : .a. Fine c. Im fine, thank youb. How do you do? d. How are you?2. Diana : Im Dianasari.Vera : . Im Vera.a. How do you do? c. How are you?b. Good morning d. Whats your name?3. Billy : Hello Will.Willy : Hi Bill .Billy : Fine, thanks. And you?Willy : Very well, thanks.a. How do you do? c. How are you?b. Nice to meet you d. How is the weather?Read the text carefully.I have an older brother. His name is Virdion. He is an undergraduate student in UGM majoringPharmacy.Every Sunday, he usually goes to the sport center, sometimes by himself or with some of his friends.Once a while, he will ask me to join him to have some work out. He is very energetic brother.4. The text above, tell us about .
a. My brother who is very energetic c. The writers older brother
©zinck2010b. An energetic person d. An undergraduate student in UGM5. Who is Virdion?a. My brother who is very energetic c. The writers older brotherb. An energetic person d. An undergraduate student in UGM6. Where does Virdion usually go on Sunday?a. The sport center c. With some of his friendsb. UGM d. The Pharmacy
Read the dialogue below carefully.
Shop keeper : .(7)Neo : Thank you. I need (8) paper.Shop keeper : Here youre..(9)Neo : Do you have some Hi Tech pens?Shop keeper : We do have Sir..(10)Neo : I need 3 of them..(11)Shop keeper : The total cost is Rp 32.500,- Sir.Neo : .(12)Shop keeper : Thank you Sir.7. a. Good Morning Sir c. What can I do?b. Welcome Sir d. Welcome, what can I do for you?8. a. a bottle c. a sack of b. a kilo of d. a piece of 9. a. Do you want to know the cost Sir? c. What else can I do for you Sir?b. Thank you Sir d. Do need some more Sir?10. a. How many do you need? c. How much do you need?
©zinck2010b. Which one do you need? d. You need 3 of them?11. a. Thank you c. Thats enoughb. So, how much is the total cost? d. So, how many is the total cost?12. a. Thank you c. Youre welcomeb. Here you are d. Good bye13. They will  to my house at 8 pm.a. Came b. Come c. Coming d. Comes
Read the dialogue below carefully.
Devi: .(14) Can you help me?Widya : .(15)Devi : I am looking for a jacket.Widya : .(16)Devi : Yes, thank you very much.14. a. Pardon c. Sureb. Forgive me d. Excuse me15. a. Perfectly c. Urgentlyb. Certainly d. Possibly16. a. Like what? c. What do you need?b. Like this one? d. Which one do you need?17. I am  my homework now.a. Do b. Done c. Did d. Doing18. My brother and I  to school together every morning.a. Go b. Gone c. Goes d. Going19. They  it very well.a. Have done b. Has done c. Have do d. Has does20. She has been  like this since yesterday.a. Act b. Acting c. Acts d. Action

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