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@John Jay Newsletter (October 27, 2010)

@John Jay Newsletter (October 27, 2010)

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Published by jtaveras

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Published by: jtaveras on Nov 04, 2010
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@John Jay 
News and Events of Interestto the College Community
October 27, 2010
Worth Noting 
October 31
CUNY Athletic ConferenceCross-Country Championships
 Van Cortlandt Park, e Bronx
November 4
NYC-DR Roundtable Breakfast
e Colors of War,
with Terry Rosenberg A traveling slide-show exhibition of 100digital paintings.Presented by the CUNY DisputeResolution Consortium at John Jay College and the Association for ConflictResolution of Greater New York Room 610 Haaren Hall
November 9
Patrick V. Murphy Lecture
Garry McCarthy Police Director, Newark, NJRoom 630 Haaren Hall
For just the second time in 28years, a gubernatorial candidatenamed Cuomo visited John JayCollege for a major campaignappearance.New York State Attorney GeneralAndrew Cuomo, the Democraticnominee for Governor, chosethe College as the site of a pressconference on October 5 at whichhe unveiled an aggressive ethicsagenda, “Clean Up Albany: MakeIt Work.” Cuomo also received theendorsement of former New YorkCity Mayor Ed Koch, who hailed himas a “clear choice for reform.”“It is time to put a stopto Albany’s dysfunction andcorruption,” Cuomo told the crowdgathered in the Gerald W. LynchTheater. “If we want to bringintegrity back to the halls of ourCapitol, then we must take action.My Clean Up Albany agenda is theaggressive approach we need totake. By cracking down on public corruption,ending pay-to-play and holding those who abusetheir office accountable, we will restore NewYorkers’ confidence in their government.”Among other provisions, Cuomo’s ethics planJohn Jay’s First Year Experience program, thePRISM program for undergraduate science majorsand the overall forensic science curriculum will bethe beneficiaries of a number of large, multiyearfederal grants recently awarded to the College.In addition, the College’s Criminal JusticeResearch and Evaluation Center will share withTemple University a $1-million grant from theU.S. Justice Department to design and implementan evaluation of the Community-Based ViolencePrevention Demonstration Program (CBVP).A competitive Title V grant of more than$637,000 annually for the next five years willhelp enhance the First Year Experience andforensic science curriculum. “Funding for theFYE will be used to support the developmentof a comprehensive seminar program forincoming freshmen,” said the program’s Director,Kate Szur. In addition, Szur said, a curriculumsupplement would be created that will includesyllabi, teaching notes and other materials usefulto new faculty members considering teachingsuch a seminar.“We would also like to develop a peer-mentoring program for freshmen, where FirstYear seminar courses would be supported byupper-class peers who would help with transitionand adjustment issues,” Szur said.The same grant will support the curriculardevelopment of lower-level classes for forensicscience majors, as well as a non-majorintroductory course on science and society.Professor Anthony Carpi, interim Chair of theDepartment of Sciences, said the aim is to makethese classes more “research-oriented and inquirydriven.” The grant will also provide stipends forupper-level forensic science students engaged inundergraduate research.A separate grant of $600,000 from the U.S.Department of Education’s Minority Scienceand Engineering Improvement Program willsupport the operation and expansion of JohnJay’s Program for Research Initiatives for ScienceMajors (PRISM), which was created in 2006. Thegrant will fund student research stipends, travelto conferences, an annual newsletter and a Website.“I think what this grant will do is expand thesuccess we’ve been having in moving studentsfrom John Jay on to graduate PhD and MDprograms,” said Carpi, “It’s just fantastic that wewill be able to keep up that momentum.”The Justice Department grant, awarded bythe Office of Juvenile Justice and DelinquencyPrevention, will allow researchers at John Jay andTemple to assess the $8.6-million CBVP program,which replicates innovative best practices inviolent-crime control, such as the Boston GunProject and Chicago CeaseFire, said Jeffrey A.Butts, executive director of the Criminal JusticeResearch and Evaluation Center.“These approaches have evolved intopromising strategies for violence reduction withtheoretical underpinnings,” said Butts, “yet theempirical research assessing the impact of theinitiatives is still developing. Attempts to replicatethe models have not always been successful.”Four localities or local entities will participatein the research: the city of Oakland, CA; thecity and county of Denver Safe City Office;the Columbia Heights Shaw Family SupportCollaborative in Washington, DC, and the Cityof New York/Center for Court Innovation. “Eachof the cities will propose a mix of efforts,” Buttsnoted. “What we’re evaluating is not individualefforts within the cities, but each city’s totalcampaign. The Justice Dpeartment hopes to dothat in a way that allows other cities to learnabout the most effective methods.”The research is expected to be published in2014.
Millions of Reasons to Cheer as College Wins Funding for Diverse Programs
New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippmanon October 13 announced the creation of thestate’s first Permanent Sentencing Commission,which will be housed, fittingly, at John JayCollege.The commission will conduct a comprehensiveand ongoing evaluation of sentencing laws andpractices and recommend reforms to improve thequality and effectiveness of statewide sentencingpolicy. It will be co-chaired by New York CountyDistrict Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. and JudgeBarry Kamins, the administrative judge of theState Supreme Court (Criminal Term) in KingsCounty.Martin F. Horn, a Distinguished Lecturer atJohn Jay, will serve as the commission’s executivedirector, with the expertise and resources of the
During a recent campaign stop at John Jay, New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomomakes a point about his proposal for sweeping ethics reform in Albany, as former New York City Mayor Ed Koch listens. Koch endorsed Cuomo’s bid to become New York’s next Governor.
would create a voluntary systemof public campaign financing,strengthen the penalties againstlawmakers who defraud theirconstituents or the government,and strip the pension benefits frompublic officials who are convictedof a felony related to their officialduties.Koch, still feisty at age 85, hailedCuomo as a public official whohas “spent his career standing upfor New Yorkers, taking on thetoughest challenges and makingprogress on issues that othershave ignored.” The candidate’sethics agenda, Koch said, isdesigned to achieve independence,accountability and transparency and“transform our government intoone that New Yorkers deserve.”In 1982, Cuomo’s father, Mario,who was then seeking his first termas Governor, made a campaign stopat John Jay to release a criminal justice policy statement that included his staunchopposition to the death penalty.College at his disposal. Horn previously served ascommissioner of New York City’s Department ofCorrection and Department of Probation, and asexecutive director of the New York State Divisionof Parole.John Jay President Jeremy Travis said theselection of the College as the commission’shome, and Horn as its executive director, is anhonor that “recognizes the expertise of John Jay’sfaculty and reaffirms the College’s leadership incriminal justice matters.”Creation of a permanent sentencingcommission was recommended by the short-term Commission on Sentencing Reform inits 2009 report to Governor David Patersontitled “The Future of Sentencing in NewYork State: Recommendations for Reform.”The new commission will follow through onactions proposed in that report as well asexamine others, including truth-in-sentencing,post-incarceration programs for offenders,alternatives to incarceration, victim participationin sentencing, and the collection and analysisof reliable data for use in crafting sentencingpolicies.“There is no one-size-fits-all model for criminalsentencing,” said Vance. “Four decades aftermost of our sentencing laws were passed, it’stime for New York to focus on being smart oncrime. This will mean longer sentences in someinstances, while in others identifying appropriatecases for alternatives to incarceration. In allcases, our goal is to prevent crime, keep ourstreets safe, and ensure fairness and justice in our
Cuomo & Koch, Together Again
 In Campaign Stop at John Jay, Candidate Wins Ex-Mayor’s Backing for Governor & Unveils Sweeping Ethics Reform Plan
New NYS Sentencing Commission to Call John Jay Home
courts.”The commission’s vice-chairs are DerekP. Champagne, the Franklin County DistrictAttorney and current president of the New YorkState District Attorneys Association, and JudgePatricia Marks, Monroe County Court Judge andSupervising Judge for the Criminal Courts in theSeventh Judicial District. The commissioners ofthe state Department of Correctional Servicesand the state Division of Criminal Justice Servicesand the chair of the state Board of Parole willserve as members ex-officio.The commission will also includerepresentatives from throughout the state’scriminal justice community, including criminaldefense attorneys, prosecutors, judges,legislators, policymakers, academics, victimadvocates and other stakeholders.“I am honored to serve in this importanteffort,” said Horn. “New York’s sentencingscheme is a patchwork of provisions added overtime with serious consequences for defendants,victims, and the community. Chief JudgeLippman’s creation of a permanent commission isan opportunity to preserve New York’s success inmaking our communities safer and improve thequality of justice at the same time.”
November IsCUNY Month!

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