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VOLTES V versus VOLTRON Volume One

VOLTES V versus VOLTRON Volume One



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Published by victorin37
Voltes V battles voltron to the death as the universe hangs in the balance
Voltes V battles voltron to the death as the universe hangs in the balance

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Published by: victorin37 on Jul 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VOLTES V versusVOLTES V versusVOLTES V versusVOLTES V versus
VOLTRONVOLTRONVOLTRONVOLTRON:::: The GodaikinThe GodaikinThe GodaikinThe GodaikinWarsWarsWarsWars
(Voltes V battles Voltron to the death for the possession of an ancient microfilm that holdsthe universe in the balance.)
This e-book, is a compilation of all my sentiments regarding what I believe,Voltron’s copying of most of Chodenji Mashin’s Voltes V’s concepts.Frankly, I believe Voltron does not only copied the name,(notice this, VOLTron,/VOLTes V) concept and some of the elements of Voltes V, but also two of the episodes of Voltes V; one of the main character’s love one was derivative by the enemy using robotictechnology to infiltrate the heroes’ base. (A character named “Gareth” who is supposed tobe the long lost son of Koran showed up and fooled the Castle of Lion’s staff. Just likewhat happened in Voltes V, where an android likeness of Dr. Kentaro Gou (Dr. Armstrong)fooled the father-longing Gou brothers (Armstrong Brothers.)The Voltron series also imitates the “giant-base- turned-space fortress” at the very near of Voltes V’s ending! (The Castle of Lions turns into a giant spaceship called “FlyingFortress”, just like that of Camp. Big Falcon’s “Solar Bird”.)I had a “Voltron” DVD complete to the very last ending.(48 episodes)I found this “RIP OFF” and I even told myself, “Why Americans did favor such a blatantrip-off of a more poignant super robot story?Supposed a fight erupts between Voltron and Voltes V…Let’s scrutinize this objectively:1. The Skills, trainings and abilities of both teams:There are no mentions of what kind of combat training the Voltron Force had under wentin the academy. In regards to the Voltron episodes, I have seen so far, they were never subjugated under strict, harsh and extreme trainings.
Let’s take the Voltron Force’s skill at face value; Pidge, the youngest of the Voltron Forcewas said to have martial arts trainings and was shown to jump like a weightless astronautbut primarily they were trained as space explorers. Perhaps, they can thoroughly navigateand maneuver through deep space and they can handle the controls of differentspacecraft under Galaxy Alliance specifications.That is because they are Space Explorers!The Voltes Team on the other hand were young, highly skilled Earth Defense Agents.(Voltes V vol.1: Invasion from Outer Space) they were disciplined in such military andoriental combat skills as Karate, Judo, Kendo, Marksmanship and Ninjitsu.General Oka, (Commander Robinson) one of Camp Big Falcon’s elderly base commander was a Ninja master; 110
descendant of the fierce Oka ninja clan. His daughter, MegumiOka (Jamie Robinson) one of the pilots of Voltes V, is a sharply skilled “Kunnoichi”(Female ninja). She can actually assassinate Princess Allura in her sleep if she wants to,(She is just so darn sweet…)Further, the Voltes Team most likely to use their martial arts skills to enhance Voltes V’sdeadly counter attacks (Voltes V vol.4: To catch a butterfly)The Butterfly technique is an ancient form of Samurai skill were a practitioner dodges anenemy sword without avoiding it. On the contrary, this defense maneuver anticipates thesword attack and uses the opponent swordsman’s own strength against him just likeAikido. I doubt if Voltron and the Voltron Force had the same training know-hows.More so, the Voltes Team underwent harsh and murderous training sessions under Dr.Sanjuki (Dr. Hook) where they learned the lethal “Spin-Fly Technique”. (Voltes V vol.9: Theneed for rigid training.)The Spin-Fly technique it should be noted, transforms the Volt Machines in their maximumspeed into one giant, rapidly charging drill impervious to any laser and projectile attack. Italone can send Voltron and the whole Voltron Force into the afterlife.I strongly believe that between the Voltes Team and the Voltron Force, the Voltes Team inthis aspect had the upper hand.2. Weapons and Enemy Comparison of the Two super robots:Voltron was known to carry an array of space weapons against the “Robeasts” fromPlanet Doom. These weapons are:Royal Shield Blasts, Blazing Arrows, Wing Attack, Lion Torches, Voltron Kick, Electro-Cross Force, Voltron Eye beam, Lion Head Attack, Blazing Sword!“Robeasts” should be noted, are monsters mostly fashioned to look terrifying yet they stilllooked like giant clay creatures. A few of these had armored coverings and carry giantswords but more often they lumbers mindlessly like drunken frat boys.Voltron’s final weapon of choice is the “Blazing Sword.” (A poor carbon copy of the Ten-Ku-Ken just like Voltron’s name)On the other hand, Voltes V sports an arsenal of Ninjitsu-based super weapons against the“Beast Fighters” from Planet Boazania.These weapons are:

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